Love is a Strange Thing

Kara is shy 16 year old girl. She is not the 'bad girl' type, let alone the 'partying' type. She has known Josh Campbree for as long as she can remember, but she has never fully aknowledges him until a party. They start to fall in love, and life is going good. Until Kara finds out that she is going to be sent away to a boarding school where she will not be allowed out until she graduates, except for very special occasions. Kara realizes love is a strange thing, so strange it can make you do things you wouldn't ordinarily do. Then... Kara and Josh soon find out a secret that could change everything.


10. Unpacking

               "Well hello," says a girl with light brown hair. She is a little bit taller than me, maybe 5"6 or 7'. She has hazel eyes and a skinny build. She reminds me a lot of Christina except the height. I'm guessing she's my roommate.


               "So I'm going to take a guess and say that you are my new roommate," she smiles. At least its not some physco.


               "I'm Daisy," she holds out her hand and I shake it.

               "I'm Kara."

               "Well Kara you get that bed," she points to the bed on the right, the farthest from the door. "And that will be your closet," she points to the right closet that is on the opposite wall of the bed.

               "Thank you. Would you happen to know where I can get a list of my classes?"

               "Yeah all roommates have the same schedual . Your classes will go math, specials, reading, social studies, lunch, science and some extra classes. They'll tell you those tomorrow," she explains.

                "Oh, so do we have lockers?"

                "Yeah, yours will probably be by mine."

                "Okay well I'm probably gonna start unpacking," I walk over to my bed and set my bag down.

                "Why did you have to come here? I mean you don't really look like the "bad girl" type."

                "That depends. Do you wanna here the short story or the long one," I smirk.

                "I've got time."

                "Well it all started about 3 days ago. I was at a party with my friend Christina and yeah I was drunk. Well I almost got jumped by these 3 guys, but this boy named Josh stepped in and saved me. Well I went home with Josh because Christina was drunk and I couldn't remember my address. Then the next morning Josh asked me out and we started dating. I spent the rest of the day there and when I went home my dad saw who dropped me off and we all crazy and said that I couldn't date him. Which is weird because my dad doesn't care if I date. There's something weird going on with him. But yeah he sent me here so I couldn't see him," I finish. Daisy's mouth is wide open.

                 "Damn all that over a guy?"

                 "Yep so why did you have to come here?"

                 "I got suspended from school for cussing out a teacher," we both laugh. "Hey that teacher was basically calling me stupid, she had it coming."

                 "So how long have you lived here?"

                 "3 years," she shrugs.

                 "Wow. Do you have a boyfriend?" I am curious. She's pretty and if she's been here for 3 years then she has to know a lot of guys.

                 "Actually me and my boyfriend broke up yesterday. His name was Tommy. He was sort of a player, so he probably already has another girlfriend."

                 "Well you already know who my boyfriend is. I swear. You know that boy named Mathew next door?"

                 "Everyone does. But he only goes after certain people. I don't know he's weird."

                 "Well I guess I'm someone he goes after. He wouldn't leave me alone the whole way here. I told him I had a boyfriend," I groan. "I'm so tired of guys hitting on me."

                 "I wouldn't be complaining."

                 "Do you know why he was sent here?"

                 "No one really knows, but I heard its because his parents beat him and they didn't like him so they sent him here," she shrugs like it doesn't matter. Now I feel like a jerk. I was a total douche on the way here. God that makes me feel terrible.

                 "Do you wanna help me unpack?" I ask.


                We both start taking out my clothes and hanging them in the closet. The amount of clothes that I have only takes up half the closet. I take my toothbrush, toothpaste, and my brush to the bathroom. I see that Daisy has a purple toothpaste and Colgate. Her brush is pink and I see a black curling iron and straightner. Crap I forgot mine at my house. I plug my phone in an outlet by my bed and set my phone on the little nightstand a few feet from my bed. My phone says its 7:56.

                 "Crap they'll be here to check our rooms in a minute to make sure were here. Everyone has to be in there room by 8 or you get a "mark" Once you get 3 marks you get house confinement and you cant leave your room for a whole weekend."

                 "What about eating. Are they gonna let you go without eating," these people sound crazy.

                "Oh they have people come and bring you your food. I have 1 mark because down at the store and I took to long to get back," she explains.

                I am about to reply when I hear a knock on the door. Daisy gets up and opens the door. "Hello. We're both in here as you can see," she says sarcastically.

                "Its just a procedure ma'am were sorry to bother you," he says gently.

                "Goodbye," she slams the door and walks back over to her bed.

                "What was that about?"

                "I hate this place."

                "I guess you would after a few years."

                She turns on the t.v and claps so the lights will go off. Now that's cool. I lay back for a second before sitting up and walking to my closet. I grab my fuzzy pants and a black tanktop. I take the clothes to the bathroom and change. Daisy is flipping through the channels when I come back out. I slide under my covers and stare at the ceiling.

               "Do your parents ever come and visit?"

               "Once at the beginning. They took me out to eat and brought me right back here like it was my home," I hear pain in her voice.

               "Sorry," I mumble.

               "Yeah, yeah I'm going to sleep. Talk to you in the morning."

               "Kay," with that I roll over and go to sleep with some scary thoughts on my mind. What if my parents never come and see me?

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