The Black Phoenix.

After having a dream, about Voldemort and Severus. Harry wants to know one thing. What is voldemorts precious belongs? And what do Voldemort mean with 'The option'. Will Harry choose between the light and the dark side? [ I dunno what ship i go after but it might even be Harry/Severus or Harry/Tom/Harry/Voldemort.] [Discontinue: Won't be deleted]


4. The Pensive Memories

Hey Reader. Yes i know there have gone a bit time before i last updated and im sorry. Things have been a bit messed up around me. This chapter haven't really been edited to much but i tried my best. Hope you all will like it ^^


Chapter 4. The pensive memories.

"~ I think that he haven't got any sleep or food proper the last past days master, he is to thin and got big bags under his eyes. No wonder he fainted in your study room master. ~ "A hissing voice spoke, while a hand was on Harry's forehead.

He could feel the warmth from the hand, however he couldn't say whom it was. He felt the warming hand being removed again from his forehead, a cold cloth was replaced with the hand.

"~ I think I just want him to rest for now, Severus will take care of his missing on the school. I just hope he will not run or try to contact Dumbledore, however he can be as mad he wants to as long he just get the truth. ~" a more silk and sweeter voice spoke near him, however his body keep trying to tell him that he should just go back to sleep. His mind on the other hand wanted to know more, what was all this about?

It was only a few seconds later, that Harry's hand twisted. His eyes slowly opened and the first thing he noticed was that his glasses was gone from his head. He felt the cold cloth at his forehead, which had a relaxing effect on him.

"Harry?" The silky voice asked, while a hand stroked down at Harry's cheek. It felt so soft in that moment, for once Harry wished he could go back to sleep while the hand caressed his cheek. However, he knew he could not go back to sleep, he needed to know what was going on.

"I'm fine, " Harry said, while he slowly held his elbows back in the bed and pushed himself up against the headboard behind him. "My glasses?" He questioned, as he looked at the blurry silhouette in front at him.

Harry could just see the person moved, where his vision got clearly, as his glasses got on his nose again and pushed back to its proper place.

He then saw him, Tom Riddle was in front at him or rather he sat in the end of the bed, where he made a bit distend between them. Harry's first thought was to get his wand, at least so he knew he had something to defend himself. However, when his hand reached for his wand he saw Tom pulled Harry's wand out from his inner pocket.

"I know this is what you were searching for, I can promise you that I do not want to harm you nor curse any problems right now." Tom explained, as he saw Harry only stared at him. Was it fear? On the other hand, did Harry simply not want to be around him?

"I know Harry that it is not me you prepare yourself to wake up for. You really gave me and Severus a shock by your little faint stunt there, are you feeling alright now?" The dark lord asked him, his hand were at Harry's wand as he caressed the wand for a while. He could feel the powers within it, the powers there went through the wand also went through his own.

"Tired, but I have seeing better days too. Can I have my wand?" Harry asked the dark lord, he didn't trusted Tom. However, something in the man's eyes told him he could on a point trust him.

"If you won't mind Harry, I would prefer you didn't have your wand." Tom said calmly, while he reach inside his pocket and got his own wand out. "In fact, let's do this." He said, while he stood from the bed and got over to the nightstand. He opened the drawer in it and put the two wands down, where he then closed the drawer and walked back again to his seat at the end of the bed.

"None of us have wands, then it is easier to trust each other, am I right, Harry?" The dark lord asked him, his eyes locked with Harry's green ones. Silence filled the room, Harry cleared his throat as he was the one to remove his eyes from Tom's.

"I want you to watch something Harry, if you do not mind me to show it for you." Tom explained with his kind and silky voice, however Harry still had the thought that Tom wouldn't just show him something. He keep feeling that the dark lord would fool him.

"Depends on what it is and moreover, why did you keep me here?" Harry asked, while he kept his hand against his forehead. He still felt a bit strange in his head, the dizziness was slowly trying to get back on him again.

"Harry, I believe you need to take a potion." Tom said, while he stood from the bed. He was about to get over nearby Harry to the night drawer, but Harry pointed fast at him as he warned him to stop.

"Not. One. Step. Closer." Harry warned him with a rather hard voice, he noticed that Tom stopped right the way and didn't took one step farther toward the night drawer.

"Just tell me what bottle, I still don't trust you. You could just get your wand and curse me already." Harry said, as he pressed his hand against his forehead. The dark lord then took a step back, where he fold his hands behind his back. However, his eyes never left the young boy on the bed. "

"Lime-green bottle, second one to the dark blue vial. " Tom explained with a calm voice, as he stood nailed to his spot.

