The Black Phoenix.

After having a dream, about Voldemort and Severus. Harry wants to know one thing. What is voldemorts precious belongs? And what do Voldemort mean with 'The option'. Will Harry choose between the light and the dark side? [ I dunno what ship i go after but it might even be Harry/Severus or Harry/Tom/Harry/Voldemort.] [Discontinue: Won't be deleted]


2. Snape's private chambers.

Alright everyone now i got Chapter 2 finish. Hope you all enjoy ^^

Chapter 2. Snape's private chambers.

The pain went through his scar, as Harry sat up in his bed. His hand pressed against the scar at his forehead. He was sweating and his heart was running like a rabbit.

It had to be the seventh time, Harry had woken up from such a dream. Why couldn't he just get some proper sleep? He hated that every night he was going through such a nightmare. Harry looked at his clock on his nightstand, he saw that it was nothing more than 3 in the night.

The black haired teen sighed; he grabbed his glasses from the nightstand and put them on so he could see again. He slowly got out from his bed, he then grabbed his jacket and shoes. A walk would not be that bad, would it? Harry got his jacket and shoes on, he then buttoned up his jacket. He looked at the other teen nearby him, who was sleeping heavily and snoring like a troll.

Harry grabbed his wand, and put it in his inner pocket. He searched the drawer in his nightstand after The Marauders Map, just in case no one would bother him.

After he got the Marauders Map in his pocket, Harry walked out from the boy's dormitory. He actually did not know where he would go, since his mind was on his dream.

Harry were walking around in the dark corridors, while he held his invisibility cloak tight around himself, he thought about going to Dumbledore or maybe seek out the Potion Master. He was confused, he admitted that. He didn't know what to do.

While Harry was close to the dungeon, he noticed a dark figure outside the castle. The raven-haired teen stood still, his hand tight around his invisibility cloak to make sure it would not fall off.

The dark figure from outside had slowly got near the entrance of the hallway. Harry did not move out from his spot, he did not make a sound.

The dark figure entered the castle, his robe sliding against the ground while the man headed to the dungeon. Harry could see now who it was; he knew that it was Severus Snape. So Harry's dream was real? Had Snape really been visiting The Dark Lord?

In his mind, Harry knew that he should not do it, but he needed answers. He wanted to know, why he kept dreaming about the dark lord's small meetings with the potion master.

With that in mind, Harry slowly followed his potion master down in the dark dungeon. He noticed that Snape had gotten over to a portrait of Salazar Slytherin.

"Eldorado. " Snape mumbled, where the portrait swung opened. Too bad that Harry was nearby, because now he had heard the password to Snape's private chambers.

Harry was quick, as the portrait slowly closed. He managed to get through it, without Salazar or Snape had noticed anything.

Harry paused in the doorway, as his eyes were around the first part of the potion masters' chambers. He heard that the portrait closed behind him, now he couldn't return back again to Gryffindor's Tower.

The walls were just stones, but the special thing was they were not like those around the rest of the castle. They had special patterns carved in them, so it looked more comfortable. He noticed that there were several doors off this main one, which Harry guessed led to other chambers.

He saw his potion master nearby, and saw that Snape had taken off his outer robe, tossing it over the back of the couch. Snape walked toward a cabinet in the corner nearby the cracking fireplace, a glass and a bottle were taken out. He saw that the man poured himself a half glass of Firewhiskey which he then downed in one gulp.

Harry took his opportunity to glance into some of the other rooms, a well-furnished office nearby him. Candles and oil lamps illuminated the place more brightly, than he had expected it to be.

He looked at another door, which was further away from him. He thought it might be the bedroom, which he noticed was rather enormous and with a private bath.

While his attention moved over to another door closer to him, he saw shelves filled with books. It might be the private library, which he had heard teachers had in their chambers.

Harry got a light shock, as he heard Snape's voice speak out.

"You can just get out from your invisibility cloak Potter; I know you are in here." Snape said with a rather calm and a harsh voice.

Harry took a step back, he was freezing inside, and his heart was fluttering at the words. How could Snape know he was there? How could he possibly know that he had been here since Snape got in?

Harry hesitated for a moment, but then he slowly let the cloak slide down from his head. His eyes were on the potion master, as he slowly fold the cloak under his arm.

"I would have asked you, what you were doing here this late at night. However, I believe… "The potion master spoke, before he sat his glass down again. "That I know the reason for your presence here. "The potion master finished his sentence.

The raven-haired teen looked at his potion master, as he slowly stepped forward. "I want to know, how it can be that I keep dreaming about him, Sir." Harry explained, while Snape had made a hand for him to take a seat.

Harry slowly sat down in the armchair, which was closest to the cracking fireplace. He watched the other man getting near, as he took the couch so he could watch Harry.

"I will need you to promise me one thing, Mr. Potter. So I can trust you on certain things," Snape said, while he took out his wand from his robe behind him.

"What should I promise?" Harry asked, as his eyes were on the wand while Snape made a dark purple spell around the room.

"Silencio maximum." Snape mumbled, where the room was silenced so no one from outside could be able to hear what they were talking about.

"I want you to promise, that you do not speak one single word of what I am about to say," The potion said, as Harry kept his hand in his pocket.

"I-I promise that," Harry said with a low voice, as he saw something at his potion master. Why in merlin's name would he make him promise that?

Sorry it was short, however i hope i can write a bit more for Chapter Three. Just a question to you guys who read this fanfiction. What do you want to happen? I do like to get an idea over what i could put in this xD

Anyway hope you all enjoyed this and i hope to get a review or two for the chapter ^^

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