The Black Phoenix.

After having a dream, about Voldemort and Severus. Harry wants to know one thing. What is voldemorts precious belongs? And what do Voldemort mean with 'The option'. Will Harry choose between the light and the dark side? [ I dunno what ship i go after but it might even be Harry/Severus or Harry/Tom/Harry/Voldemort.] [Discontinue: Won't be deleted]


9. Confessions

Hey Readers.

I know it has been a long time since I updated "The Black Phoenix" Many reasons is behind it.

I started on working, so it means less writing for me.
My computer with my Original idea of The Black Phoenix, choose to die on me. Luckily, I manage to get a copy of the last version I wrote on it.

This chapter isn't much, but I hope people still will like it anyway. As always, I need to remind people that I'm still dyslexic, so please bear with me if you see grammar mistakes or misspelling words.

I might get a Beta soon, so don't worry about it :3

All I have to say now is….

Enjoy the chapter :3




Chapter 9. Confessions



It had been weeks since Harry had seeing or heard from Tom, his company had only been Remus even a few times Severus to have a check up on them both.

He didn't want to admit that he missed Tom, even though he really did. It was strange how addicted he had been, when Tom finally was around, he acted as if he didn't wanted to be near him.

However, he did…

He wanted to be near him.

He wanted to talk with him…

Feel his hand on his cheek…

Hear his voice speak…

Why could he not accept it?

Oh right, he could not because Tom Riddle was his got damn godfather, everything was wrong in his mind for thinking those things!

He wished that he had Ron and Hermione around him, he wished for their company. He know to that he could not have them around just yet, because it would be a big risk.

It was late at night, Harry sat in his bed as he was reading a book. He did not know what time it was, but by the darkness outside it must have been very late, since the sky was dark and filled with small light dots, which was the stars.

Harry looked over at the door, he heard someone slowly opened it and peaked inside.

It was like his breath hold still, the sight of the elder black haired male suddenly made him quiet nervous.

Tom had returned from wherever he had gone the last past weeks.

The smile from Tom made his stomach turn, not that it was disgustful no. He was happy to see that smile, the sight of Tom only made him feel relaxed again.

"Tom." Harry greeted his voice slightly raspy, he cleared it and looked down at his book. Now he felt embarrassed, he sounded like he were sick!

"I thought you do be asleep, Harry. Even though, I am happy to see you are trying to…study? "Tom asked, he had slowly closed the door behind him. Tom then made a wave with his hand at the lock, so it silently locked behind him, even a silence charm placed the door.

"I thought that it would be a great thing to do, even though, without a wand I can't do much. Even Remus said, that I could practice just the wand motions. "Harry explained, he rubbed his arm a bit, before he sat a bookmark into his book and closed it.

"It's been weeks, where have you been, Tom?" He asked him, his curiosity couldn't hold back anymore.

"Oh you know, stuff to make sure you will be fine in the future." Tom said, he smiled at Harry as he sat down in the bed beside him.

"Is there a moment you actually don't think about me?" Harry asked, he rested his hands down at the bed and leaned himself a bit forward.

"You look…different." He mumbled, he tried to study Tom a bit. Trying to figure out what it was, he just could not point it out right now.

"I might be smiling more, what more different can that be?" Tom asked, he held his hand under Harry's chin and grabbed it lightly. He chuckled a bit, while he saw Harry's cheeks turned scarlet right the way.

"There is something I do want to ask you about, Harry." His name from Tom's lips sounded so soft and silky, Harry could not handle, but blush even deeper. He somehow felt dirty, why could Tom not just be a normal person for him?!

"T-That is?" Harry stuttered, his eyes avoid looking into Tom's.

"Do you…." The former Dark lord leaned forward, close to Harry's ear while he whispered the words." fancy anybody?" The question was asked, Harry felt like he wanted to vanish, he wanted to escape, however, the grab on his chin and the closeness to Tom made it difficult.

His cheeks turned scarlet, but he tried to held his head away from Tom's hand, only for Tom to grab it again and forced Harry to look at him.

"So?" Tom asked, his smile both teasing yet soft at him.

"I-I…" Harry's voice still stuttered so terrible. He could not even think about what to say, he do fancy one…but no! He couldn't tell that!

Tom grabbed Harry's glasses and took them off, he fold them and placed them aside on the nightstand. Their eyes met, and the elder male kept them connected.

