The Black Phoenix.

After having a dream, about Voldemort and Severus. Harry wants to know one thing. What is voldemorts precious belongs? And what do Voldemort mean with 'The option'. Will Harry choose between the light and the dark side? [ I dunno what ship i go after but it might even be Harry/Severus or Harry/Tom/Harry/Voldemort.] [Discontinue: Won't be deleted]


8. Melt down.

Hey readers.

I know, a lot of time had gone by since I last updated. I got like three if not four other stories that I updated too.

Anyways, since it's a bit long time ago I updated, I made this chapter a bit longer than expected.

Enjoy :3


Chapter 8. Melt down.

Harry awoke around lunchtime, he had been so tired doing the night and no one had been in his room to wake him up. The black haired teen had only stared blankly at the watch on his nightstand, his thoughts were on a dream he had.

Harry curled his hand under his pillow, he buried his head deep in it as he let his eyes close again. His dream was about someone being in here, someone who asked him why he haven't been out from his room. He knew he had told something about himself and Tom too, but he couldn't remember who the person had been.

Harry heard a knocking on the door, his eyes gaze toward it as he kept being in the same position on the bed. He was quite thought, so he didn't spoke a word nor tried to make a movement.

"Harry, I know you are awake. Can you please come out to me, Harry?" Tom asked through the door, as he had been standing outside. He soon had enough of Harry's childish game, not wanting to get out and not even wanted to walk around.

Harry were only quite, he didn't said a word, as his gaze where on the door the whole time. He knew Tom might be mad at him, but it was his own fault. He needed time to adjust, he haven't been allowed to go anywhere other than the manor's places. He wasn't allowed to speak with his friends, with someone he knew.

"I mean it Harry, even you get out this instant or I will bang the door down and get in." Tom threat lightly, as he had his wand ready at the door. "I count to three, If not you open then the door will be banged down." He told him.

"One…." Tom started to count.

Harry had slowly gotten out from the bed, he had stretched his arms out and yawned lightly.

"Two…." Tom's wand got more firmly one the door.

Harry had gotten a robe around him, as he slowly walked over to the door. At least he wouldn't be facing Tom only in underwear's, which would be too awkward for him to do that.

"Thre-"Tom did just manage to slip the first few letters, as the door got opened.

"I was asleep, is there no respect on that I'm tired?" Harry asked him, as his emerald eyes had been gazing down on the floor.

"I do give a lot of respect for getting a good night's sleep, but avoiding me and Severus is something I lose respect for, Harry." Tom said calmly, as he looked at his godson.

"We need to have a proper talk, there is things I do like to ask from you as well. Do you mind I get in?" Tom asked him, his hand had tugged his wand into his pocket again. He had been prepared to bang the door down, Tom wasn't a patient person.

Harry shrugged, he turned and walked inside the room. He just went over to his bed and crawled under the bed sheets again, he lied down and tugged it up under his chin.

"Something tells me you aren't in a mode for anything, am I correct in that?" Tom asked, his voice going soft as he entered the bedroom and closed the door behind him.

Another shrug escaped Harry's shoulders, he said not a word as he had closed his eyes while he made him small as possible in the bed.

Tom looked at the raven haired teen for a while, he let a sigh escape his mouth before he sat down in Harry's bed.

"What's on your mind, Harry?" He asked him, his eyes went to his godson to look if he could find any sort of sign to what could be wrong.

"I'm just tired, nothing more." Harry mumbled, he held his bed sheet a bit more over his head so he wouldn't be looking at Tom.

The silence fell upon them, Harry thought that Tom maybe had left. His mind thought that, but as soon he felt something on top at him. Harry squeaked when the sheet were taken away from his head, Tom sat on top at Harry. Trapping him so he couldn't run away, he even held Harry's hands down in the mattress so he couldn't get up and fight against him.

"T-Tom get off, please!" Harry said, he tried lightly to struggle against his godfather, even thought it was useless. Tom were stronger than he was, even to the fact he was more muscular than he…those muscles… so strong and- STOP THINKING IT!

Harry blushed a bit, he tried to look away from Tom, but he know it was useless.

"I want to be kind to you Harry, but it doesn't help on my patient that you lock yourself away. It doesn't help to be weak and don't let anyone near you, it doesn't help to keep secrets because they will eat you up." Tom said, he slowly let go at Harry's right hand, he gently placed it at Harry's cheek.

"I heard from Severus what news he had to say, I gave you a chance to speak. However, now I need to ask you." He told him, he looked into the emerald eyes. Tom slowly sat back, he let go at Harry so the teen could sit up.

"Why did you never tell about your muggle family, Harry?" Tom asked him, his voice low but soft so he wouldn't scare Harry more than he already have done.

Harry looked like he had gotten a slap across his cheeks, the information that Tom just asked him about. H-How did he find out? How did Severus find out?

"Harry, please answer my question." Tom said calm, his hand went to Harry's as he looked him in the eyes.

"How did you know?" Harry whispered, he could feel his body started to tremble lightly.

"Pardon?" Tom asked, he leaned closer over to Harry and held his hand gently.

"H-How did y-you know?" Harry asked a bit louder, his voice stuttering as he slowly recalled the memories from The Dursleys.

"Harry… calm down." Tom whispered, he slowly tugged Harry's arm. He pulled the younger teen over to him, hugged him close as he felt Harry trembling.

"You aren't there anymore, I just want to know what happen to you. I want to know what they did, please, I don't want the past to haunt you. But you cannot just keep it as a secret more, you need to speak out. Trust me, Harry. It will help." Tom whispered, he felt Harry clung onto his shirt even an arm got around Tom's neck.

