The Black Phoenix.

After having a dream, about Voldemort and Severus. Harry wants to know one thing. What is voldemorts precious belongs? And what do Voldemort mean with 'The option'. Will Harry choose between the light and the dark side? [ I dunno what ship i go after but it might even be Harry/Severus or Harry/Tom/Harry/Voldemort.] [Discontinue: Won't be deleted]


14. Sirius' Truth

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Chapter 14. Sirius Truth.

Harry out of reaction had hugged the older male around his waist, his head was buried against Sirius chest, while he felt the arms around him from the man he thought was dead.

Tears streamed down at his cheeks, he couldn't believe it, he couldn't believe that Sirius was alive. However, he had a lot of questions, he wanted to know how, he wanted to know if he was hallucinating right now.

Tom, who still stood by his desk looked at Sirius with a soft smile, seeing that he hold his godson closer and stroked his fingers through Harry's messy hair. He tried to calm the teen down, but honestly, he know that Harry needed to let out what he had cooped up for so long.

"H-How…." Harry finally manage to choke out.

Harry felt that Sirius slowly stopped stroking his hair, but he never stopped holding around him. A minute after, he felt a hand on his head.

"When you are calm, I will explain everything to you, but for now, Harry….I believe your day slowly shall turn to night. You are exhausted, you need sleep and to feel Sirius is around you." Harry heard Tom's soft and soothing voice near his ear. He felt Tom's light touch on his forehead, before he felt slumber slowly tried to get to him.

"I….I don't...wanna….sleep…." The words merely left the teen, but he got heavy in Sirius arms.

"Don't be worried, Harry. I'm here when you awake…." the fade voice there belong to Sirius, it spoke in an echo noise, while darkness slowly claimed him.

"You have always been good at those spells, Thomas." Sirius comment, he gently picked Harry up in bridal style and carried him over to the nearby couch. With a pillow propped under the teen's head, a blanket nicely settled over him, he thought it was good that Harry could get some sleep.

"It's a good thing, Sirius, that I know a lot of different spells, however, at times I wish even my story could change to the best." The red eyes glanced at Harry, seeing his dried tears at his cheeks shined a little from the fireplace light.

"One day it will, Thomas. One day everything will change, and we all will have a better life too." Sirius replied, his eyes was fixed on his godson. He could see the sadness on his face, even in his slumber.

"I will look forward for that, Sirius." Tom said, he let his eyes glance at Harry's body on the couch, before he turned away and sat down behind his desk.

"What will you tell him, when he awakes?" The former Dark lord asked, his eyes was on Sirius for a little time, before he glanced down at his work on the desk.

"The Truth, there's nothing more he needs, but that. People has lied in his life, Thomas." Sirius explained

Tom made a nod of approval, agreeing with what Sirius said. He kept his eyes on his work for a little time, before he let them swift over toward Harry on the couch.

"I know something else, Thomas…." Sirius said, he kept his arms fold for a while, before he looked at Harry.

Tom looked up at Sirius once more, he let his quill down on the table, as he fold his hands on top at his paper works. "And that is?" He asked him

"You two are close." It wasn't a question, nor a statement. It was information from Sirius, that he knew about i. Tom raised from his seat, his eyes being at Sirius.

"How could yo-"

"Please, I'm an Animagus, I can smell your scent all over him, even at places I knew shouldn't be there at all. " Sirius exclaimed.

Tom spoke no words, how could he even manage to get one word out. Even trying to explain this? He could see the smirk on Sirius' face, which made him raise an eyebrow in a question matter.

"You know...out of all people, that Harry James Potter possible can fall in love with…." Sirius said, he approached Tom slowly.

"I couldn't be happier, than knowing he's safe in your watch and care." he finished. Tom let his breathe out, which he had hold in for a few seconds.

"Scaring you like old times, Tommy…" Sirius teased.

"Don't say that name…." Tom muttered, as he took seat in his chair and looked at Harry with his blood red eyes. He held a quill in between his index finger and his thumb.

"You know…." Sirius leaned against the desk, looking at his godson as well. "You really need to be careful with him, Tom. I know your anger issues, but Harry….." He exhaled deeply, as he looked at Tom. "You properly know what he has gone through, even with the mind of you being the bad one here…" He muttered.

"I know…." Tom replied quietly. "He's a sensitive boy, he might not show it, but he truly are. Your death was his greatest fall, but you are responsible for explaining to him, how you are here right now. He's confused…."

"You are in his head, right?" Sirius asked him, his eyebrow raised while he looked toward Harry once more.

"I'm always in his head, if i even sense something wrong with him, I can know how to handle him properly, also knowing how to comfort him." Tom exclaimed.

Sirius gently got over to Harry, he lifted Harry's head gently and propped himself down in the couch, letting Harry's head rest upon his lap, as he let his fingers run through Harry's messy hair.

"Is he dreaming?" Sirius asked kindly, he could see the calmness in Harry's face appear, whenever someone was stroking his hair.

"Indeed…." Tom replied.


A little smirk appeared at Tom's face, whenever he glanced down at his paperwork.

"Don't tease me, Thomas. What does he dream about?" Sirius asked.

"You don't wanna know…." Tom replied with a chuckle.

Sirius raised an eyebrow, but choose not to ask further. He could have a clue, what Harry was dreaming about. Something he properly never wanna see with his own eyes.

