The Black Phoenix.

After having a dream, about Voldemort and Severus. Harry wants to know one thing. What is voldemorts precious belongs? And what do Voldemort mean with 'The option'. Will Harry choose between the light and the dark side? [ I dunno what ship i go after but it might even be Harry/Severus or Harry/Tom/Harry/Voldemort.] [Discontinue: Won't be deleted]


16. Harry's Dilemma

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Chapter 16. Harry's Dilemma


"He's safe back at Hogwarts, his friends believe he suffers under a memory lost, and Dumbledore cannot enter his mind because of the wall you sat within Harry's mind." Severus informed Tom, when he had returned back from Hogwarts doing the night.

"Delightful, then perhaps he can be a little happy among his friends, I believe he deserves it after all…." Tom exclaimed, he had yet not been looking up from the parchments he had been reading through for a while now.

"My lord, you should soon have a rest…"

"Rest if for the weak, I'm fine and need to learn a few things until-"

"Harry wouldn't like for you to stay up this late and not get the sleep you are in desperate need of." Severus broke in, seeing Tom by now lifted his head and looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

"Using his name won't…"

"I'm not, he has said before to me, that I should watch over you too, even when he isn't around, he wish for you to be healthy and do what you and him were doing together. Eat, rest, take care of yourself like you took care of him. His words…" Severus stated to him.

It made Tom exhale softly, as he heard Severus speaking about what Harry's wishes might be for him. He knew he should take better care of himself, while Harry was gone. After all, he wasn't certain how Harry would feel, if he discovered he haven't taken care of his own health.

"If you will be in need of it, I can go fetch a Sleeping Draught-"

"I will not be needing it, thank you very much." Tom replied, he turned his back to Severus, as he went to his bookshelf to collect a important book.

Severus sighed, trying to get Tom to relax was not a option at all.

Harry looked down upon his book, that were laying on his lap.
He had his legs thrown over the armrest of the plushy armchair in the Gryffindor common room.

His friends sat around him, speaking about things that Harry didn't quite paid attention into. His mind didn't even paid any attention to the words in his book, all he thought about….

Was Tom…..


Harry wined, his arm were slapped by Hermione, so his attention was brought back again and straight on her, seeing she glared a little at him.


"Did you listen to what i said?" Hermione asked, her voice almost dangerously with a little hint of venom into it.



Harry manage to lift his book, before Hermione would hit him again. At times she could be so annoyed over the boys never paid attention, whenever she came up with a solution.

"Sorry! I was in my head!" Harry Apologized.

Hermione sighed, she leaned back again, while looking at Harry with a bit softer eyes.

"I talked about, that perhaps Snape could be a help to regain your memories, you know, about what happened with you, before you got back here at Hogwarts." Hermione suggested.

"Do you honestly think, that Snape would help?" Ron asked, he took a bite of the chocolate frog, that he got from Harry a few hours ago.

"Well, it's better than nothing, and surely a whole lot better, than wondering around with black holes in your mind, that you cannot explain or pinpoint where you have been." Hermione said, as she looked from Harry to Ron.

After her mind, it was a good idea to ask Professor Snape, he was master of potions and occlumency as well as legilimency.

Harry moved a little in the armchair, he got his feet down, so they touched the floor with his feet. "Mione? I'm glad you wanna help me, but I don't want to trouble Snape about it." Harry insisted.

"Beside, if not even Dumbledore, the strongest wizard in the world can't help me, why would Snape be able to help me?" He asked, Harry raised himself from the armchair, while taking his book with him.

"But Harry….."

"I don't wanna bother him, alright?" Harry said, he walked toward the boy's dormitory, he felt his friend's eyes on his back, so he was certain there would be a little judge against him.

Once Harry were out of sight, Hermione exhaled deeply, as she looked at Ron. She really looked like, she wanted to help Harry, but when he didn't wish to take her suggestions for helping him, it was like a punch to her face.

"I know…." Ron muttered, he stood from the floor, grabbing his card from the chocolate frog packages and walked to the dormitory. He knew Hermione wanted him to speak with Harry, at least try and ease him a bit.