Harry studied the dark lord, why haven't he been killed yet? He could easy had done it, but why haven't he? Harry slowly reached to the drawer, where he searched for the lime-green bottle. He had soon found the bottle, where he took it out and sat back against the bed. His eyes flicked up again and stared at Tom, he had slowly made the bottle open.

"I still don't understand why, why haven't you killed me yet?" Harry asked him, where he gulped down the liquid from the lime-green bottle.

"I would have like if I could have the option to show it for you Harry, than just speaking the words of it. You see, "The dark lord said, while he held his hands in front at himself again." I believe that it would be more comfortable for you to watch it, than to listen to it. I only wish you do give me a chance, I vow on my magic that I do not want to harm you." He said with his soft and silky voice, while he slowly lower his hands to his sides again.

Harry only stared at him for a while, what could this man possible show him? On the other hand, his potion master had gotten him here for a reason. Could he trust the man in the end?

"I… I am willingly to give you one chance, but the wands stay in the drawer." Harry said, as his ember green eyes watched to that the dark lord walked over to a cabinet nearby.

Harry then looked down at the bed instead, his head started to calm a bit more down and he felt his dizziness slowly fainted away from his head.

He still didn't knew what was going on thought, the dark lord had been...almost human acting.

Harry looked up again, when he saw the dark lord getting to him again. He had something with him; it looked a bit familiar for him.

Tom were holding a pensive in his hands, he noticed a silver colored bottle on top at it.

"Pensive? And showing me a memory?" Harry questioned him, while he sat proper against the headboard.

"You gave me one chance to show you this Harry, and then I take that one chance to speak the truth through a true memory." Tom explained to him, he had then sat down at the other end of the bed, he hold the pensive near Harry and gave him the bottle with his memory.

"You shall know Harry, this memory is a thing I keep safe. No one else is to know about this, you will be the second person to know." Tom explained with a calm soft voice.

"Who else know it?" Harry asked him, while he looked at the bottle for a while. His thumb slowly caressed the cold glass around the memory.

"Severus does." Tom said with a small voice. " Go on, have a look." he said, as he made a motion with his hand for Harry to have a look.

Harry took a deep breath, while his fingers slowly took the stopper off the bottle. He then poured the silver liquid in the pensive, where the black cloud slowly got bigger. Harry then held his head down in the pensive, seeing the world around him chance.

Tom was walking down at a street, a dark robe over him as he was passing a few people. Harry could just see a few newspapers being on the grounds. He noticed the date, 1980 31 July, his eyes wide for a moment before he slowly walked after Tom's dark figure.

He had a small look around him, seeing the houses around him. It looked like a small town; he then saw a sign nearby them as they were walking. Godric Hollows.

Where was this place?

They had soon gotten near a house, Harry saw Tom looked around him at first, but then he had held out his wand and mumbled a spell.

"Silencio maximum"

The strong spell got around the house, so no one was able to listen to them inside the house. Harry had followed Tom inside, seeing the house was nice settled.

"Someone home?" Tom called out, while he held down his hood. His black hair settled nicely, his blood red eyes focus on the hallway as another figure got out.

Black hair, round glasses and a grin over his face. Harry froze for a moment, while his eyes was on the other male.

"Dad?" he whispered, as his body tends a bit over this. D-Did Tom knew his parents? Harry stood a bit back against the wall, he felt how his heart was beating faster.

"Bloody hell, don't tell me this is a charm to make me believe you are here." James Potter said, while he walked over to Tom.

"Thomas Bloody Riddle, how are you doing?" James asked him, while he held Tom in a embrace.

"You always use the 'bloody' word on me, but enough with me Jamie boy. How are you? More important, Lily? I got your owl, she gave birth just a few hours ago?" Tom asked him, while they broke apart from the embrace.

"She is fine, but she went through a hard birth, i didn't wish her to get through it this hard." James explained to him, while he looked a bit down as he held his hands in his pockets.

"About...the boy..." James slowly started, as he let out a sigh and closed his eyes.

Tom had held his hand at James' shoulder, he had giving him a gentle squeeze.

"Is he alive?" Tom asked him kindly; he only just got a weak node from James.

"But he is sick, he didn't breath proper when he got out." James whispered.

"Have the healer spoken a word of what it could be?" Tom asked him, as he were showed to the living room where a crib stood in the middle of the living room.

"If not he could make it through the night, he would die in the morning." James explained to him as he let out a sigh, he then looked down in the crib. A newborn boy only with a lock of black hair on the top of his head was laying there, James looked at him for a while as a small smile spread along his lips.

"She did make a good work with him Thomas, he is the most beautiful boy i ever have seeing. He looks a lot like me, but he have her eyes." James whispered, while he stepped a bit aside for Tom to look at the baby boy, Harry could even see a smile spread along Tom's lips.

"Named him yet?" Tom asked, as he rest his arms on the railing to the crib.