You are safe in my care, Harry. Dream away in the highest sky or in the deepest Ocean. If nightmares attacks, I will fight them off and let you be happy.

Warm, fuzzy, calm, relaxed…..

Harry fluttered his eyes opened, he heard the crackling fireplace near him, seeing the familiar colors of orange, red and yellow mixed with one and another in the fireplace.

Voices spoke soft and calm behind him. Sirius was no longer on the couch, nor was he in front at him, to see Harry awake.

"My plans are simply, I will train him a few more days, asking him to-"

Tom's voice stopped speaking, the sound of footsteps approached closer to Harry. The softness of a hand, caressing his cheek, Harry's blurry vision looked up, seeing the familiar shape of Tom.

"Don't pretend to be asleep, Harry. You know it is not very kind, to listening into people's conversations."

His glasses soon slide up along his nose, as he blinked a couple of times. He got a perfect sight of Tom by now, but not being alone.

Sirius stood next to him of course.

"Slept well, Harry?"

"I still want answers….." harry muttered, before he slapped Tom's hand away. "And stop making me pass out like that! I hate when you do that…." He muttered, as he rubbed the back of his neck.

" You needed it…." Tom comment, he rubbed his hand, where Harry had slapped it.

Harry ran a hand through his hair, as he sat properly on the couch. His feet down at the floor, as he was facing the fireplace.

Sirius and Tom exchanged looks with one and another, before Sirius made a nod. He gently walked around the couch, before he gently sat down beside Harry. His hands fold between his knees, seeing his godson kept his head into his hand.

"How?" Harry asked calmly, if not also still a bit tired.

"The veil." Sirius replied.

"I was told, it only took souls if someone died near it…." Harry whispered lowly.

"Not entirely true….." Sirius gently placed a hand at Harry's back, seeing his godson finally manage to look up at him. His emerald green eyes was foggy with tears. He really fought hard not to let them fall, since he wanted to show he wasn't a weakling.

"It's alright, Harry…." Sirius said, he made a kind smile at him. He let his hand rest upon Harry's cheek, catching the escaping tear and brushed it away.

"The veil is like...the between world of the living and the dead. A world, where you need to fight your way back again, it can go two ways, it took me a long time to find my way here, but….I did it…" Sirius told Harry softly.

"I'm not...sure that I understand…." Harry admitted.

"Imagine this…." Tom said, as he sat on Harry's other side. "You got two worlds…" he said, as he made a snap with his finger. In front at Harry was two foggy orbs floating around one and another.

"Imagine the top world to be the living, the bottom to be the dead's world." Tom said kindly, as he made a swipe with his hand, so a little line came between the two orbs.

"Sirius was in between those two. Right there." He said as he pointed at the line between the orbs.

"You aren't really dead, but you ain't alive either. This is a test, a battle if you want to live, or if you wanna die." He told him. Harry just raised an eyebrow in a question matter.

"You have...heard of Purgatory before, right?"

"A little…" Harry admitted. "It's a place where people go, they die and live there all the time, right?"

"Almost correctly." Tom answered. "It's like a world, that were you die, you spawn again in that world and needs to survive your everyday. Some give up, others don't. Those who give up in the end, really ends dead in the world between, while those who survive and keep going...they can find a passage to the real living world." Tom explained him softly, as Harry was looking at the line between the orbs.

"It took some time…" Sirius admitted. "I fought my way to the passage, to get back again and when I's been a year...I was in the veil again, this time no one around. So i changed to Padfoot and went off. Of course, people in the Ministry was suspicions about a dog running among the Ministry." He told him, as the orbs and line disappeared from harry's eyes again.

"Thomas found me, rumoring the streets. He couldn't believe that i was alive either, not before I explained everything to him." Sirius explained, he let a hand rest upon Harry's knee. Letting him take in the information he just got.

Harry took a deep inhale, as he looked at the fireplace.

"Does Remus know?"

It was a bit shocking for Sirius to hear that, if Remus knew he was alive or not.

"I-I suppose he doesn't know, no...…." Sirius muttered, while glancing at Tom, asking him if Remus did.

"I kept it a secret, since I know many won't be able to believe you are back." Thomas explained.

"Tell him…"

"What?" Sirius asked.

"I'm not the only one, who was sadden by your death….Remus was too. More than me…." Emerald eyes looked into Sirius Grey ones. "You two are the best friends, how do you think he must feel, seeing you died for protecting me?" he asked him.

"He doesn't tell it or show it as much as i did...but I know Remus is upset, sadden over your death. " Harry muttered, he looked down at the floor, his hands fold between his knees as he rubbed them together.

"You owe him that much, Sirius…." Harry muttered, knowing that Sirius could be a little coward at times when it came to confront people.

Sirius sighed, as he looked at his godson. "You are right, Harry. I owe him that much, the first thought that came to my mind, was you. Because I-"

"I'm fine...honestly…." Harry said, as he made a weak smile at Sirius. "I got Tom, so I'll be fine." He promised him.

Harry stood from the couch, before either of them could get to say a word. "I will get a bath and properly get in bed. Talk with you both later." Harry said, as he disappeared out from the study room.

"That certainly went well…" Tom comment, as he made a swing with his hand and got a glass and a bottle to him from the cabinet in the corner of the study room.

"Now i need to speak with Moony. " Sirius said, as he ran both hands down at his face. How was he going to see Moony, also say that he was alive?

This was getting difficult…


Alright so, that was the end of the chapter.
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