The Black Phoenix.

After having a dream, about Voldemort and Severus. Harry wants to know one thing. What is voldemorts precious belongs? And what do Voldemort mean with 'The option'. Will Harry choose between the light and the dark side? [ I dunno what ship i go after but it might even be Harry/Severus or Harry/Tom/Harry/Voldemort.] [Discontinue: Won't be deleted]


5. The Photo

Hey Readers. Yes i am back with Chapter 5 of Black Phoenix...its short i know and im sorry for the grammar and a few mistakes for the spelling. I got a lot busy lately but i will keep on writing as much as i can do. Anyway hope you enjoy this. ^_^


Chapter 5. The Photo

It had been a sleepless night for him, Harry had turned and twisted in the bed. He tried to find a comfortable position in the bed, however, he wasn't too good on finding the right spot. The Pensive memories still ran through his head, all what he had seeing through that memories was a bit too much.

Why have Riddle never told him? Why couldn't Tom had told him, from the day at the graveyard? Why did he not take contact to him? There was so many questions, so many thoughts he wanted answers.

Harry sighed while he looked at the wall nearby, his hand dug under the pillow as he tried to find the comfortable position on his right side.

The black haired teen heard the door slowly got opened, the light from the hallway shined just through the room and cast some light at the wall. Harry slowly closed his eyes, pretending that he were asleep, however, he had his eyes a bit opened so he just could see the shadow of the person.

He felt the bed got heavy at his left side, someone had sat down beside him on the bed.

"~I had hope he wouldn't use all the day in here, he haven't been eating anything, nor drinking. ~" a hissing voice spoke softly, a hand gently got placed on Harry's forehead.

"~maybe you shall set a tray in here for him, My lord? ~" another hissing was heard, which Harry did not found familiar. He had let out a soft breath by the gentle touch at his forehead, how could it possibly be so nice?

"~As soon he have adjusted to the memories he have seeing, he will learn slowly that I will not be fighting him.~" Tom hissed, as he continue to stroke Harry's forehead in a gentle pace.

Tom suddenly stopped, while he watched the teen slowly turned around so he were facing the dark lord. His green eyes looked up at Tom with a kind look.

"I didn't woke you up, did I?" Tom asked him with a soft whispering voice. Harry had just shook his head gently against the pillow underneath him, he had let out another deep breath while he saw the big snake beside Tom on the bed.

"I'm confused. " Harry admitted with a low voice. He soon felt that Tom's hand returned to his dark locks, the stroking was soft and gently.

"You can ask any questions you wish for Harry, but first I need to ask one. Are you hungry?" Tom asked him with his silky and gentle voice.

Harry opened his mouth, as if he wanted to answer, but then his stomached had done the work by rumbling out loud. A small blush had been on Harry's cheeks right after, he just heard the small chuckle Tom made.

"I expect that is a yes?" Tom asked him while he watched the teens head nodded a bit.

"Good then, come along." Tom said, before he slowly stood from the bed.

"Uhm….What time is it?" Harry asked the dark lord, as he slowly got out from the bed. He had pulled the bed sheet with him and wrapped around himself, he didn't know if it was cold in the kitchen. He just wanted something around him, also to cover up how…thin he actually was.

"It's four in the morning, you slept a few hours since last I visit you." Tom explained, while he motion a hand for Harry to get in the kitchen. "I know Harry that you want to ask a lot of questions. I won't deny answering any of them." He said with a soften voice while Harry had passed by him to the kitchen.

"You better not lie to me then, I don't know what I shall believe anymore," Harry mumbled a bit under his breath, before he had taken a seat at the round kitchen table. He notice how soft the kitchen actually looked like, he thought it would be dark colored, but actually it was a rather warming colored kitchen. Almost like a home should look like.

"Is there something you don't like, Harry?" Tom asked him, while he had been at the fridge.

"I'm not picky actually, I always eat what I can get." Harry explained a bit low, as his eyes was on Nagini who had slowly slide inside the kitchen.

"Don't mind her Harry, she just wants to make sure everything is alright." Tom explained with a small smile, while he had noticed Harry's gaze at Nagini.

