The Black Phoenix.

After having a dream, about Voldemort and Severus. Harry wants to know one thing. What is voldemorts precious belongs? And what do Voldemort mean with 'The option'. Will Harry choose between the light and the dark side? [ I dunno what ship i go after but it might even be Harry/Severus or Harry/Tom/Harry/Voldemort.] [Discontinue: Won't be deleted]


10. A Good Morning?

Hello and greetings my dear readers.

I know, I know, it has been a very long time since I updated this. Doing writer blocks, lots of real life shit going on, I haven't been able to update or even be too much around my stories, my fandoms and so much more. However, now I have finally been able to write chapter 10 finish, but I fear that chapter 11 will be too far away for me to write. (Don't hate me, please?)

I am doing what I can to try and write chapter 11, I just need to wrap my ideas properly and make it match into the story too, so yeah. Who knows? Maybe chapter 11 will be here in a week?

Well, all I have to say now is, enjoy the chapter and I apologize for the loooong waiting.

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The following morning when Harry woke, he felt a soft and warm body next to him. He rubbed his eyes, feeling his glasses have not been on his nose, as they normally would be when he just fell asleep.

An arm was around his waist, while another was underneath his head, used as a pillow only for Harry. The teen turned on his other side, looking at the blurry form beside him. Since his glasses were off, he had a bit trouble seeing who it was.

However, his memories of last night returned to him. Tom being back, but also speaking to him last night and….

The teen's cheeks reddened, he had fallen asleep against Tom last night. Now they both laid in the bed, at the early morning hours, Harry admit that it was nice laying with Tom.

He gently reached over after his spectacles, getting a hold on them and slowly put them on. He opened and closed the eyes couple of times, looking up at Tom who still were sleeping.

It was different to see him that peaceful, soft and relaxed. A sight he might get used to look at, if Tom would continue to sleep next to him.

He couldn't recall that he had nightmares this night, he couldn't think of if he even had a dream. Maybe…just maybe the affections of lying beside another person, actually calmed him more than he thought?

Harry gently rested his head against Tom's chest, he let his eyes close just a little. This closeness to Tom, it was more than he actually could wish for.

"Slept well, Harry?"

The unexpected voice from Tom when he spoke, made a startled in Harry.

"I-I assumed you were-"

"Asleep? I have been, but it's enjoyable to watch you get a proper sleep." Tom murmured softly, as he rested his chin on top at Harry's head. "Can't tell when the last time, I actually slept so calmly next to someone." He muttered, as he gently stroked Harry's back softly.

"You particularly look like you needed it, I hope I wasn't too much difficult beside you an-"

"You weren't difficult, I…I actually felt nice." Harry interrupted, while he hide his face a bit into Tom's neck.

"Can you define nice, Harry?" Tom asked him in a soft whispering voice. His hand had gently played a bit with Harry's hair, while he smiled softly in this relaxing position with his godson.

"Why do you always need an explanation about everything, Tom?" The Raven-haired teen asked, when he glanced up at Tom's face. He could see that Tom's eyes were closed, he looked like he just was in a peaceful sleep.

"It's who I am, I like knowledge." Tom mumbled softly.

"Set a note on this, you are very cuddling when you sleep." Harry comment, he smile a little, as he saw Tom peaking an eye opened and glanced down at him.

"It only happen rare times, Harry. Someone I can trust, lying next to me. It is not anyone, who I would trust to sleep next to." He explained Tom moved a little, making it so he laid on his side; he had a better view of Harry by now, admiring the teen, who still curled up against him.

"Then I might be one of the rare people you trust, even though, I have shown nothing toward you, that you could trust me at." Harry mumbled, he went silence, as he felt a hand ran through his messy black hair.

"You stayed, you have done as I told you, yet you are still around and don't fear my presence at all. If that's not to trust you, then I won't know what trust would be." Tom explained, he let his fingertips brush down against Harry's cheek, before they went under the teen's chin.

Tom gripped Harry's chin lightly, smiled a bit as he made the teen look up at him. "I don't have my wand, so trust me isn't really the thing you do." Harry muttered lowly.

