The Black Phoenix.

After having a dream, about Voldemort and Severus. Harry wants to know one thing. What is voldemorts precious belongs? And what do Voldemort mean with 'The option'. Will Harry choose between the light and the dark side? [ I dunno what ship i go after but it might even be Harry/Severus or Harry/Tom/Harry/Voldemort.] [Discontinue: Won't be deleted]


17. Beware the Secret

Hello dear Readers.
I've been asked to update my story, so now I did. I know it's not the best and honestly, I'm trying as good as  I can to update, but things are the moment are just so confusing and new for me. I'll try and update as soon as I can again, but I won't promise much. 
Anyway, enjoy the chapter ^^ 



Chapter 17. Beware the secret.


"Who are you gonna bring to the festival?" Hermione asked, she smiled at Harry while they were walking down from the Gryffindor Tower, they headed down to the Great Hall, so they could get some breakfast.

"The Festival?" Harry question, he checked his bag for a moment, seeing a couple of items and school books for the upcoming day.

"Harry, honestly? I know you have been gone, but you should know this." Hermione said with a sigh, before she looked ahead of them. "The Festival in Hogsmeade, it's a event that happens once in awhile, this year, there has been an announcement to a theme in Hogsmeade. The Festival always makes a theme, few years ago, they had the carnival theme, you know, like a muggle carnival?"

"Hermione, do i need to remind you about, that I have no clue what that possible can be? I know I'm born into a muggle world, but you know… I was not allowed outside the house at all…" Harry muttered, he tightened his hold onto the rim of his shoulder bag, while he stopped at the next staircase.

"Anyway, Harry… The Theme this year has been announced to be Japanese culture. Hogsmeade will be dressed in the culture from Japan. You know, it's an interesting culture." She said with a kind smile.

"Sure is.. I forgot something in my room, mione, would you mind me to go get it? You can go ahead in the Great Hall." Harry smiled at Hermione, who smiled back again at him. She made a nod, as she walked down the stairs, while Harry took the long way up again.

It was interesting, a festival in Hogsmeade? Themed too, Harry wondered why it was like that, was it to show students other cultures? Properly…

Harry just barely reached to the Gryffindor common room, before he felt a hand placed over his mouth, he was dragged off into a darkened room where all light was shut out. "H-Hey! Let me-Mnh!"


The emerald green eyes looked at the weaken light from the tip of the wand, hold a little above him and the person who dragged him into this closet. He made an effort to slam his elbow against the person's chest.



The mist from the cauldron vanished, as Professor Snape made it disappear. Harry was against the wall, his eyes looked scared and his breath shaken. However, this moment was not what he feared the most, what he feared, what was he had said before.

"Tom?" Dumbledore asked, seeing Harry slid down against the wall, as he clung his hands on his head. "He's in pain…" Severus went over to Harry, as he knelt in front at him, he placed his hands on Harry's shoulders, making Harry looked up into his eyes,

Make it look like you are in pain….


Harry was not sure if it was Severus' voice, or if it was someone else. At this moment his mind just rushed over different thoughts and scenarios, what would happen now? What would Dumbledore do?

A sharp pain, did however flash through his scar, he let out a painful whine, as he clutched his hands onto his scar. Harry had leaned into Severus' hold, feeling him rubbing his back, but as he did so, Harry only felt like fainting.

"Mr. Potter!"

The echo of Professor Snape's voice, calling his name faded so slowly and Harry was in the familiar dark surroundings once more. He wasn't certain what cost him to faint, if it was the stress, the fear of Dumbledore knowing where he had been, or the little purple mist that had surrounded them. It could be either and yet every three things at the same time.

Light surrounded him, he was looking upon a blue sky, with a few clouds passing by. The young teen frowned, how could the sky be so nice and calming for him?

"It's very often I found you in this sort of…. Dream fragment of your mind."

The teen looked to his left, seeing the familiar adult shape of Tom Riddle. "I always wonder, why you have this sort of… dream stage whenever you are asleep or fainted. You always seem like a troublesome person, yet your mind is… calm, peaceful and beautiful in the visual effects of your dream situation. " Tom said with a little smile, seeing Harry being calm and walked over toward him.

"I think I let it slip…."

"What? Calling out my name while being frighten?"

