Love is a Strange Thing

Kara is shy 16 year old girl. She is not the 'bad girl' type, let alone the 'partying' type. She has known Josh Campbree for as long as she can remember, but she has never fully aknowledges him until a party. They start to fall in love, and life is going good. Until Kara finds out that she is going to be sent away to a boarding school where she will not be allowed out until she graduates, except for very special occasions. Kara realizes love is a strange thing, so strange it can make you do things you wouldn't ordinarily do. Then... Kara and Josh soon find out a secret that could change everything.


21. Epouloge

                                    1 Year Later    

                     I always think about what Josh says every time I feel weird about being with Mathew. I just remember how he told me to live my life and be happy. If I didn't have that note. I don't think I could stand to be with Mathew. I feel too horrible. I look around the house that me and Mathew are looking at. It is a log cabin with a medium living room, a big kitchen, 2 medium rooms, and 1 bathroom. The part that I like is the loft in the back of the house. You walk up some stairs and you come out on a ledge that look over the living room and kitchen. The only privacy you get is a wooden fence that goes along the edge for safety. The section in the middle of the ceiling is made of glass, letting in the wonderful rays of sunshine.      

                     "I like it," I insist.

                     "Its... comfy. I was hoping for something bigger," he explains.

                     "Its beautiful. Its not like we need a huge house. Its just going to be us so we don't need a huge house," I point out.

                     "Not if we add another addition."

                     "I just turned 18. I am not dealing with a baby," I shake my head.  

                     "We'll see," he smirks.

                     "No you'll see Mathew."

                     "You'll have your hands full living with me," he jokes.

                     "Trust me I know."

                     "So you like this one? Its not too expensive. I think 700 a month. If you like it then we'll get it," he smiles.

                     "Yes I like it," I nod my head.

                     "Well then we'll take it," Mathew tells the land lord.

                     He smiles and says," you can start moving in tomorrow, but I will need the first payment today." Mathew hands him 700. "Thank you."

                      We follow him out of our future house and out to Mathew's car. I left my school a few moths ago. I told my dad I would graduate from there. I don't want to go to college. I work as a waiter at Olives Garden. Its not much, but Mathew works at Mijer's and he makes good money. Everything is going good. I have started to get over Josh's death, but it still hurts to think about him. Our memories make me smile while some make me cry. He is still apart of me and I don't want to loose that part. Mathew and Josh make me whole.




                        "That's the last of it," Mathew says hanging up his last piece of clothing.

                        I look around and sigh. "We live here!" I squeal.

                        We chose one of the bottom rooms for our bedroom. We used the loft for a room to go and sit. A place where we can read, watch t.v, talk, or just sit there and enjoy the day. The kitchen is filled with food and kitchen things. We filled the living room with a black leather couch and recliner, a soft wool red rug, and an antique clock. One wall is covered by our huge flat screen t.v that Mathew insisted that we buy. "Yes we do," he walks to me and wraps his arms around me. He smiles an rests his forehead against mine. "Are you okay now?"

                        "I never thought I would say this, but I'm great," I smiles against his lips. I back up to our bed and fall over. He falls down beside me and we look at each other with a smile planted on our face. "You made me better."

                        He cups my face. "I love you Kara."

                       "I love you too."

                       Our lips touch again. This has become a normal routine for us. Talk, smile, then kiss. He slides toward me and wraps his arms around me. He pull me on top of him and I giggle against his lips. Today I start my new life. Today I start to live with Mathew. Today I will start to get over Josh. Today is the day I start fresh.


                       This wasn't very long, but I will continue here if you guys want a sequel! This is now the official end of Love is a Strange Thing. I hoped you all liked it!



                                                       dauntless123 (Samantha) 


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