Love is a Strange Thing

Kara is shy 16 year old girl. She is not the 'bad girl' type, let alone the 'partying' type. She has known Josh Campbree for as long as she can remember, but she has never fully aknowledges him until a party. They start to fall in love, and life is going good. Until Kara finds out that she is going to be sent away to a boarding school where she will not be allowed out until she graduates, except for very special occasions. Kara realizes love is a strange thing, so strange it can make you do things you wouldn't ordinarily do. Then... Kara and Josh soon find out a secret that could change everything.


1. The Party

           "Everyone from school will be there! You have to come," Christina pleads. It is hard to say no when she pouts. I can practically see her green eyes begging me come. I don't have anything better to do I guess. I roll my eyes.

         "Fine, but I have to be home by 12 at the latest and preferably not drunk."

         "You ruin all the fun," she groans, but her eyes are lit with excitement.

         "Yeah, yeah, I'm going aren't I?"

         "Yep, so I'll be there around... 8:00. Dress... not  like you normally do... no jeans... or a shirt," she says slowly.

         "Are you telling me to go to a party naked," I laugh.

         "No, I am telling you to wear a dress."

         "If only I had one of those," I smirk.

         "Ughhhh, Kara why do you make me do everything for you?"

         "I just wont wear a dress then, its not that big a deal."

         "No I'll bring you one, and I'll make sure it is beautiful... and sexy," she laughs at her comment.

         "Whatever, I gotta go."

         "See ya at 8:00."

         We say bye at the same time and I end the call. It is 6:55 right now. I walk in the bathroom. My hair is a plain blonde that comes down to the center of my back. My eyes are dark blue, like the sky right before dark. My skin is pale. I am about 5"6', my legs are long, and I have a slim build. I do not know what to do to 'dress up'. I grab my curling iron from under the sink and start to curl my hair. When I am done my hair is in wrinklets around my face. I put on some mascara, and a light line of eye liner. I check my phone. It is 7:38. I run back to my room and grab my bag. I put my iphone, my wallet, and some extra makeup in the bag and head down stairs.

         "I'm going to a party with Christina dad," I inform him.

         "Okay, don't get pregnant," he says sarcastically.

         "Okay, Christina will be here in a minute."

         "That's what your wearing?"

         "No, she's bringing me a dress," I hear someone pull in. Christina. She walks up the door an without knocking, she walks in.

         "Here is your dress," she hands me a mini black dress, that has a purple ribbon. The top is black lace, and the bottom fades into purple. This dress is actually pretty. I notice that Christina's black hair is straightened which is unusual for her, and she wears a red mini dress, with black lace at the top, and a black ribbon. Her dress does not fade into a different color though.

         "I'll go change." I take the dress up stairs. I strip down and slip the silky fabric over my head. I examine myself. It fits me good. I go back down stairs. "Lets go."

         We walk out to her car, I climb in the passengers seat, and Christina drives. We drive down the road for awhile until we reach an unfamiliar house. There is already at least 20 cars parked along the road and In the driveway. We pull on the side of the road and get out. We walk up to the door and ring the bell. A boy comes to the door and lets us in. The music is blaring. It hurts my ears, but I don't say anything.

        "Come on," Christina takes me to the kitchen. She walks to the fridge and pulls out 2 beers. She hands me one.

        "I told you I'm not getting drunk."

        "One beer will not get you drunk," she replies. I take the beer and pop the lid off and take a sip. It burns my throat as it goes down.

        "Gahhh... that is discusting," I set the beer down.

        "It taste better after awhile," she shrugs.

        I pick it back up, taking little sips, as I walk around the house. This is boring. I don't understand why everyone wants to party. All they do is get wasted, and have sex. Discusting. I run into Christina a little while later. She is walking funny so I guess she is drunk already.

       "Kara... I think... I might be drunk," she giggles.

       "Christina... I think you are drunk too," I grab her beer and set it down. Then I take her arm and lead her to a couch. She sets down and I say, "stay here." I leave her there and take some more sips of my beer. I look at it to see what kind it is. Miller. I can already tell my head is fuzzy, and the room is starting to spin. I feel vomit in my throat and run to the bathroom. I stand over the toilet and puke. I hold my hair back until, I am done and stand up. I wash my mouth out and walk back out to the party. I am already halfway drunk, so I decide to keep drinking.

        Before I know it I am dancing with a big crowd of people. My head is throbbing, to the music. I am so dizzy, I decide to go sit down. I find an empty chair and sit in the kitchen. I put my head in my hands. I sit there for a moment until I hear a couple people approaching me. I expect to see Christina and someone she hooked up with, but there is 3 guys. All of which I have never seen in my life.

         "Who are you?" I ask in a nonchalant voice.

         "Who are you pretty lady?" one of them raises there eyebrows as they look me down from head to toe.

         "Oh you know... a person," I giggle. Yes I am deffinetly drunk.

         "Who are you here with?"

         "Well my friend Christina-" I am interrupted.

         "She's with me," I look over to see a boy, I think I recognize from school.

         "N-," I start to object, but am stopped by him throwing me over his shoulder and walking in the opposite direction.

         "Are you insane?" he demands.

         "Do I know you?"

         "If you were sober I'm sure you would. I'm Josh Campbree," I do recognize that name from some of my classes.

         "Sounds familiar, but why did you do that?" I am confused. My head is muddled.

         "I know a lot of guys here who would love to take advantage of drunk women, and YOU are drunk, pretty, and very oblivious. And I know you would not want that to happen," he sets me down in an empty room.

         "Wait did you just call me pretty?"

         "Yes... now where is your friend... Christina was it?"

         "Yeah... ummm I'm pretty sure she is drunk too," I smile. He called me pretty. He is pretty too. He has brown hair, green eyes, and a muscular build.

         "Okay... come with me," he pulls me down a hall and down to the main room. "Tell me when your ready to leave," he says and starts to walk away.

         "Wait," I call. "What time is it?"

        He pulls out his phone to see what time it is. "12:21. Why?"

         "I was supposed to be home by 12 so let me tell Christina I'm leaving and we'll go."

         "No, she'll be fine come on," I start to trip as I walk and he catches me. He sighs and picks me up again. Gentler than the first time. He walks outside, to a car, a black mustang. We get in and he asks, "Where exactly do you live?"

         I search my brain, but I cant remember. "I-I don't know." He rolls his eyes.

         "Well then you can spend the night at my house. Text your dad and tell him you'll be at Christina's house," he suggests.

         "Why are you being so nice to me? I don't think we've ever talked before now."

         "Well... I don't know really. I just feel bad for you. I can tell this your first party and I thought if I could help I would," he answers honestly.

         "Okay," I am a little suspicious, but for some reason I trust him. " To your house."

         I pull my phone out from my bag and text my dad. Hey dad I'm going to spend the night at Christina's house cause its so late. See you tomorrow. I love you. He texts back a minute later. Okay see ya tomorrow. Love you to.

         We pull in his driveway. I walk to the door and he unlocks it. The house is empty, but I am too tired to talk to talk. He leads me upstairs to a spare bedroom and I collapse on the bed.

         "Good night Kara," Josh says and walks out of the room. That is the last thing I remember before I fall asleep.



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