Love is a Strange Thing

Kara is shy 16 year old girl. She is not the 'bad girl' type, let alone the 'partying' type. She has known Josh Campbree for as long as she can remember, but she has never fully aknowledges him until a party. They start to fall in love, and life is going good. Until Kara finds out that she is going to be sent away to a boarding school where she will not be allowed out until she graduates, except for very special occasions. Kara realizes love is a strange thing, so strange it can make you do things you wouldn't ordinarily do. Then... Kara and Josh soon find out a secret that could change everything.


9. My Room

                We arrived at the school at exactly 3:30. I followed my dad silently to the main office with my bag slung over my shoulder. I had not said a word to him on the way here and I think he feels awkward. Good. While we walk to the office I avoid the stares that I get from the boys and girls that already attend the school. Apparently only kids that don't have parents, are bad, or their parents don't want to deal with them, come here. Great so am being put in a school that could have some crazy lunatics living right next to me and I cant leave. I don't know what category I am in. When we finally reach the main office I see a middle aged man sitting at a long wooden desk. He looks up at us with a big smile on his face. Creepy.

                "Well what do we have here?" he asks delightfully.

                "My name Jason Green I called about enrolling my daughter her yesterday. You said I could bring her here today."

                "Oh I see let me look you up," he smiles again an starts tapping away on his ancient computer. Is he ever NOT smiling? Geeze. I get a crazy principle too?

                "My daughters name in Kara Green," he adds.

                "Oh I see you guys right here, but under the section of why she is being enrolled it says nothing. Do you mind me asking why she is being enrolled?"

                "Difficulties at home. She hasn't been cooperating very well, going to parties, getting caught up with boys. You know. That stuff," he looks directly at the man as he says it. What the heck. I could elbow him in the ribs right now. That lying... I don't even have a word for him.

                "Actually he is lying. I have only been to one party and I most certainly am not getting caught up with "boys." I have only had one boyfriend that I happen to really like," I say through closed teeth. The nerve he has.

                "You see. She does nothing, but disagree with me," he shakes his head like he is disappointed. I groan loud enough for him to hear.

                "Now, now lets calm down," he stands up and put his hand out for me to shake. "I will be your principle. My name is Mr. Johnson," I force a smile and he gives me a genuine one. "Your room number will 617, but I will get someone to show you where exactly that is. And you Mr. Green can leave. We can take her from here," I hear a bit of annoyance in his voice as he finishes the last 2 sentences.

                "Okay. Goodbye Kara."

               I don't reply. My dad walks away and I am left with Mr. Johnson. "Come with me," he says.

               I follow him outside of the office as he walks down sidewalks that I have no idea where they go. We finally reach a boy with shaggy blonde hair. His strong builds suggests that he plays some sort of sport, probably football. He has sea blue eyes, that for a moment I am lost in. "stop that," I scold myself. He looks up at us as we approach him.

               "You have room number 616 so can you please show Kara to her room. Its 617."

               "Of course," he smiles. Great.

               "Okay, then off you go."

               Mr. Johnson leaves and I left alone with... I don't know his name. "What's your name?" I ask quietly.

               "Mathew and I'm guessing your name is... Kara."

               "Yeah so can you can show me to my room, cause I can find it myself if you don't want to."

               "Nah its fine. Your new aren't you?" 

               "Wasn't that implied. If I wasn't new then I wouldn't need your help to find my room," my voice is agitated.

               "Hey no need to get feisty. I mean I would have remembered you. You're to pretty to forget," he says in a low voice.

              "Yeah, I'm taken."

              "That doesn't mean anything. Is he here with you? He doesn't have to know anything."

              "Yeah I can find my own room," I walk faster and I here him jog to me. He grabs my arm, but I yank away. "Don't touch me," I snap.

              "Wait let me take you. I'll stop. I promise."


              "So whats his name?"


              "Your boyfriend," he rolls his eyes.

              "Oh... Josh. Why?"
              "Just trying to make conversation."

              "Don't you have a girlfriend?"

              "Nope. I don't really like the "boyfriend girlfriend" title," he shrugs his shoulders.



              "You really are a stuck up jerk."

              "No I'm not. I just like a lot of girls and I cant really decide who I like the best so I just date them all."

              "That's a really nice way to call yourself a man whore," I smirk.

              "Hmmmm... never really thought of it like that. So how many guys have you dated?"


              "Hah. I don't believe that."

              "Well believe it."

              "You know I could be your second," he smiles. What is wrong with him. Why cant he get it through his head that I don't like him!

              "Are we close to my room?"

              "Yeah this building right here. Its on the third floor."

             We walk in a big building with white walls. We walk to an elevator and I press the number 3. I wait as we go up floor by floor. Mathew stands just inches from me. When the elevator dings I half jump out of the elevator. I walk quickly down the hall passing rooms as I go. 610, 611, 612, 613, 614, 615, 616, 617. I hear Mathew run toward me. I lean against the wall. He has the key. Ughhhh. I groan.

              "You might want these," he dangles the key in front of my face teasingly. I grab them and turn to the unlock the door. He put his hand on the wall trapping me. I look at him, a little scared. No one is in the hallway with us.

              "Move," I try to make my voice sound tough, to hide my fear. His face is just inches from mine.

              "Don't forget my room is right next door if you and your "boyfriend" break up," I sigh in relief. He takes his hand off the wall and walks to his room. I quickly unlock the door and rush in. Oh my god. This is going to be the hardest year and a half I have ever lived.

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