Direct to Forever: The Beginning

How would you feel if you met the boy band of your dreams? Excited? Over the moon? Well Aanah felt all those things, and more. Any fan would. It's when her life turns into a freaking soap opera she started having second thoughts, and falls into situations where she never thought she'd end up.

One Direction famous.


3. Overwhelmed


Sorry if the chapters are too long and lengthy. I have this whole plot in my mind, and there's no way I can fit it in a 100 chapters if I write in short.

Also, Aanah curses a lot, but it's a part of who she is, so... :p


I could feel my mothers shocked eyes behind my back, completely annoyed.

"Aanah! What the hell?!", she barked in Bangla.

Seconds passed, my muscles rigid, my body unable to move. I can feel my hands shaking.

No. That was not him. It couldn't have been. Its my imagination. It's only, my freaking, IMAGINATION.

"Aanah!, have you completely lost yo-...oh my god, honey! Are you okay?!".

My brain finally started working again, only to look at my mother and figure out why she scolded me halfway.

I then realized why, when I see the tiny shards stuck to my bare foot. I didn't even notice it the whole time, until my mother took one out slowly, making me flinch. A tad bit of blood started oozing out, making me nauseous, my insides already twisting.

I couldn't stand the sight of blood, which came in very handy when my parents went all "you're-going-to-be-a-doctor-and-you-have-no-say-in-your-future". All it took was a basketball injury on my arm for them to see, that there was no way in hell for me to be even in the same room with a kid that had a minor cut. I passed out in the middle of the court, giving my mom a full on scare, and securing my spot as "decision maker" of my own life.

I was led to one of the stools to sit on, as my mom bent down to take out the small pieces of the ceramic, telling me how I should be more careful. This time I didn't feel it as much as my mind wandered back to what I had just witnessed minutes ago.

My mind could be playing tricks on me. I'm so freaking obsessed with them, that I could've misplaced anyone with him.

"'re usually not this clumsy..."

But no. I couldn't have imagined his whole family. That's just bizarre.

"'re lucky it was only these tiny shards... "

Although most desi people have similar faces with one another.

"... I swear to god, when will you learn!..."

NO. I could recognize him and his family by a mile. Oh my god.

It was them.

"Aanah!", my mom shook me.

"Huh", I looked dumbly at my mom, who's eyebrows were etched together. Worry spread around her delicate features.

"Honey, are you okay?". She put her hand on my right cheek, as my wide eyes looked at her. "I've never seen you like this. What's wrong?"

I didn't even notice how dry my mouth was. Licking my lips, my CNS finally sent messages through my body, making my mouth move.

"Ma..have...have you met them yet?", I asked, not wanting to hear how my voice sounded. I don't know why I asked her this, because I already knew what her answer would be.

Everyone in this household knew how much I loved them. Hell, everyone on our block knew. If my mom met our so called guests, she would've had an even bigger episode, on how a big international star was in our house, and how nothing was turning out perfect.

She would have called me, sounding completely stupid by saying things like "Aanah, you know those boys you go crazy for? Yeah, well one of them is in our house at the moment", only to be met with a "mom, I don't have time for this shit"

Swear Jarrr.

My brother would've called me, and that might have even slightly convinced me. I could have had the least bit of preparation...

Who the fuck am I kidding?

I would not have, and never will be, prepared for shit like this.

"Are you kidding?", she said in Bangla. "I have so much work to do...I haven't even taken a shower".

What do I do now? Do I just go up to them and greet them. But that will only result me in hyperventilation.

What if he runs away, making an excuse to avoid me.

What if his sisters roll their eyes thinking "oh great, we've got another screamer"

Chances of me screaming are squat though. I'm more of a suffer in silence type in these kind of situations. Have I ever even been in a situation like this?

What if his parents become alarmed and is scared for his safety? Could I be considered as a threat? Dangerous?

My mother sighed as she bandaged my foot. She got the broom, to clean up the mess I made. I got off the stool, and made an attempt to take the broom from her hand. She moved it away.

"No, you go freshen up and change", she swiftly moved the broom, making the little pieces clink against each other. "You're an incredible host, so go help your father out. They have been most eager to meet you and Sameer. They adored you guys so much when you were younger".

A small smile lit across her face, caused by some memory, but it didn't quite reach her eyes. The same images tat crossed her mind had also caused some sort of sadness.