Ron looked at Harry laying upon his bed, seeing he was reading in a book, Potions? That was new, even for Ron to understand what was going on, Harry never usually read up on their potion lessons.

"So… mate…." Ron said, getting Harry's attention from the book, he gave a little smile, as he sat on his own bed, looking at Harry all the time.

"I didn't thought you read up to potions for tomorrow morning." Ron spoke, he looked a little away from Harry, as he fiddled with his shirt just a bit.

"Is it strange, that I at least will try and get a good grade in potion?" Harry asked his best friend, he placed the book down and looked at Ron, seeing he had that...sort of…. Way to try and tell he knew something.

Did Ron know?

"Hey uhm…." Harry put his book away, as he stood from his bed. "I think I want to go out for a little walk…."

"Cool… can I… join you?" Ron asked him, he smiled kindly at Harry, ready to grab his jacket if he was allowed to go with him.

For one second, Harry really didn't knew what to answer. What if it all sort of was a test?

Silence was there for a moment, but as Ron raised an eyebrow, Harry answered; "of course, even though I will perhaps just wonder around a bit."

"I don't mind… really… I just.. It's been some time ago we really have been alone and just… talking, you know?" Ron said, as he smiled a little.

Harry laughed…. Which made Ron frown a bit.

"What are you laughing at?"

alone and talking, really? Ron you are the worst to talk with people" Harry exclaimed with a chuckle. He caught the pillow which Ron threw at him "Oh come on! You know I'm tryi-"

Ron went speechless, as Harry had hugged him around his neck. "I know you are…." Harry said, he slowly let go at him again and smiled up at Ron. "Let's go for a walk… catch up a little… I never really got to know what you and Mione did around here while I was gone." Harry exclaimed.

Ron smiled at Harry, the tip of his ears had turned a little red, which Harry knew why it happened. He was happy, yet a little embarrassed over something.

Professor Dumbledore glanced out the window, spotting the young Mr. Potter along with his red-haired friend, Mr. Weasley. There was something, he couldn't pinpoint to the boy, it was like someone had taken a piece of his mind away, or basically erased his memory of what happened.

The headmaster exhaled, he glanced over at Fawkes, seeing he adjusted his feathers and a few dropped, since he was changing feathers. "Something seems wrong with our boy, Fawkes…." Dumbledore muttered, he slowly moved away from the window, still having his eyes on the two outside, seeing they walked and properly were talking with one and another.

Fawkes looked up at his owner and master, seeing him approaching him. Dumbledore was in a terrible mood. He couldn't figure, where Harry Potter had been for a long time, even Dumbledore couldn't figure out by looking through the boy's mind.

"Perhaps…." he muttered, before he walked over to his fireplace. His eyes twinkled a little, perhaps he should fetch Severus Snape, after all, he was master of Legilimency….

Yes… that was what he could do….

He would get Severus to look within the boy's mind, to see if he can find anything, at least a clue to where Harry had been. However, that needed to wait….

Because what was coming to Hogsmeade soon, was going to be a little tradition for Hogwarts School. Each fifth year, there would be a festival in the town, where every Hogwarts Student were allowed to attempt, or rather, it was obligated to attempt the Festival.

Ron looked up at Harry, who sat on a branch up in a tree. They both chuckled slightly, as they had spoken for a long time with one and another. It was like before Harry had been taken, yet, Harry felt this very uneasy feeling, that he…. Didn't tell Ron the whole truth….

Which was true…. Harry was lying to Ron about where he had been and that he had 'memory block' in his mind. He was… somehow a horrible friend.

"I mean, we went to the Three Broomsticks together and.. Sort of just got a butterbeer with each other." Ron exclaimed, as he leaned against the tree and fiddled with a button on his shirt.

"So? What happen next?" Harry asked, he was playing a bit with a few leaves from the branch.

"Well…. We talked...we spoke about… you know...stuff?" Ron said, he made a little shrug, trying to show it wasn't a big deal what they talked about.

"You are together?" Harry asked, he couldn't handle but smirk, while asking, seeing Ron's ears turned a little red, so did his cheeks.

