The Black Phoenix.

After having a dream, about Voldemort and Severus. Harry wants to know one thing. What is voldemorts precious belongs? And what do Voldemort mean with 'The option'. Will Harry choose between the light and the dark side? [ I dunno what ship i go after but it might even be Harry/Severus or Harry/Tom/Harry/Voldemort.] [Discontinue: Won't be deleted]


15. Return to the Castle

Woah, not even been two months and I'm done with the next chapter! Yay me?
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Chapter 15. Return to the Castle


The warm water filled his mind with calmness, thoughts ran through his mind, while he tried to enjoy the bath he was in.

He was so happy that Sirius was alive, he was glad that he had not lost his godfather.
Harry opened his eyes, looking at the ceiling of the bathroom. He let a hand up from the water, running it down at his face.

He was still tired, he just didn't understood why he was. It was like some of his life energy had been sucked right out from his body. He allowed his eyes to flutter close again, his head resting against the edge of the bathtub. Darkness claimed him.

A playground was in front at him, no children was around, it was only him sitting on the bench. The weather was lovely, sun was high above the sky and it was beautiful.

Harry felt someone approached him, sitting right next to him on the bench. He looked aside, seeing Tom was beside him.

"You are being awful loud in your mind lately, Harry."

"When are you not in my head, Tom? "

"Whenever you don't want me to and block me away, Harry." Tom explained with a softness in his voice, while leaning back against the bench.

"Why a playground?" Tom asked, which made Harry raise an eyebrow.

"I think….. it's because the playground around The Dursleys, was my only escape." Harry replied with a low voice, as he looked over at the swings.

"When I was done doing chores, I always went to the swings. Hoping, perhaps someone will get here today my friend. That someone wouldn't see me as a freak, or a simple weird boy." Harry muttered.

Tom looked at the swings, whenever he heard Harry's explanation about the playground. He felt that their stories started to become similar with one and another. Tom leaned forward, letting his hands fold gently between his knees.

"Muggles, Harry…." The red eyed male started, as he looked at Harry with softness in his eyes. "They can be so...cruel, to what they don't understand. If they found you as a freak, that you like something else than what they like. They are afraid of the new, that they do not know of." He explained.

"I don't...think i know what you mean…" Harry replied kindly.

"Take this as an example. You like… the smell of something odd."

"The smell of something odd?" Harry questioned him, with a raise eyebrow.

"Just go along with it…." Tom muttered, as he sighed. "Perhaps not…alright. I will explain it my way, let's see if you understand it then…." Tom cleared his throat, while looking into Harry's Emerald green eyes.

"You are a Wizard, Harry. You can do magic, something a muggle can't. If they saw you made a book flying, they would become scared, because that is abnormal for them. They do not understand how you can do that, so they become scared." He explained.

"When they are scared, they freak out and do things, that hurt you. Yelling names, pushing you around, calling you freak. Because, they do not know it is normal for you to do Magic." Tom explained.

"I think I understand that…" Harry said, as he looked toward the swings. He was silence for a moment, so was Tom, but Harry soon stood from the bench and walked toward the swings.

Tom watched Harry taking a seat on the swing, seeing he hold around the chain, which hold the seat of the swing. He just...sat there, did nothing else than letting his feet move him a little back and forth from time to time.

Tom exhaled deeply, Harry was a deep thinker, he knew that, since Harry's mind was filled with different thoughts, battling to break forward so Harry could think about that certain memory, thought, idea or whatever his mind wanted to do.

Tom stood from the bench, walking over toward Harry and stood behind him. He slowly placed a hand around the chain to the swing, while his arm wrapped around Harry's neck and pressed Harry close to his chest.

"If something is wrong, Harry. If something bothers you, if you are upset, just anything, Harry." Tom whispered, while he rested his chin on top at Harry's head.

"Speak to me, please? Speak to Remus, speak to Sirius even Severus. You are not alone anymore, Harry." He whispered sweetly to him.

"I know…." Harry responded quietly.

Tom glanced up at the sky, seeing the clouds became dark.

He disappeared, because Harry was about to awake.

Indeed, Harry lifted his head from the edge of the bathtub, looking around for a moment, before he ran a hand down his face. He really hated that he fell asleep like this….

The bathroom was still steamy, he exhaled softly, as he slowly raised himself from the bathtub.

Harry admit, that Tom being in his mind at times, was either very good or very annoying. He couldn't be alone with his thoughts, he wasn't good at occlumency either. So keeping Tom out from his mind, wasn't an option at all.

Harry exhaled softly, taking a towel and wrapped it around his body. He walked over to the mirror, while running a hand through his damp hair. Looking at himself, Harry could almost not recognize himself.