Before I could ask her what was wrong, she went on. "..which is why I need you to be on your best behavior. Although I know you'll never do anything mischievous..", she smirked, her features changing so quick.

"I'm gonna go get ready, meet our friends, and start cooking, and I will need your help, so go. Your dad must still have them in the den...", she threw my shattered mess into the garbage can.

"Where's Bhaiya?", I asked, halfway out the kitchen door.

"Sameer isn't home. I sent him to get some things I left out of the list I gave you. He thought of it as a better option then dealing with me", she lightly chuckled.

I finally left the kitchen and slowly went up the stairs. As I went step by step, half of my mind was trying to create scenarios on what was going to happen in the upcoming hours. The other half was still trying to comprehend how the fuck he was here, and what the actual fuck was going on?

This is some twisted shit I tell you.

I closed the door of my room slowly, leaning against it. I took a look at my surroundings. You would say it was an average teenage girls' room. A single bed with plain solid red sheets. A study table consisting of a MacBook pro, couple of textbooks and an iHome. A wardrobe full of loads and loads of clothing. A library shelf holding shit load of books, and lastly a spiral stairway in the middle of the room, leading to the attic which held my personal little arcade room - an extra bonus for being the only and precious little girl of my father.

See, it's when you look at the walls you realize that it's not, infact...normal.

No, it's not posters, or pictures. It was my sixteenth birthday present from my brother. He surprised me with it when I came back from school. I almost crapped my pants.

Each of four walls held the four beautiful boys that I adore so much. The whole wall was a solid red, but either in the middle, or in the side, stood their exact figures. It still surprises me that my brother took exact measurements and all.

I went to my bed and flopped on my back, and stared at the ceiling. There he was. Mine. His dimples being one of my main weaknesses.

I quickly got up on my elbows and looked to the right wall of the room. Oh my god.

Oh. My. God. Oh my freaking god. How the fuck is this sinking now? How the fuck am I so calm?

I looked at the mildly dark toned figure on the right wall.

So. My fathers best friend is his ..father? His father and mother His sister and I were close? He....and....I....were close?

Are you trying to say......that Zayn effing Malik, held me in his arms, played with me, and is my childhood friend?

I gasped.

I covered my mouth with my hand. All this time I didn't fully acknowledge him because I felt as if the universe was playing some sick joke on me....that if I believed it even for a second, it would be too good to be true.

It had finally sunk in, and that's when I realized I was sobbing. I fell to the floor, brought my knees closer to me, and cried. I don't know if it was tears of joy, but I was confused as fuck.

My body held too many emotions at that very moment. Before I could fall off the edge, I got a text. It was from my brother.

Sam: Please tell me I'm not imagining this right now.

He's home. If anyone can help me through this, it's him.

I stared at the screen until he sent another one.

Sam: Are you okay? I'm coming upstairs. They've been asking for you. You can't hide forever.

My heart started racing. Crap. There was too many things going on in my mind. What do I do?

My legs decided for me as they got up, took out a Kameez from my wardrobe, and headed towards the bathroom.


Zayns POV

"I still can't believe you just left man...we still had a couple of months till the show in New York..".

I can hear the hint of sadness behind Liam's words, even though he tries to hide it. I sighed.

"I had to man. You know if the media catches the slightest bit of air of what's happening, they'd eat me alive....and that's something I really can't deal with right now".

I was swarmed by the freezing air. I put my free hand in my jacket pockets, trying to warm it up. I'm sure to catch a cold, but there was something very enticing about the wintry weather.

I got out of the house for a while to take a breather. Seeing Uncle, Aunty and Sameer, felt so good, yet overwhelming at the same time. I walked down the driveway, finding a small garden on the right. Most of it was covered with snow, the flowers completely dead. There was a mini bench. I carefully took a seat, and tried to get comfortable on it as it was ice cold. I slightly flinched as my arse adjusted to the cold wood.

"I know, I know. It's just that we all miss you, and it's just not the same without you", he sighed.

"I miss you lads too, but my dad finally decided on meeting his best friend, and I couldn't let this opportunity go by. I need to be here to support him, and they have been a big part of my life. Also, seeing as whatever has happened back home, it seemed like a perfect way to escape from it. Thought a few new fresh faces would do me good..", I smiled, glad that I came here.