"I-I wouldn't say… t-together….."

"Then what do you-"

"Oi! Potter!"

And so the peace was no longer around them. Harry glanced over toward Malfoy and his friends walking toward them. He grabbed onto the branch, and let himself fall down, before he landed properly on his feet and stood beside Ron.

"What do you want, Malfoy?" Harry really sounded tired, whenever he asked. He wasn't really in the mood for any of Malfoy's comments or 'my father will hear about this' things again. He mentally couldn't-

Malfoy handed over a parchment, where he looked at Harry for a while. He had no comment, no stupid joke or anything, he just handed the parchment over.

"Uhm… thanks?" Harry asked, as he slowly took the parchment. He watched as Draco made a nod, before he moved on with his friends, walking away again from him.

"That was...strange… usually he would come with some comment or insults…." Ron muttered, while Harry had opened and unfold the parchment. Ron had happened to glance over Harry's shoulder to see, but his frown got larger.

"What the hell is that kind of language?" Ron asked.

"Huh?" Harry looked at Ron, before he glanced back again on the parchment. For him it was plain English….. Oh...wait….

"I...I do not know, it looks strange for me too… I wonder why Malfoy wanted to give this to me…." Harry said, as he fold it together.

"Perhaps Hermione can help translate, I mean…. She knows everything-"

"I think I can handle it, Ron… really… " Harry gave an unsure smile, as he walked toward the castle. This made Ron confused…

Would Harry keep secrets from him? No… Harry would never do that, Harry was his best friend, he would never lie to him… right?

Those thought started to make Ron unsure about it, would harry do that? Or was he...under some sort of spell?

Ron followed Harry inside, but he lost sight of where Harry went. Did he go to the common room or?

Ron exhaled, he rubbed the back of his neck, before he headed toward the staircase toward Gryffindor's common room. He should speak with Harry later, along with Hermione, Ginny, Neville and the rest of the Gryffindors. If Harry was hiding something, they needed to know.


The Portrait of Salazar Slytherin moved aside down in the dungeon, Harry entered short time after, glancing around the familiar place of Severus Snape's Private Chambers.


Harry glanced over by a doorway, which he knew leaded to Snape's private potion lab. "Does Draco Malfoy know?" Harry asked straight out.

By the question, Severus took his wand out and pointed at the door. He had muttered something under his breath, making the door silent, so no one outside could hear them talk.

"What do you mean with, does he know?" Severus asked, he wanted to be certain what it was Harry questioned him about.

"Oh, nothing more than, he just walked up to me, without the usually insults and all and handed this" He said, as he gave the parchment to Severus. "Parseltongue…. And it's from Tom…."

Severus frowned a little, as he looked at the letter. "It is…. Not…" Severus could confirm. "I know the dark lord- I mean, I know Mr. Riddles handwritten an-"

"You don't know how he writes, whenever he writes in parseltongue." Harry interrupted him, while he glared slightly at his professor.

"It's a fake…"

"It could be true." Harry was certain about it, he was certain that this was true.

"First of… Mr. Potter. I-"


Severus exhaled, as he rubbed his forehead with his thumb and pointy finger. "At this school, you are Mr. Potter… now let me explain, alright?"

Harry fold his arms against his chest, he just made a nod, agreeing he would let Severus explain.

"I have seen Mr. Riddles Handwritten for long period of time, I have known him longer than you have. I can tell this is a fake…. Beside, the paper he used, it wouldn't go under his standards to use this kind of parchment, he wouldn't even touch it with his wand." Severus explained, as he rolled the parchment back together.

Harry slowly unfold his arms, perhaps Severus was right….

"Is there a way for me with him?" The way Harry asked, Severus for a moment thought that… Harry really was in desperate need of speaking with Tom, was there something going on? Was it a uneasy feeling for him? Severus could not pin point-

Knock, knock, knock.

Harry looked toward the door, hearing the knocking.

"Severus my boy….Are you in there?"

Oh shit, of all times, Professor Dumbledore choose to come visit him now?