"So you know?" The teen asked, as he sat down beside Tom, his eyes glanced over the landscape surrounding them. It was almost the usually sight, even though, this time it was more a green landscape, where they were sitting on a bench on top at a large hill.

The wind blew softly around them, making the grass move with elegance across the fields around them.

"Of course I do, I got mad…." Tom muttered, he had been playing with a flower between his thumb and index finger, while his eyes was away from Harry that moment.

"So you are mad at me?"

"Not mad at you, mad at the situation." Tom exclaimed, he let a sigh escape, as he let his head turned slightly, so he could look at Harry.

Harry was silence and Tom could see it was a bit of a discomfort for him, perhaps Harry just thought he blew it up already.

"The situation we are in, Harry, is what makes me mad. Not that you called out my name, but that Dumbledore might get a piece that can solved his oh so endless puzzle to figure out stuff that shouldn't come to his mind."

"The silence treatment doesn't help on me you know…" Tom muttered, he kept looking at Harry, trying to see if he would nudge or just get any words out.

"You are calm, yet not speaking, something must be bothering you….."

"This is getting on my nerves….." Tom said with a little angry voice. "Either you speak now or I will disappear from your mind, is it that-"

Tom cut himself off, as he saw Harry moved and hugged Tom around his waist. He felt the boy shiver, was it fear? Was it because he was cold? Wait, how could Harry be cold in his own mind? He's dream state and his fragments doesn't seem to be the problem.

Even though, the landscape around them changed, the fragments of the dream Harry was creating in his mind was crumbling apart. Cold surroundings, lightness filled the surroundings because of the new landscape with lots of trees, bushes and snowy landscapes. It was still a light day, the sky showing a nice blue color with a few clouds passing by.

"Harry… what is this about?"

"I dislike the silence from you….." Getting no words from Harry, Tom soon gave up on speaking with him to solved their problem for now, instead, he held Harry's hand and helped him to his feet. "Might just discover a bit of the new surrounds… I see what you image…. what your dream fragments try to show too. " Tom gave him a little cheerful smile, as they walked hand in hand in the snowy landscapes. Between the trees and bushes, Tom discovered something...very much rare.

"Is this a place you have been?"

"Yeah… It's… many years ago, but I have been here, I hid myself from Dudley and his friends." Harry replied with a calm tone of voice.

Tom gently let their hands slip, as he walked over to a bush, Harry frowned a little, was the bush more interesting than hi-

"See this?" Tom asked, Harry shook his head, but approached the bush and Tom. "It's just a regular bush…."

"No…." Tom said with an eye roll, as he held a branch from the bush. "Look closely…."

Harry knelt down next to Tom, looking at the bush, it had small white balls from a few smaller branches, or was it berries?

"Its… Berries?"

"Not any sort of berries…. It's Snowberries." Tom corrected him, as he pluck a few from the branch.

"Snowberries? What are they-"

"Snowberries, they are unique, very sweet and they only grow in colder climates like this you imagine in your head. If you say you have been here before, hiding from your cousin and his gang, perhaps I can take you there one day, because these are very…. very rare. " Tom exclaimed, as he held a few berries in his hand and showed them to Harry.

Small round and white berries, they had a snow like camouflages so they weren't easy to spot, unless you knew what sort of bush to look after.

"How come they be rare?"

"They are used for one special potion, I am sure that Severus can explain this better than I can, because I only read about them, he has before made the potion an-"


Harry looked at the sky, seeing it went darker and darker… oh no… not now..

"Looks like you are about to awake…." Tom gave a little smile, before Harry saw him fading from his vision, the darkness claimed him and Harry woke up in the real world.


The bed was soft, duvet lovingly fluffy feeling and his head...felt so light, like he had no need to worry about a thing in the world.

Harry opened his eyes lightly, the blur vision welcomed him and… truly, he was not alone.


Harry blinked a couple of times, he tried to clear his vision, but of course, without his glasses, he was blind.


Harry felt the cold metal from the glass, being settled upon his nose. They slide up and soon settled before his eyes.

Another few blinks, his vision cleared out.

"Are you alright, Harry?" It was his good friend Ron, looking concerned, almost like Hermione would.

Harry had to take in a moment, thinking back what happened.
Oh… right… He made a mistake with Snape's potion…. It oozed with a weird mist and… Harry suddenly felt the pain, he had not needed to pretend, it was just there.