It was not because of how he looked, he could just see some…. Change,...within his own eyes. Harry just didn't know, what that change was.

"Staring at yourself for hours in the mirror, really tells how glad you are for yourself."

Harry looked into the mirror, getting a sight of Tom leaning against the door to the bathroom.

"Ever heard of privacy?"

"Not that i can think of." Tom replied.

"Perhaps you should read a book about it, so you can learn, that someone like me, need Privacy." Harry commented, as he took an extra towel to get on his head. He had walked away from the mirror, so he could get some of his clothes on. He stopped, when he bumped into something, but getting the towel a bit down from his eyes, he looked at Tom standing in front at him.

"We both know, something is going on, Harry." Tom said, as he lifted his hands and placed them at each side of Harry's head. He rubbed the towel and helped to dry Harry's hair.

"I'm not a child…" Harry muttered, but he did not make a move to remove Tom's hands from his head, as he let him dry his hair.

"I know you are not a child anymore, Harry. Even though, at times, you behave like a five year old." He said, but had a teasing smile at his lips. "Would you mind telling me, what's going on in that mind of yours?"

"Can't you read it? Or did you forget how to get in my mind already?" Harry huffed, as he fold his arms against his chest.

"There are...certain places in your mind, that i stay away from, Harry. Because, i respect you have a little privacy in your mind." Tom explained to him, as he let his hand caress Harry's cheek.

Harry let a sigh escape him, as he leaned forward and rested his forehead against Tom's chest. He felt Tom wrapping his arms around him, holding him close while he rested his chin on top at Harry's head.

"I still haven't been able to write to my friends, they are sick worried for me….I...I really feel bad over not letting them know…." Harry muttered.

"Arh, so that's what has been bothering you for a time now, is it?" Tom asked him, he let his fingers run soothingly down at Harry's back. He felt Harry nodding his head against his chest, while he smiled a bit.

"Perhaps…. It is time for you to return to Hogwarts…." He whispered.

"Oh, so you are not afraid, that I will be kidnapped or whatever your thoughts was before?" Harry asked, he leaned back a little, so he could look up at Tom.

"I've tried you enough, Harry. I've letting you be prepared over what could go wrong, but promise me one thing." Tom cupped Harry's cheeks softly, while he looked into those emerald green eyes, a smile tugged at the corner of his lips, while he slowly let go again.

"How am I supposed to return to Hogwarts? I have been gone for months, just wander in the castle like everything is normal, isn't that….odd?" Harry asked him.

"No worries about that, I already got it planned out." Tom said with a little wink, as he walked past Harry. "Get clothes on and meet me in the study room." He told him, before Harry watched Tom disappear out from the door.

That was….quick…. Harry thought, as he shook his head a bit and went to get his clothing on.

Hermione caressed Crookshanks fur, she were looking out the window, upon the night sky where the stars shined brightly this night. It's been months now, that Harry had disappeared somehow.

There had been no trace, nothing to show he had struggled, nothing at all that he might had been kidnapped. She was worried for him, Harry was like her brother. He was like family for her too.

Crookshanks poked Hermione's arm with the paw, she looked down at Crookshanks for a moment, as she smiled sadly. "I guess i was in my mind again, aren't I?"

The cat only purred, as it curled around Hermione's lap. She tugged Crookshanks close to her chest, a couple of tears dripped down into the fur.


Hermione looked up from Crookshanks, as she heard Ron's voice. She sniffed, wiped her face, as she sat Crookshanks to the side, while getting off her bed.


Hermione walked out from the Girl's Dormitories, looking down in the common room on Ron. "What took you so long?!" Ron exclaimed very loudly, as he was getting a robe thrown over himself.

"Excuse me, Ron. But, it's past midnight and people are asleep! Why are you even yelling?" She asked him as quiet as she could do, so she wouldn't be waking anyone.

Ron had this doofus smile at his face, when he looked at Hermione. "It's Harry…."

Just by the name, Hermione quickly went inside the girls dormitory and grab her robes, before she went out again and down to Ron. "Harry?!" She asked with a high-pitch voice.

Ron nodded, as he made a nod for Hermione to follow him, while they walked out from the common room.

"Did they find him? How is he? Oh Ron! Tell me something!" Hermione begged, it was very easy for Ron to see, that she was desperate to know about Harry's well being.

"Relax Mione….You will get to see…" Ron replied, he hold back the urge to roll his eyes at her. Hermione exhaled softly, as she walked fast enough with Ron.

Couple of minutes later, they arrived at the Hospital wing. Madam Pomfrey were at a single bed, tempting to what looked like wounds.