"You don't need a wand, give me a good reason why you need it." Tom whispered softly, he let his thumb stroke small circles at Harry's chin.

"I…I could be under attack…" Harry point out.

"Attack? Who in their right robes, would dare attack you when I ordered them not to?" Tom questioned him.

"Lestranges, that could be one of all the Death Eaters, she wish me dead anyway." The teen mumbled.

"She don't, she wish you out of the way, so she can try feed me love potion again. Just in hope on, that I will fell in love with her." Tom whispered, before he leaned closer down to Harry, their noses barely touched, but only had a feathery stroke against each other.

"S-She tried to feed you love potions?" Harry asked with a whispering voice, he glanced up at Tom, almost with a sympathy look.

Tom chuckled, before he leaned into Harry's ear. "Love potions doesn't affect a child who were born under a love potion, Harry. Call it what you will, I'm immune against that stuff. No love spells, potions or charms can get a hold on me like that." The former dark lord explained, he brushed his lips against Harry's ear, smiling a little as he felt Harry's body shivered by the soft touch.

"You…alright, Harry?" He asked him with a soft voice.

Harry went to answer, but before a word could leave his mouth. A knocking had been on the door.

The teen looked toward the door, he cleared his throat, but stayed silence.

"Mr. Potter, breakfast is ready in the dining room. I would choose wisely to attempt it right the way." A Death Eater informed, but did not enter nor opened the door.

"Why should I?" Harry asked back, his voice being a little bit rude.

"The Dark Lord would prefer you to join in the meals, Mr. Potter."

"Do he now?" Tom answered this time, as there went silence outside the door. "My Lord, had I known…"

"Had you known I was in here, you wouldn't have come by. Now leave us be, the breakfast can wait." Tom ordered with a cold voice, before he let his arm rest around Harry's waist.

Hearing the footsteps disappeared after a moment, Harry looked up at Tom. "Y-You know that was kind of…"

"Rude? "


"I know." Tom whispered, he let his hand tangling itself through Harry's hair.

"J-Just because you…might or might not be the dark lord, doesn't it mean you shall be-"

"It means just the same, Harry. They are used to that I'm snappy, that I order them and commands them around. I am your godfather, but that doesn't mean I still don't want to be the same as before. The realm that I want to build up, it is things that Dumbledore wanted too, but he says it's all wrong and doesn't fit into the system or balance." Tom explained, he rested his hand at Harrys' cheek, while he looked him in the eyes.

Harry went silence once more, as he looked into Tom's eyes. He had leaned into the hand on his cheek; the closeness was something he still craved after all.

"I…I got a question, Tom." Harry mumbled a little low, as he let his eyes look down on the bed.

"That is?" Tom murmured softly, as he pressed a kiss to Harry's forehead.

"Can I ever be able to see my friends? I really miss them and…." He paused for a second, before his eyes glanced up at the former dark lord once more. "I really want to know, if they are alright or not." He said quietly.

Tom looked like he thought about it, his thumb ran over Harry's cheek, before he let his hand back down again. "Letter." He said.

"Letter?" Harry questioned, with a raised eyebrow.

"You write a letter to them, telling them a couple of things and ask them questions as well. I will make sure it will be delivered. However, mentioning where you are staying is a horrible idea, I wouldn't want Dumbledore to blast down the place to get his filthy hands on you again." Tom spoke almost like he wanted to kill someone, if they just touch what is his.

"Understood?" He asked Harry right after, as his eyes looked into Harry's emerald once.

Harry made a little nod, as he slipped off the bed, it was time to get up after all and he could need a shower too.

Tom had a very teasing smile on his face, when he leaned against the headboard again. "Want company?" He asked.

Harry frowned a bit, as he glanced over his shoulder on Tom. "What do you mean?"

"The shower, want compa-"

A pillow was thrown at Tom, Harry's face flushed bright red "Stop reading my mind!" He almost sprint off to the bathroom and closed the door fast behind him, only hearing Tom's laughter.



A/N: Yes, so this was the end of the chapter, what do you guys think? :3 Leave a comment if you wish something to happen, I am open for ideas! Until next time readers!


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