I shifted the phone from my left ear to the right. I looked up at the house, to see a window covered paint? It had stars and clouds I think, with different intricate designs of swirls and zig zags, of different colours. It looked pretty sick....that must be-

"...well we're always here if you need us", said Liam. I heard Louis in the background with an "always mate!" bringing an even bigger smile to my face.

Liam continued, "How's it going though? Met Sam and....what was the sisters name again?", Liam asked.

"Aanah", I sighed, a forming a smoky fog.

"Oh right! The little girl who you have pedophiliac feelings for!", Niall's Irish voice boomed into my ear. I didn't even realize I was on speaker until now. Everyone was laughed loudly, making me flinch away from the phone.

I rolled my eyes. "Ha ha. That's disgusting man", I laughed along with them.

I know he was just messing. They were my best mates, so I told them everything. I told them about every single moment I spent with Sam and Aanah, and Uncle and Aunty. I told them how Aanah was the most adorable child I had ever seen. She had the pinkest cheeks and her laugh was so contagious, I still remember how it sounded. She was like a doll, only she moved and breathed. She was my favorite person in the whole wide world, and I was hers. But then the incident occurred.

My hands turned into fists. Every time I recall that night, I can't feel nothing but anger. That one night ruined everything. It ruined my fathers perspective of things. It ruined my mum's chances of seeing Sam and Aanah more. It ruined mine and Doniya's chances of being able to grow up with them. It's mad, to be honest, how one night could ruin so many things, and much more.

"Aye mate, you okay?", Louis asked. "Niall was joking".

I realized I was too quiet for too long. "I'm fine. I've met everyone, except for...Aanah". I looked back up to the colourful window.

"..To be honest, it felt a bit weird...", I leaned back, keeping my eyes on the window. "..when Uncle saw me, his eyes widen and he was a bit shocked, but he quickly recovered, and gave me a big hug. Same with Sam, although his composure hasn't changed...and he keeps on repeating "I can't believe it"...", I laughed nervously.

"..well maybe they just can't believe who you are now. It must be weird for them. Not only is it because you're part of a big boyband, but they must see you so much around, they never knew it was you, the little boy they knew so long ago...", Harry said slowly, his each syllable seeming to make sense.

"I guess you're right. Although Aunty looked like she'd seen a ghost...she hasn't changed at all..", I laughed at what had happened half an hour ago.

Where was Aanah? I looked back up to the window.

"Are you nervous about meeting Aanah?", Liam asked, as if he read my mind. Grateful I was no longer on speaker.

"Uh, no. Why would I be?", I hoped he didn't see through my bluff, but who am I kidding? This is Liam we're taking about.

"It's okay mate. It's normal. You'll be fine. Try to make up for lost time...". He always knew what to say.

Still no movement from the window, I sighed and placed my head backwards.

"So, what you lads up to?..".


Aanah's POV

"Aan, there's no point in delaying...just get this over with..", bro said. He laid back on my bed, throwing and catching a baseball over himself.

I sat there in front of my dressing table, just....staring at myself. I don't know if I was repeatedly checking myself, to see if I looked okay enough, or I was just delaying the inevitable.

The long Kameez stuck to my body perfectly, and the dupatta (scarf type) was draped around my neck. I had a thin line of eye liner above my lashes and avoided make up completely for god knows what reason. I took the brush and started combing through my long flat brown locks.

My brother sighed, and looked at me through the mirror. "Listen, if you dont go to them...they'll eventually come to you..."

I wanted to scream at him. YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT IM GOING THROUGH.

Instead I stop, put the brush down and turned to my brother. "Sam, how could I not remember anything?"

He shrugged, "...maybe it's the universe playing some sick joke on us", he said repeating my earlier thoughts. Gee, thanks for the making me feel so much better.

I looked back in the mirror. Okay Aanah, you could do this. The worst that can happen is that you scare the crap out of him, or he doesn't remember you at all.

Both scenarios made me want to barf.

I got up, my brother muttering "finally". He got up as well, and offered me his hand. I looked at him, and his hazel brown eyes, reassured me that if I go down, he'd at least try to save me. I accepted his hand, which closed around mine. We set out of my room to face the unexpected.

Sheesh. I feel like I'm going out on a fucking battle field.



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