One Direction One Shot

There one direction one shots


1. Harry

I was just sitting in my desk doing homework when I got a text message from my boyfriend
Hey love! me and the lads we're wondering if you would like to come over
Sure! see you in a bit xx Love You! xx
Love You Too!! xx
I put my phone away and went to take a shower. When I got out I got dressed got in my car and drove to Harry's and Louis' place. When I got there I knocked on the door and Louis opened it and I was cruch by a hug "JULY!!!!" Louis screamed "LouBear!!!!!!!" I screamed back. Me and Louis are close, we are Best Friends. "Hands of my girl" said Harry "haha so what are we going to do today?" I ask "Well we were thinking of ordering pizza" Harry started "did someone say pizza?!" Yelled Niall interupting Harry "Yes and before you rudely interupted me Nialler, we are also going to watch Love Actually picked by me" said Harry I laughed "of course you would choose that movie to watch" I said "Yes! and the best part is we get to cuddle" said Harry "yes that is the best part" I said blushing "Your cute when you blush" said Harry making me turn more red than I already am. "awe thanks Hazza" I said and then we started making out until someone clear there throat "Um guys, we're still in the room" said Liam "Well we don't care" said Harry "oh so you would'nt mined if me and Perrie started making out in front of you?" ask Zayn smirking "ok I get it. We will make out when you guys are'nt here" Said Harry "Ok can you order the pizza now?!" ask/yelled Niall "Sure but calmed down" I said. 10 minutes later we order the pizza and sit down to watch the movie. I look around me and see Louia and Zayn texting probably Eleanor and Perrie. And I see Niall and Liam cuddleling on the couch asleep. And Harry is paying attention at the movie considering it's his favorite. I wonder why he likes me I mean he has a thousand girls that want him and he chooses me why would he? "Because you are the most beautiful girl i've  ever seen and I don't care if thousands of girls want me. I want you" said Harry "Can you like read minds?" I ask "no you were talking outloud" said Harry "oh well your so sweet. I'm lucky to have you" I said "I'm lucky to have you. I love you" said Harry "I love you too" I said. and I realize that I need to stop being insecure. I have the best boyfriend in the world and the best of friends and thats all I ever need

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