New world

This is a Halo Fan Fiction my mother gave me the idea because she is a huge Halo fan, so she has gave me the idea to start on for her.

You never have the training of the spartans, how they recruit the trainees, what hard ships they will go through, with this you will.

My brother was in love with the video games, the books, and the movies. He would drag me outside and he would ask me to train him to be a spartan, that is what I did, thanks to him, I know what to write in this book. Hope you enjoy .
I have been thinking about adding more to it besides Halo, like Aliens vs. Predators as well as Halo


21. Angel of Darkness

After I put my helmet back on and went outside to get fresh air after what she told me. I still couldn’t believe it, she is Hansiely’s Clone, meaning she is the sister to Cortanna. That was something else, I know about A.I’s, I know about aliens, covenant, and all those strange things but this was new to me. I didn’t expect this, nor that my best friend was in a worse family situation than I ever was. She doesn’t even have a family, all she has to go off of is that is that she was made, and raised in a labatory. That has to suck, but she must have ran off for that family to take her in and raise her in the family way, like most children. Hansiely, she was the one that originally created the Spartans, because of her, I wouldn’t be who I am today, but we are now the biggest military branch, that the universe has ever seen that protects Earth. One Spartan can cause a lot of damage, by oneself, but imagine 208 spartans, working together to protect Earth. That is a sight that has never been seen or heard of before because such a thing hasn’t happened… yet…
I go back up to Lexy’s apartment, and I hear her and Kage talking.

“Yeah, I am the Oldest. I didn’t even know I had a sister, until I saw her at the course, I knew she was because she is a splitting image of our mother, her’s and mine.”

“So let me get this straight. Your guys’ father is the leader of all Spartans, and your mother is a marine?”

“That is correct.”

“Now another question. Why didn’t they tell you, that you had a younger sister?”

“Well I was born on the Spartan base, or training facility, if you would call it that. I never left the base except for missions, my mother being a marine, she can leave whenever she wants. Because she wasn’t strong enough to become a Spartan, so they don’t have to worry about her causing mayham where ever she goes, unlike most Spartans. So she must have left one day and had Amanda.”

“Wait Amanda, is that her real name?” He laughs.

“Yes, she goes by Manda for short, or as for me Mandi. Mom wanted her to grow up as normal as possible. Mom, brought her to the house, after she was born, she got older, and mom raised her as if she was found on the street. Once she got old enough, my mom brought her back here, and came back without her. Never once made a mention that she was my sister.”

“That is cruel. Didn’t your family think about some of the stuff that she would have to go through, just to survive.”

“Nope, just that she was a Power Born, she would live and become stronger.”

“Another question?”

“What is it?”

“Why do you take orders from her? You are the older, and more experienced Spartan, so why do you follow her, not the other way around?”

“One is because in all aspects she is a lot more stronger than I, and for two this mission is to prove and get her ready for replacing our Father. He wants to retire, and live the rest of his semi-normal life with my mother, but he can’t do that till he finds a suitable Spartan to replace him, and until Manda arrived, he had no one in his sights,” his voice got a lot quieter, but I could still make out what he said. “Not even I.”

“Kage, don’t beat yourself up over it. Some people are leaders and some are followers, and it isn’t a bad thing to follow someone, especially someone as capable as Manda.”

“You are right there, Manda is amazing. I just wish she would stop beating herself up over not being good enough. She always pushes herself, always trying to make herself better, and sometimes, she goes to far. Like with this mission, the real reason that Father sent me with her, is because to be honest he is like any normal Father. He is scared and wants to make sure that she comes home. Sometimes though, I think that she is just trying to compensate, and is used to being alone for so long and having no one, that, that is all that registers to her. Maybe I’m thinking to much into her…”

“No you are right, when I met her it took me so long to gain her trust, and even after I attacked her, she still welcomed me back with open arms. She purposely makes herself cold that way she doesn’t have to worry about getting hurt. She has been through hell, and she doesn’t worry about going back. Hell, is her vacation home, that is where she goes to have some fun. You should have seen her before you guys came to the course, she says she used to do it for money, but I knew the truth, she enjoys killing, she enjoys fighting, I would be wrong to say that is just for the adrenaline rush, but there is something deep inside her that is not from this world. Where ever she goes, death normally follows.” That is when I opened the door and I look at Lexy, and Kage.

“You ready to begin your training.” She lets her head fall, knowing that I won’t go easy on her, just because she is my friend.


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