"Yeah…" Harry pushed himself a little up, rubbing a hand over his face. How long had he passed out?

"Easy mate…" Ron said, but did not move to lay Harry down, he knew that Harry would be stubborn to be let down on the bed again. After all it's been-

"How long have I been out?" Harry asked.

Oh right on time…

"A week…." Ron told him, he took a step back, just so he could see Harry getting out from the bed. "Mate, you really shouldn't get up…."

"I'm fine Ron, I just-"

"You need to stop hiding things from me." Ron said straight out.

Harry paused in his movement, looking at Ron and for once, Harry could see that Ron's eyes burned with a bit of anger and betrayal within them.

"H-Hiding things?" Harry asked. Did Ron know? Harry started to doubt this situation, what if Ron knew? What if he walked to Professor Dumbledore and talked with him about it? What if this was all going to end?

"Harry, I might be your stupid friend, from other's view, however, I'm not stupid. I noticed how you reacted by the letter you got from Malfoy, I noticed how you suddenly went off and just… didn't seem to be bothered to get help from Hermione." Ron stated.

"..." Silence, it was all harry really could do at the moment, he wasn't sure what Ron was going to say more, but he sure as hell didn't wanted to spoil anything for himself, in case Ron didn't know.

"Harry, we have been friends since we started at Hogwarts, did I ever let you down? Did I ever doubt you?"

With the last question, Harry raised an eyebrow at Ron, of course Ron knew what Harry was going to say if he answered.

"Don't answer that….I know I once doubted you…. and I'm still feeling… stuff about that." Ron rubbed the back of his head, in which Harry also could see, Ron still felt very guilty over believing, that Harry put his name in the cup back in forth year.

"I just…" Ron exhaled in frustration. "You were gone for so long, Harry. You can't remember what happened and you… you are strange, alright?! You are not your usually self!" Ron finally burst out, he had kept his in for a bit of time, even Harry could see Ron felt relieved over to finally say it.

"S-So please, Harry. Stop hiding things, stop act like you can handle this on your own, you still got me and Mione."

Harry had to smile just a teeny tiny bit, at least Ron never changed over one thing that is. He was still being the usually Ron, which Harry never wanted to change at all.

"You are such a dork…" Harry said with a chuckle, as he got on his feet and walked in front at Ron, wrapping his arms around Ron and hugging him.

Ron looked a little down, even so, he wrapped his arms around Harry and returned the hug. "I really just want you to speak with us, Harry. You have been so...distance, you easily space out too. It's odd and...we are worried." Ron muttered lowly.

"I wish I could tell…..but I can't…." Harry whispered, as he slowly let go again at Ron. "Not here…"

Ron frowned over the words, so Harry was hiding something after all? "We can walk away and talk…." Ron suggested, which Harry made a shake of his head by.

"Can't do that, Hogwarts got eyes and ears….." Harry whispered, he really wanted to tell Ron, but with the risk of being discovered, the risk of perhaps putting himself more in danger, than he actually already was. Harry just didn't wanna take the risk, not now.

Even so, he looked at Ron and saw that his friend understood what he meant. "Alright, but when the next holiday comes by, Harry. You go with me home, we can always talk private there." Ron said, as he made a little smile at Harry.

Harry made a nod in agreement, he took a deep breath, really feeling himself to see if he was ready to leave or not, he didn't feel any pain, he didn't felt dizzy or any sort of that thing.

"You certain, that you actually feel alright, Harry? It's been a week you have been… you know, asleep and recovering." Ron said, he still was concerned for his friend after all.

"I'm fine, Ron. Really, I am…" Harry replied, while he adjusted some of his clothing, before he walked beside Ron to get out from the Hospital wing, even so, he never got that far.

"Mr. Potter." Madam Pomfrey blocked their path, while she had her arms folded against her chest, looking a little bit angry. "You are in no condition to leave the hospital wing just yet. " She told him.

"I am feeling fine, ma'am." Harry replied to her. "I'll be the judge of that…" Madam Pomfrey said, as she looked at Harry still with a bit of angry eyes. She made a point toward the bed, that Harry had laid in for the week.

Harry sighed a bit, as he looked at Ron, before he went over to the bed and sat down. Madam Pomfrey walked over to Harry, her wand out.

Harry knew, that it wouldn't be long, before Albus Dumbledore would be question him about what happened in Professor Snape's chamber.


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