"One night, I was in your room to check if you were alright. You said a few things in your sleep that I found, rather interesting" Tom's voice were soft and teasing, this couldn't go right, could it?

"O-Oh? Did I now?" Harry managed to say, as he leaned away from Tom. Even though it was hard, as the headboard behind him made it rather….difficult too. Why did everything around him need to be difficult right now?!

"Right out said, Harry. I know you fancy me, even if you are going to say you do not. I know you do, I saw a memory you had about…pleasing yourself." Tom explained, he chuckled a bit as Harry turned darker red at his cheeks.

"All boy's do it, Harry. You are not the only one, I have heard a lot of boys around me. Confessing that they even had a crush on me, or wish me to become their lover." Tom explained, he slowly let go at Harry's chin and smiled softly at him.

"S-So you have one? A lover I mean." Harry asked, his eyes looked at the bed sheet. Of course, Tom would have someone at his side, how could he be stupid enough to even think….

At least Harry thought so, since Tom wasn't a bad looking man an-

"I don't have anyone, Harry." Tom whispered, while he had been close to Harry's ear.

"For a good reason, something in my mind and soul told me never to be bound with anyone. The thing is, the one I want to be bound with, is the same person who have a piece of me inside him as well." Tom whispered, while his hand gently caressed Harry's cheek.

Harry stared at Tom for a while, he wasn't fair now. He was teasing him, trying to test him to see how he can hold up with information like that.

"I-I d-don't really know w-what to say." Harry stuttered, he tried to keep his eyes away from Tom, as he felt how Tom leaned closer against him. Did that man not know about private space at all? Apparently not!

The worst part, he could feel himself getting heat at his body.

Tom let his hand be at Harry's cheek, his thumb gently stroked Harry's lips.

"Are you afraid, Harry?" Tom asked him, his voice lower than a whispering voice.

Harry shook his head, he kept looking into Tom's eyes. It was almost as if he wanted to be lost in Tom's eyes, why couldn't he just be normal for once? It was wrong what he thought, it was wrong what they-

Tom rested his forehead against Harry's, he went lost for a few second in Harry's eyes. All he saw was the beautiful emerald eyes, almost like Lily's.

"You are beautiful, Harry. Is there anyone who told you that before?" Tom asked, his whispering voice so soft and gently. Like silk against a smooth skin.

Harry shrugged gently, he looked down this time while he let his hands fiddle a bit with his shirt.

"I once was told, that I got my mother's eyes, but I look alike my father." He mumbled, he didn't really thought what else he should say. It was the truth after all, but then again. Was it really the truth? Even when his whole life had been a lie, did anyone even care for him more?

"Stop those thoughts, Harry. You know at least three people care for you." Tom whispered, he stroked Harry's jaw a bit, as he lifted Harry's head. Their eyes met again, Harry just looked into them, but sat in silence.

"I care for you, Severus care for you even Remus. He told me you were good with the Patronus charms, it shows a bit of what I thought. " He explained kindly, he gently stroked Harry's neck a bit.

"I-I don't understand what that new Patronus charm could do, Remus never told me what it really did." Harry mumbled, but went silence when Tom held his thumb over his lips.

"Why do you hid your feelings, Harry? Is it something your muggle family told you to do?" Tom asked, he could see how Harry tends by the mention of them. However, he stayed quiet.

"You don't need to worry about them more, Harry." Tom said softly, he let go at Harry and leaned back against the bed.

"H-How so?" Harry asked, he looked at Tom for a while before he bite his lower lip. "C-Could you also answer my question about the Patronus charm?"

"Everything you want to know, will be answered." With that, Tom leaned back on his elbows, laying a bit against the bed, but he kept his attention on Harry all the time.

"First of all, your muggle family is not to be worried about. That fat whale to your uncle learned a lesson, your aunt was spared, but did not go unpunished and your cousin, well…let's just say he won't be a bully to anyone more." Tom explained, he laid down fully this time, feeling quiet exhausted, however, he could actually try and relax a bit around Harry. Also so, the boy would not feel stressful.

"You…tortured them?" the raven-haired boy asked, he held his knee against his chest, but admired the sight in front at him. Tom apparently needed to be a true teaser for him.