This was the sign he waited for, that Harry slowly broke down if you only asked the correct question.

"Shh, it's alright my little prince." Tom whispered, he hold Harry close to his chest, his hand stroked through Harry's black hair.

He could hear his godson silent cried into his shoulder, the hand on his chest clung tighter as he tried to get closer to Tom.

No one were supposed to know about this, no one were going to hear it. Because no one would care, if he told, what would they had done?

"Shhh I got you, no one will ever harm you again, Harry." Tom whispered, he held Harry proper on top at him. Having the boy sitting on his lap and let him cry out, there was no need to make him speak before he at least had cried out.

Harry didn't know how long he had sat on Tom's lap, he just had mixed feelings. Even so, between his small whines and sobs. He managed to speak a bit about what his family had done, not that It helped too much. He didn't though Tom would understand what he said, even Harry himself got confused over the words there escaped his lips.

It was first around the evening that Tom had watched Harry fall asleep in his lap, Tom's hand had been in the raven hair. Stroking his godson nicely, calming him so he would be alright.

He never thought this would had happen to his godson, he never thought that Lily's sister would go that far.

Anger, sorrow, revenge, all the mix feelings was getting to him. He would make sure they would be punished, he would make sure Harry wouldn't have more nightmares about them.

Tom held his fore and middle finger on Harry's forehead, he then took a deep breathe.

"Obliviate Varieties." He whispered the spell, it was like he could see a round thing above Harry's head. A lot of scenes, memories from Harry's life showed up on small dots.

Tom took a few, those he saw there was with Lily's sister and her family. He took them out, hold them for a moment, as if he thought about what to do. Destroy them? No, that would simply drive Harry mad for not remembering his past life. Fix them? How? He couldn't make it better either, if not to confuse Harry even more.

Tom held the memories back, he know that moment he couldn't take away the past pain. He could only make Harry's life better from now on, even if it meant he would get hurt himself.

His eyes went to the memories again, he saw Harry lying on the bed. It had been a few days after he was told the truth, a faint blush slowly went to Tom's cheeks. Seeing Harry….touching himself, grabbing the bed sheet and moaned into a pillow.

He could see the text above Harry's head in the memory, it was the words that the Harry in the memory would speak.

Tom! P-Please more!

Tom waved the memory away, he stared down at Harry for a while. So this, this was what Harry meant last night?

Tom and me…

Tom recalled the memory from last night, he had been in here to visit Harry. Trying to ask him why he had been avoiding them, only to get that small answer.

The dark lord gently closed down the spell again, he held Harry on the bed and covert him with the bed sheet. His hand went to Harry's cheek, stroking it lightly as he watched Harry being in a peaceful sleep.

He smiled a bit, he felt Harry leaned into his hand. Yet he was confused by now, if Harry really thought about him like this. Why not give it a chance? They weren't related by blood, only by words. Which easily could be broken, even though James wouldn't wish this.

"I promised to take care of him, just not in which way Jamie Boy." Tom mumbled, he slowly stood from the bed. Having a last look at Harry, Tom then turned and walked out from the room.

He would need to speak with Severus, locate the muggles and punish them for what they had done to James son.

~ Next day. ~

Harry opened his eyes, he felt all fluffy and soft under the bed sheet. He tried to find his glasses, where had he placed them? He couldn't recall what happened last night or maybe yesterday? He wasn't sure what happened, or…

He did know, he just didn't want to remember.

"Your glasses is under the pillow, Harry." A familiar voice spoke, Harry held his hand under his pillow. Truly, they lied there. He slowly unfold them, getting his glasses on his nose and pushed it up.

His emerald eyes looked over at a chair nearby, his eyes wide. It was Remus!

"Remus!" His voice were raspy, probly because he had cried a lot yesterday.

He didn't thought about it, Harry's body went out from the bed. Faster than he ever had done before, he went over to Remus as his old professor stood from the chair.

Harry wrapped his arms around Remus, his head rested against the elder male's chest. He felt arms around him too, Remus who hugged him gently to him.

"I'm so glad to see you, but.." Harry held a bit back, just so he could look up at Remus. "… How did you get here?" he whispered.

"Thomas of course, a lot of people have a memory block upon us. Thinking he was the bad one while he wasn't, he found me doing a mission from Dumbledore. He surprised me, I do admit that. However, he removed the memory block. So here I am, taking care of my godson while he is out doing his work." Remus explained, he ran a hand through Harry's hair.

"Why you?" Harry asked, he had slowly let go again at Remus. Just so Remus had some space too, Harry then slowly returned to the bed.

"More than one reason, Thomas wanted me to learn you more about a certain Patronus charm." Remus explained

Harry looked curious at Remus, did Tom request that he should learn something now?

With that in mind, Harry sat silent, as he listen to Remus.


That's the end of this chapter, I know it's not a lot and it's not very detailed.

I do admit, I haven't been myself lately. But I still want to write onto this story.

Like in my two-three other fanfics, I will like to say the same thing, just in case none of you read the others I made.

A lot of people, comment on how my grammar is. Normally it's here I will say "Haters gonna Hate."

Thought, I do like to point out the small thing about me. I have am dyslexic, so I have a hard time to spell certain words. It's normally the long difficult words, but I try to find a word there is similar to it which means just the same.

It might not be perfect to read in the end, but at least people understand it. That's the point into it all, right?

Annnnnd now that's told, lets move on the the questions, shall we? ;)

Now that Remus is around, what more shall he be doing?
Now that Tom knows Harry love him more than a godparent, what shall Tom do about it?
And as the end question, shall Harry ever return to Hogwarts again? Or shall he stay at Riddle's manor?

Comment about your thoughts!

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