The Black Phoenix.

After having a dream, about Voldemort and Severus. Harry wants to know one thing. What is voldemorts precious belongs? And what do Voldemort mean with 'The option'. Will Harry choose between the light and the dark side? [ I dunno what ship i go after but it might even be Harry/Severus or Harry/Tom/Harry/Voldemort.] [Discontinue: Won't be deleted]


11. Patronus Charm is working?

Hey Readers! Chapter 11 is finish and I hope you guys will enjoy it. I has not been through a beta reader, since I am still not able to find one properly, even so, I am testing a few people out now.

Well, enjoy! (^_^)/



Chapter 11. Patronus Charm is working?


It was difficult for Harry to truly write a letter, there was so much he desired to tell, so much to ask, nonetheless it was necessary to be careful about what he wrote to his friends.

It had been a little over a week, since Tom recommended that he should write the letter, he haven't come further with it, other than four words on the parchment.

Dear Ron and Hermione.

He looked at the parchment for an instant, his quill trilled a bit between his thumb and pointy finger, geez, what could he actually write?

Harry grumbled, he sat the quill back again, as he rested his arms on top at the table. This was harder than he thought it would be.

The teen turned his attention to the door, three knocks had been upon it, before the wooden door opened and presented his potion master. Harry sat straight up in his seat, before he had his full attention to Severus.

"I hope not that I interfere something important of yours, Mr. Potter." Severus looked calm, but very tired compared to last time he had seen him. He still felt a little….awkward around his professor, ever since they had the talk in Severus private chambers, also to the point where he was taken to the dark lord.

"Not really, I was….trying to write to Ron and Hermione, but-"

"But you consider, that you might write something to show or input where your staying's are?" Severus interrupted him.

Harry made a small nod, not mentioned anything else, while he glanced at the stone-floor.

"I believe, when the right time will come, you know what to write, Mr. Potter. However, I am here under the dark lord's order." Severus explained, the potion master then stepped near Harry, as he let his hand slip into his inner pocket.

For a moment, Harry really feared something bad was going to happen, however, his eyes bright up, as he saw his wand.

"My wand?" He questioned, while glancing up at the potion master.

"It is hardly not a stick from a forest, now is it, Mr. Potter?" Severus raised an eyebrow at him, but handed the wand over to the teen.

Harry was unsure rather or not if he should take it, but he really missed his wand and….wait. Did that meant that Tom finally trusted him? That he was allowed to keep his wand now?

"Under his orders, which is by the way what I will repeat. Let Harry get his wand, let him practices the Patronus spell Mr. Lupin taught him, watch his results and report back to me." Severus stated, while speaking his lord's order.

Harry raised an eyebrow, while he traced his thumb along his wand. He could feel the magic floating within it, wanted to be released.

"So, I shall try the Patronus?" Harry asked his potion master.

"Your ability of hearing, is very talented especially for you, Potter." Severus barely let his sentence out in a snappy voice, which made Harry flinch just a little.

Seeing that, Severus sighed. "Forgive me, my own ability of sleeping haven't been….perfect lately." He explained.

"Too many missions?" The teen questioned carefully.

"Missions, lessons on Hogwarts." Severus could continue, but choose not to. "Sleep is a thing I require at the moment, however, I cannot let down the lessons nor the missions." He clarified.

"You are under a lot of pressure, Sir. I wish I coul-"Harry paused himself, before he smiled a bit. "I can actually help for once, just wait and see." He said with a promising voice.

"Help? You? Why in merlin's beard would you do that, Mr. Potter?" Severus questioned him.

"Why would you bother to help me, when I was back in school, to figure out the truth about Tom and my parents?" Harry asked him instead.

Seeing that Severus opened, but closed his mouth without answering, he knew he had his potion master's attention for that moment. A little smile appeared at the teen's lips, while he traced his hand along his wand.

Severus looked at the motion, he raised an eyebrow, while thinking the motion was familiar. "Alright, if you think you are able to help me, but convincing the dark lord about letting me off missions for a month, that will be a very hard task, even for you, Potter." Severus answered him, while he fold his hands on his back.

"Now, back to what he ordered. Try out the Patronus that Mr. Lupin has taught you, alright?" he asked him.

The teen nodded with a smile, as he stood properly and a few meters away from his professor. He lifted his wand, while he closed his eyes for a moment.

A new happy memory…he needed a new happy memory to constructing the new Soul Mate Patronus. He lowered his wand a little, his emerald eyes opened as he looked…helpless.

"Something the matter, Mr. Potter?" Severus asked.

"Unless you could use my name, instead of that, then no, nothing would be wrong." Harry mumbled a little snappy.

"Mood changed already?" Severus shook his head a bit, as he turned his back to Harry and walked toward the door. "I will come back later, The dark lord is already busy with a meeting, that I shall also attempt to before the hour is late." He explained.


Severus stopped and glanced back at Harry, he raised an eyebrow in a questioned matter.

Harry bite his lip a little, as he lowered his hand back to his wand once more. "Is….maybe you can….no, doesn't matter…"

"Spit it out, Mr. Potter."

"It's Harry!" Harry snapped, his eyes flashed a red shade of color, before they faded back again to emerald green again.

Severus was silence for a moment, as he started to step closer toward Harry.

The teen looked up at this potion master, he took a step back, when Severus came a little to close into his personal space.

"What's w-wrong?" he stuttered the words for a moment.

"For a second….no it couldn't be." Severus took a step back again, as he shook his head while turning fully and walked toward the door. "Train. " He ordered in a bark.

Harry watched his potion master leaving the room, he was left alone again, how was he able to even try to make the Patronus charm himself?

Harry sighed right after, he sat himself on top at his bed and glared over at the parchment too. Stupid Charm, Stupid Letter, just everything seemed to be stupid for him right now!

Emerald green eyes stared at the wand for a time, before he caressed his thumb along the wood.

He closed his eyes for a moment, thinking about a good memory he could use, it needed to be strong, stronger than the normal Patronus charm, because this was about a soul mate.

He let a breath escape him, as he raised his wand slowly. "Patronus Anima-amator."

The tip of his wand glowed a little, he peaked an eye opened where he saw the silver blue color escaping his wand. It floated for a while, before it started to fly through the door and vanished out of his sight.

Harry frowned a bit, before he stood quickly from the bed and followed along. He could just see the last bit of the charm down at the corner of the hallway. He ran after it, watching as it took form of a big snake there slide fast through the corridors.

Had he done a mistake? Last time he checked, he had a Stag as a Patronus, now a snake? Maybe…..

Maybe he had changed his Patronus? Or was it a part of the charm?

Harry honestly didn't know where he walked at this point, he just saw the Patronus vanished through a double oak door.

He ran inside, almost slamming the doors opened, but stopped in his trace. It was the meeting room, which all Tom's Death Eaters was sitting inside. Not enough with that, Tom was at the end of the table. The Patronus Snake, wrapped around Tom's body, before it vanished into thin air.

Eyes stared only at Harry, but they soon turned to their lord.

All expect for Bellatrix Lestrange and Severus Snape. The potion master looked at Harry with a very good poker face, but Bellatrix's face showed anger, hate and a murder glaring.

Harry cleared his throat, he was in trouble now.


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