"Nah, I won't say that I tortured them." Tom replied, he smirked a bit when he looked at Harry. "Just hardly injured the whale. "

"Hardly injured the whale?" Harry repeated, but more with a questioned voice instead. Seeing that Tom nodded a bit, but didn't went deeper into the subject. He dropped the topic, maybe it was best just to do so.

Harry tried to keep a yawn from escaping his lips, but he failed by doing it. Tom frowned a little, seeing that Harry actually looked rather exhausted as well.

"You should sleep, Harry. It's late." Tom comment, he went to get up from the bed, so he could leave. However, faster than even Tom could react, Harry was over him, almost pinned him down against the bed.

"No wait!" He said, but felt his cheeks flushed a little. "T-The Patronus charm, you forgot to tell me what it did." He mumbled.

"Oh right, silly me to forget explaining what that charm possible could do." Tom sounded rather sarcastic when he spoke, but he smirked a little. Not really minding that Harry sat on top at him.

"Explain Tom, please?" Harry asked him kindly, he kept his hands on Tom's wrists so he couldn't escape him at all.

Tom gave him a look, almost telling him to let go at his wrists. Harry slowly did, but his placed his hands on Tom's chest instead to keep himself steady on the other.

"The charm I asked Mr. Lupin to teach you, is a special form of Patronus. When you cast it, your Patronus will go search for a soul mate. A true match within your soul and heart, at times the Patronus can split into multi-Patronus. Which means, that you can have more than one soul mate." The former Dark Lord explained, while he placed his hands on Harry's hips, smirking a bit when Harry tends a little.

"H-Have you tried the spell yourself?" The raven-haired teen asked.

"Me? Oh no, I can't even cast a proper Patronus." Tom sounded like it didn't matter for him, almost as if he didn't want to try it himself. He let his hand stroke a bit along Harry's side, sending a shiver down at the teen's spine.

"Hmm, I wonder about another thing, Harry." Tom mumbled, he leaned up again, making it so Harry sat in his lap, but had no chance of escaping him now. The teen had squealed a bit, when he was sat properly in Tom's lap.

"W-Wonder about what?" Harry managed to ask, his cheeks heat up again and showed a scarlet color by now. Hearing the other laughing a little, the raven-haired teen looked at Tom, facing him a little.

"What?" Harry asked.

"It's just the way you are like, Harry. You are blushing like some love-sick school girl, which I can say makes you look…" Tom leaned into Harry's ear, letting his voice down on a low and silky mode.


The whispering voice sent another shiver down at Harry's spine, the teen pushed Tom's shoulder a bit, glaring lightly at him. "I'm not adorable." He clarified, while he fold his arms against his chest.

"Denying that you are adorable, makes you even more adorable." Tom guaranteed him, as he made a small smirk at Harry. "Facts, you are a teenager, who now are folding arms to prove his point, but by doing that, you look more adorable than before, the pout right now you are making too, proves my point an-"

"And stop being a smartass." Harry interrupted him, while he looked away from Tom.

"I'm pointing out the facts, Harry. Conclusion, you are adorable." Tom replied, he had slowly sneaked his arms around Harry's waist, holding the teen closer to him.

"What are you doing?" Harry questioned, his attention went to Tom's face.

"Hugging you…." Tom mumbled. "Maybe not the best reaction to get from you…" He tried to pull his arms back again, only to feel Harry stopping them for doing so.

Tom hardly made a move, only looking at Harry to see what he wanted. Even so, the teen was quiet too, as he had his hands on Tom's arms.

They sat there for a couple of minutes, Harry's hair fell down a little and covert his eyes. He leaned forward, resting himself against Tom's chest. He shut his eyes closed, trying to relax a little.

He felt Tom's arms around him, holding him closer against Tom's chest. Harry could hear Tom's heartbeat, thumbing ever so softly, calm and relaxing.

"Sleep my little prince."

The words were barely a whisper, but Harry could only obey the small order. He was exhausted and now he felt like he really just could sleep.

He had no idea when he did fell asleep, he could only feel a soft stroking against his back, a fade humming, which slowly went off as he entered the state of the dreaming world.




So, that was the end of chapter 9. What do you guys think? Also, I have a questions for you guys.

If Tom was to make a Patronus, what kind of animal should it be? I was actually thinking of a Snake (Well obviously) but I might thought about letting it be a doe or maybe a dragon. Something big and majestic maybe? I am up for ideas for Tom's Patronus, if not it shall be a snake. xD

Until next time readers!

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