Love is a Strange Thing

Kara is shy 16 year old girl. She is not the 'bad girl' type, let alone the 'partying' type. She has known Josh Campbree for as long as she can remember, but she has never fully aknowledges him until a party. They start to fall in love, and life is going good. Until Kara finds out that she is going to be sent away to a boarding school where she will not be allowed out until she graduates, except for very special occasions. Kara realizes love is a strange thing, so strange it can make you do things you wouldn't ordinarily do. Then... Kara and Josh soon find out a secret that could change everything.


11. Tour

               "Come on wake up. It's already 7 we gotta be out of here by 7:30," Daisy is shaking me violently.

              "Okay, okay geez don't kill me," I sit up and look around, squinting my eyes against the sun.

              "Well get your butt up," she jokes.

              I walk over to my closet to pick out an outfit. I choose my darker skinny jeans, my sky blue V-neck, and my black sneakers. I wait for Daisy to get out of the bathroom. Once she gets out I walk in and quickly get changed. Once I am changed I brush my hair. I decide to leave it down today. It has a messy look going on so I don't have to do anything. When I'm done I walk over to my nightstand and grab my phone. Josh will be on his way to school already, but I forgot to text him last night. I go our conversation and text him. Hey sorry I forgot to text you. I had a lot going on. I have a new roommate named Daisy. She's pretty cool. Look I gotta go though we have to get to school. I miss you :)

               "We gotta go. It's 7:30."

               "Kay. Hey Kara?"


               "Your pretty cool. I think we would make good friends," she says shyly.

               "Yeah your pretty cool too. I'd like to be friends," we both walk down the hall. I look at my phone waiting for Josh to reply.

               "Okay so today... will be a little hard. The school is big, but I'll show you around. You'll learn it after a while."

               "Thanks," I am walking with my head down when I bump into someone. "Sorry," I mumble. I start to walk, but the person grabs my arm.

               "Hey Kara. Have you... changed your mine yet?" Mathew smiles.

               "Oh... its you," I tease.

               "So what do you have first period?"

               "Math. Why do you care?"

               "Cause I have math too," oh great.

               "Come on Kara," Daisy grabs my arm and pulls me forward. I walk with her, but I hear Mathew following.

               "She can talk to me if she wants," he demands.

               "Yeah she could IF she wanted to. She has a boyfriend," she points out. Just then my phone beeps. I look at the text. I miss you too. I'm glad you like your roommate. Well I hope everything goes okay today. Text me when you get out of school. If you have time I mean. I love you :)

               "Awww is that your boyfriend?"

               "Would you shut up? Geez all you ever do is say rude comments. Well you know what I don't want to hear it. Why don't you go find someone else to drive crazy cause I'm done," my voice is angrier than I have heard it in awhile. "I'm not in the mood to be teased," I say a little calmer.

               "Sorry," he mumbles.

               "As you should."

               We finally reach the school building. It is a huge 2 story building made of red bricks. Suddenly I realize I don't have any school supplies. "What about paper, folders, pencils? Anything? I don't have anything for class."

               "Everyone has supplies in their lockers. Since yours is new none of yours has been used," Daisy explains.


               We walk in the building and Mathew goes another way. Good his locker isn't by mine. He has way to many ways to talk to me. I follow Daisy down tons of hallways until we reach a row of lockers. When we finally stop Daisy goes to a locker numbered 176. "Your locker is 177."

               I open up the locker and find 5 folders a red, blue, green, yellow, and purple. 3 notebooks, a black, blue, and red. A pack of loose-leaf paper, a pack of 24 #2 pencils, and a binder. Wow that's a lot more stuff then I thought there would be.

               "What do I need?"

               "A folder, some paper, and a pencil." I grab a blue folder, a small stack of paper, and a pencil. I slide my phone in my back pocket and follow Daisy to the end of another hall. We enter a room filled with students. There is only 2 seats open. One by a small girl with blonde hair and green eyes and one by Mathew. Daisy walks to the seat by the girl and I am left standing in the middle room, frozen. Seriously?!

               "Come on Kara. The tables big enough for 2," Mathew motions for me to come over and sit. Why me?

               I walk over and take a seat quietly, but on the inside I am screaming. Why the freak does it have to be me? Cant I just have a normal math class and not be interrupted by some annoying player? Nope. I guess not. Mathew is about to say something else, but is interrupted by the teacher quieting the class.

                "Quiet class. We have a new student today. Her name is Kara Green. I expect you all to show respect and kindness to her and welcome her to our school. Now would anyone like to volunteer to show Kara around the school and later all the buildings?" he asks. Half the class raises their hand. All, but one is a boy. Daisy is the only girl. I look over and see that Mathew has his hand up. Please call Daisy, please call Daisy. "Mathew. You showed her to her room yesterday, why don't you show her around." Oh my god. Unbelievable. Out of 15 people. Why him? I shake my head and let out a small groan. "My name is Mr. Rally. I will be your math teacher." he smiles.

                "Hello Mr. Rally," I nod and smile back.

               "Mathew you can take Kara and show her around the school for now. We don't have anything important to do right now."

               "Are you sure you don't want me to go," Daisy asks in a pleading voice.

               "No she doesn't need more than one person going. You 2 can go now."

               I set my stuff down and rush to the door. Once we are both out in the hallway I turn and glare at him. He looks at me with innocent eyes and I want so bad to slap him. Or kick him. Kicking would work too.

               "What," he asks innocently. I notice that his hair looks a little more combed back today. His blonde hair does not look as shaggy as it did yesterday. He wears a blue V-neck that shows off his arms and some tan shorts. He reminds me off Josh with the clothes he wears and his strong biceps.

               "What is your problem? Why couldn't you just let Daisy show me around?" I demand.

               "Have you ever thought I just wanted to be nice?"

               "Ha. No you don't do things to be nice," I shake my head.

               "Yeah your right. Now come on."

               We walk down the halls of the big school as Mathew tells me what each of the class rooms are for. For awhile that is all we talk about, but as we near the end of the tour we stop. He opens up a janitors closet and pulls me and him inside. He shoves his mouth against mine. Oh my god. What do I do? I sit there shocked for a moment before I come to my senses. I shove him back hard and he trips over a mop. I open the door and run out into the hall. This way I can be seen by cameras. I turn around and see Mathew emerging from the closet. He has a huge smirk on his face. I wipe my mouth off with my hand and glare at him again.

                "What the hell was that?"

               "I been really wanting to kiss you. I was hoping it would go a little smoother though."

               "That's it!" I scream. I run toward him my fist balled in a fist, ready to punch. I throw my arm at him, but he stops it with ease. He spins me around so I am pressed against the wall. He holds my arms in place as i struggle to get out of his grap.

               "Stop! Do you wanna get in trouble?" his face is serious.

               I stop struggling and go slack against the wall. Mathew catches me before I fall. "Lets just get back to class. Pretend this never happened," I sigh.

               "Your not going to tell on me," he looks surprised.

               "No... but I swear to god if you do something like that again I will not wait to hit you. And I will not use my fist either."

               "Yeah... okay. Lets get back to class."

              We walk back to class and sit down like nothing happened. I pretend to pay attention to what the teacher says, but really I'm thinking. Daisy said Mathew only goes after a certain type. I don't get why he keeps trying to talk to me. He just wanted to kiss me... that's why he wanted to show me around. But why did he want to kiss me? Why does he like me? No he doesn't like me, he just thinks I'm pretty. He just wants to make out with me and get in my pants. That's all. Right?

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