"Oh god…" Hermione whispered, as she covered her mouth. She felt tears welling up, because as soon as Madam Pomfrey had moved away, Hermione saw the familiar face of her best friend, Harry.

"Harry!" Ron couldn't stop Hermione, before she ran over to Harry's bed and wrapped her arms around his neck. She hugged him tightly, as she rested her face into Harry's shoulder.

"I-If you hug me tighter, i might not be able to breath…." Harry comment low, as he let a hand be on Hermione's back to halfway return the hug.

"I-I'm just glad you are alive, Harry…" She whispered, before she leaned back and hit Harry at his arm.

"Ow! Av, what was that for?!" Harry exclaimed, as he rubbed his arm.

"Harry James Potter, where the hell have you been? What happened to you?!"

Ron rubbed the back of his neck, as he had his look at Harry, almost apologizing for bringing Hermione down here now when he almost just arrived.

Harry just gave Ron a small smile, as if he told it was fine. After all, they had worried about him. "Well?" Hermione asked, as Harry glanced up at her again.

"I can't remember, Mione…."

"You what?!" She exclaimed very loud.

Harry let a sigh escape him, as he ran his fingers through his messy hair. "I can't...remember…." He told her again.

"W-What do you remember?" She asked, Hermione grab Harry's hand, as she took a seat on the bed right beside him, she let her thumbs run soothingly along the back of Harry's hand.

"I...remember darkness, voices and...pain, then suddenly i woke up here." Harry explained with a quiet and confused voice.

"Oh Harry…." Hermione whispered.

It was horrible to think, that Harry had no clue about what happened to him. She felt sad over, that harry might have lost some time in his mind, that he couldn't place on what had happened. What if he had been under the Imperio curse? What if someone had mixed his mind and memories over? It was horrible to think about, Hermione wouldn't have wanted that for even her worst enemy.

"Mrs. Granger, he needs rest and tomorrow he will be speaking with the headmaster, so i will ask you and Mr. Weasley to leave the Hospital wing now." Madam Pomfrey told her. Hermione really wouldn't want to leave Harry like that, she was afraid that if she did, he would be gone again.

"It's alright…" Harry whispered, as he caressed Hermione's arm. "I'll be here tomorrow." He assured her.

Hermione made a little nod, as she stood from the bed and smiled at Harry. "I'm glad you are back…." She whispered.

"G'night Harry." Ron said, as he made a two finger wave at him.

Harry had smiled at Ron, as he made the same motion. "G'night Ron."

Hermione made a kind smile at him, as she waved at Harry while she walked out with Ron and left the hospital wing.

"Perhaps you would want some Sleeping Draught? " Madam Pomfrey asked, as she stood beside Harry's bed and gently placed a hand on his shoulder to make him lay down.

"I'll be fine, but thanks for the offer, Ma'am. " Harry said, as he rested his head back on the pillow, while he removed his glasses from his nose and placed them on the nightstand.

The Hospital wing went dark, as Madam Pomfrey turned off the light around the place, only a few candles was lit near the windows.

Harry had gone back to sleep, but as he was going in a dream, he appeared in the same playground, sitting on the bench once more.

"How did they react?"

Harry glanced up from his position on the bench, looking at Tom who strolled toward him and took a seat beside him.

"So far, my friends think that I can't remember, but i fear that…"

"You fear Dumbledore will know? Don't worry, love" Tom said with a kind smile, as he placed a hand on Harry's cheek.

"Severus made a memory block in your mind for those who would love to snoop around. The only one who's strong enough get through your mind, is me." Tom said with a smile, as he caressed harry's cheek softly.

"If you can ensure that, I'll be fine then." Harry whispered.

"You always will, and if you ever need to talk with me in person, just tell Severus, he will make the fire network up to the mansion so you can come visit." He explained.

Harry smiled a little, as he sat closer to Tom and rested his head against Tom's shoulder, looking upon the very blue sky. This was a dream he would love to have each night, this was what he wanted for now. See his friends, but still see Tom too.

"However, one day, you might need to break it to your friends…." Tom muttered.

The Dark lord chuckled, as Harry hit him at his shoulder. "You are such a jerk!"


"Don't… say… it…" Harry warned him, only to see Tom smirking at him, as he caught Harry's chin between his thumb and index finger.

He pressed a lightly kiss upon Harry's lips, while he leaned back and whispered.

"I'm your jerk…."



Well guys, that was the end of Chapter 15. Good so far? Also, I will have some WolfStar going on in the next update!
I do like to know, what else i could add into the story. I got a few ideas, but i like to see what my readers can suggest too ^^ See ya to next chapter! 

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