Even Harry looked like he would go in panic, but while looking at Severus, he saw him making a hand motion, for him to take a deep breath, and calm down. Harry closed his eyes for a moment, he inhaled deeply, as he felt himself calm down. It helped by…. Severus taking his….outer robes off?

What was he doing?!

Severus had made a wave of his wand, getting his already boiling cauldron out from his lab, and into the living room where everything seem to be settled for a one lesson time. Even a bit of grease from a few ingredients went on Harry's white school shirt.

"You can come in, Headmaster…." Severus called out, he had made sure that the door was unlocked, as he just manage to get Harry behind the cauldron and put a jar in his hand.

"One pints of beetle powder…." Severus said with his sharp voice, which Harry remembered Severus would be using in his lessons, even toward Neville….

Harry cleared his throat, as he took one pints of beetle powder from the jar and threw it in the cauldron.

"Arh, I see you have Mr. Potter here." Dumbledore said with a calm voice, he gave a tiny smile to them both, where Severus kept his eyes on Harry most of the time. "Mr. Potter wished to have a few lessons, so he could get past his Potion." Severus exclaimed.

"For… how long have Mr. Potter been here, Severus?"

"Around 10 minutes, we just started. " Severus exclaimed, which made Dumbledore look at him for a while, almost like he didn't believe him.

"Cut the salamander tail in three pieces" Severus said, as he made a point at the textbook which flew up in front at Harry. "Do as the instructions tells you from now on…" Harry made a nod, as he took the textbook down and placed it beside him on the little table.

" You want to speak in private, Headmaster?"

"I am certain this will concern Mr. Potter too, Severus, since I believe it's about him too." Dumbledore exclaimed. It made Harry frown a bit, as he looked at Dumbledore "About me….Sir?" Harry asked.

"Of course, Harry my Boy…"

Uuuurrrgghh Harry really hated whenever Dumbledore used that sort of nickname toward him. But he hold the suddering back.

"So, what is this matter about, headmaster?" Severus questioned him, his eyes stayed on Dumbledore for a long time, as Harry tried to do what stood in the text book.

"It is about, that I would like Severus, to use his legilimency on you, to see if he can figure out, where you have been, since you cannot remember it." Dumbledore exclaimed, which made Harry drop the book.

"Mr. Potter!" Severus snapped, which made Harry flinched. "S-Sorry Professor, the book slipped…" Harry exclaimed, as he bent down and picked it up. Professor Dumbledore did look strange at Harry, how could the book slip? He was really suspective toward Harry, did he keep a secret from him?

"It is alright, my boy." Dumbledore said with a calm voice. "Severus… I would like you to start the Legilimency now." Dumbledore said firmly, which made Severus a little uneasy at the moment. Doing it now would ruin everything for what Tom had sat up in Harry's mind. Dumbledore was a great Wizard, no doubt about that, he knew how to play his cards right.

"At this moment, I'm trying to teach Mr. Potter his potion lessons for the next coming week, Headmaster. If he's not to fail his exam. I would prefer him to learn his potions properly, without blowing up the whole classroom, like Mr. Longbottom did…." Severus looked at Harry, seeing he tried to hide his face expression from Dumbledore.

"I do know your concern for his exam and that he will do great, Severus, but this is important for his future too. If we cannot figure out where he had gone, perhaps he's under Lord Voldemort's Mercy without we know it." Dumbledore told them both.

"I'm not…." Harry muttered low.

"Excuse me?"

"I'm not under his mercy… I'm not under his control… I know we have a connection, I feel it every night when I sleep. He's angry…. He's...collecting something… but it's rare i get the glints of it. " Harry explained, he took a bottle from the table and added a few pieces in it, but as they drop, Severus had reached a hand out " Not those!"

The cauldron boiled over and oozed a lot of dark purple smoke. "Out! Now!" Severus said, as he used his wand to make the smoke away from Harry. It scared Harry so much, he backed away, eyes wide, as he looked at the purple smoke. What did he do? Out of fear, out of mind for even thinking twice over where he was… he called out…



So, that was it for now readers. I hope you enjoyed it ^^ Until next chapter!

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