"Harry, his name shall be Harry James Potter." James told him with a small chuckle, as he looked down at the baby with a small sad expression. " If he do survive." He whispered

"James..." Tom said, as he looked up at the black haired male.

"If I told you, no if I could make sure for that your son would be alive through the night, and the rest of his life. Would you accept that?" Tom asked him, as he looked down at the baby boy.

"What do you have in mind, Thomas?" James asked him, as he looked curious at the dark lord.

"I know a spell, it can bound your boy to my soul. We keep each other alive, he will get the strength from me, some of my powers to survive. " Tom explained to him, while he slowly had held his hand down to the child and stroked its cheek softly.

"T-Thomas...what do you mean with that?" James asked him, with a small disbelieving in his voice.

"What I am saying James, is that I can make sure he will not die. We will keep each other alive, I know you might not accept it, but it's the only chance you got to keep him alive." Tom explained to him, while his blood red eyes looked up at James.

"I know you are the dark lord and all that Thomas, but I don't understand." James mumbled.

"You just need to understand this, I will connect my soul to Harry's so he will not die doing the night. I will keep him safe, keep him from dying and keep him alive from Dumbledore." Tom explained, while his bloody red eyes looked down on the boy again as they heard a sneeze from him.

James stood silent for a moment, seeing his boy started to get more ill. He then cleared his throat for a moment, he looked at Tom again who had started to humming a bit as he stroked the boy's head.

"fine..." James whispered, as his eyes closed yet again.

Harry could see Tom making a spell over the crib, it was there the memory ended and slowly switched over to another one. It was in the same house. He could see himself as a baby, sitting on the floor and playing with a mini broom. Harry smiled a bit, h-he could almost remember this. The broom in fact, fly around in the living room while he were chased by James,

"And got you!" Harry could see Tom in the living room, lifting the baby-version of him up in the air and catch him again while he chuckled. Even baby Harry were chuckling too, as he started to play a bit with the buttons on Tom's shirt.

"You really are a sweet little boy aren't you, Harry?" Tom asked, before he chuckled and sat down on the couch.

"Thanks for keeping me company Thomas, it was sweet of you now that James is out with Padfoot and Moony." A female voice spoke near them.

Harry could now see Lily, getting in the living room with a tray in her hands. She had sat it down on the sofa table, where she got two cups and a can of tea on the table.

"Don't mind it Lily, I do like to spend more time with my godson after all." Tom said while he had little Harry sitting on his lap, "Look what we got here, is that a cookie for Harry?" Tom asked, when he had taken a chocolate chip cookie from the cookie bowl and hold it in front at Harry,

Lily had chuckled a bit, as she got the tea in the cups while little Harry got all exited and took the cookie from Tom, where he then started to nibble on it.

"He really like those cookies, no wonder since your dear mum is making them." Tom said, as he kept his arm around Harry's waist to make sure he did not fall off.

The scene changed in front at Harry again, it was darker this time, and a few lights had been outside the windows. He could see it was Halloween, since a few Halloween things was in the house. Harry saw a blue light in the living room, he knew it was a Patronus since he heard a warning voice was heard.

"James! Take Lily and Harry out from the house now! He is coming after you!"

Harry could not really get what was happening at first, but then it all went to fast. Lily had little Harry in her arms, running upstairs as James was at the front door. The door had blast opened, as Dumbledore stepped inside with his wand pointed at James.

"N-No please...stop it. LET ME OUT!"Harry shouted as he held his hands for his ear, as he heard James' scream in horror. He felt a hand on his shoulder, there slowly had pulled him up.

Harry was back again, in the bedroom, his heart was beating fast as he felt sweat was getting down at his forehead. He looked at the pensive for a moment, as he then felt a hand on his shoulder. Tom had been just beside him, his eyes...t-they looked so worried on him as if he cared for him.

"A-Are you...My godfather?" Harry asked him, his heart slowly got back to its normal beat again.

"I am, along with Sirius and Remus. I can understand you have lots of questions Harry, but I think you need to rest a bit more before you get more information." Tom said softly, as his hand slowly stroked Harry's hair back from his forehead.

"C-Could you please just, let me be alone for a few hours? Just... get out and let me be" Harry told him, but he did not really made a move for pushing Tom away from him.

"If you need anything, call me then I will be fast to get here." Tom said, as he took the pensive and the memory back in their right places. With that, Tom had slowly left the room, leaving Harry on the bed to think through this.

He knew he had done a right thing, he knew Harry was shocked right now. However, it was good that he got the truth to Harry now, he only hoped that Harry would calm down again.


I hope it was good enough! / there will get another chapter soon. I cant tell when. But i do like to know what your readers thinks till now. Also give me a few ideas too so i can keep writing ^^ Till next time!

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