"It was not that I thought she would hurt me, I just thought….how you manage to feed her." The raven-haired teen said, before he adjusted himself a bit on the chair. He held one of his legs close to his chest, so his foot was on the chair.

"Mostly she go hunt out at the forest nearby, or then she gets down to the graveyard so she can catch a few mouse or rats." The dark lord explained, while he stood at the kitchen counter and made something Harry could not really see.

"If you are….my godfather, why didn't you just contact me?" Harry asked him, his chin slowly rested on top at his knee while he watched Tom stood silent.

"I tried, but each time I sent a letter or a Patronus to you it somehow got destroyed." Tom explained to him, before he turned with a plate in his hand and walked over to the kitchen table. He sat the plate in front at Harry, which had some small sandwiches on it.

"I hope you don't mind small sandwiches, I tried to make them a bit different from each other so you can taste it and tell what you like." Tom said with a small smile, before he took a seat in front at Harry.

"Thank you, "Harry said, as he managed a small smile at Tom. He slowly took one of the small sandwiches in his hand "Who destroyed them?" Harry asked him, as his green eyes looked up at Tom for a moment.

"I believe Dumbledore destroyed them, however, I'm not sure about it since I couldn't track the letters or know where they went." Tom explained to him, as he fold his arms over his chest and leaned a bit back against his chair. He made a node to Harry that he should go on and eat.

"In the memory, "Harry said, before he slowly took a bite from the sandwich. He hummed a bit as he closed his eyes by the taste, Tom was good at making a sandwich. Who should have known that? "You showed that… I was sick from baby age. What was that about?" Harry asked, while he slowly ate the sandwich and kept his gaze at the plate.

"Your father explained to me, that you had some problems with your breathing along with your brain didn't get too much oxygen, which could end to your brain wouldn't have worked as it should." Tom explained softly as he held his hands under his chin, while he rested his elbows on the table and watched Harry for the time. Seeing that Harry slowly took sandwich by sandwich to eat.

"What was the thing you did to safe me?" Harry asked between his mouthfuls of food.

"I combined our souls, It means I made you an object for my soul to live within you. You got a part of my soul inside you, a Horcrux as I call it, it means you are healthy and cannot die. We keep each other alive Harry, you can go so far and call it….Immortal combining between wizards." The dark lord explained, his voice getting more soft and low when he spoke. Harry thought it was because he didn't wanted anyone else to know, or then he really didn't wanted to speak about it.

Harry cleared his throat for a moment, as he pushed his plate away when it was empty. "I really think it's unfair you know, I got so much time with your parents and you only got less than one and a half year." Tom spoke softly, as he could see something was bothering Harry.

"Life is unfair…" Harry mumbled, as he clung his knee closer to his chest. "Why did Sirius never tell me about you?" Harry asked him, he still was confused over all this. He was unknown about so many things, it was like the whole world knew it before him.

"After the night, where you got taken by Hagrid and flied away. Dumbledore did all his things to make sure no one could remember me, no one should know the truth so that's why he made up the story. It reminds me…" Tom said as he held his hand in his inner pocket and took out a photo. Tom then slowly slide it over toward Harry, so the photo was facing down on the table.

"Take a look." Tom said with a soft smile, while he made a hand for Harry to take it.

Harry stared at it for a moment, he slowly held his hand on top at the photo and took it to him. On the photo was his parents, standing in the middle and hold baby Harry in their arms. Tom stood right next to Lily with a smile on, beside James stood Sirius and tried to keep Harry's attention on a small stuff toy. Right behind them stood Remus and had his hand at James' shoulder. It was such a perfect photo for a happy moment.

"You were only a half year old, when we took that photo," Tom explained to him, while he rested his arms down at the table.

Harry had stroked a thumb over the photo, as he saw it were moving too. Sirius who moved the stuff toy to get Harry's attention, Lily who chuckled, caressed Harry's short black hair, James smiling over at Tom, and looked back at Remus. It was just so…sweet looking. Like a true family.

"I…" Harry tried to speak, but he couldn't really find words for it. He opened his mouth again to speak, but someone had knocked on the door to the kitchen so they could get their attention.

Harry had looked over at the door, only to see the last person he really didn't wanted to be around.



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