Manish always ends up in some sort of trouble. For most of his life, this has always been a nuisance. But after an incident in the airport, where he's chased by the "cool" gang, he realizes that being such a walking disaster, perhaps isn't so bad. For a start, if he was never chased by Marcus and his crew, he would have never discovered Dathanna. Without realizing it, along with his best friend Freddie, he stumbles into a bizarre fantasy world. But almost immediately he notices something very strange: SOUND can be seen as COLOURS. [By the way, Dathanna is 'colours' in Irish.... see what I did there?? ;)] **This is on hiatus until I finish my other movellas**


2. The Man

The boys looked around, through the throng of people apprehensively. The crowd moved this way and that, speaking in a variety of languages, laughing and chatting and arguing. But not a single person they knew could be spotted.

“We’re doomed!” Freddie wailed.

Manish rolled his eyes, but then they widened at the sight of the tag on the man’s backpack, which he was almost certain, had similar flight details. Inquisitively, he dared himself to creep a bit closer to the man to get a better glimpse of it.

Oblivious, Freddie trailed behind him, complaining, “They’ll get on the plane without us! We’ll be stuck here forever with no money and no-!”

“Shut up, Fred.” Manish hissed and he squinted at the tag. Then he smirked; the man had the same flight details – clearly he was boarding the same plane.

Noticing this, Freddie grinned. “Nice one Bro.”
The choice of vocabulary made Manish cringe, but he was too thrilled from his small success to mention it.

Although their motivation was completely innocent, he wasn’t too keen on the man finding out that he was being followed. So he gestured to Freddie to remain silent, hoping that he’d get the message. Freddie seemed to follow the instructions rather dramatically, emphasizing his creeping like a burglar from a cartoon.

The man had quite an eccentric haircut; it was long and drooped behind him, yet the sides were cut short and sleeked back with gel. His clothes however, were coal-black and more discreet, apart from his shoes which were coated in an exotic material which Manish doubted you’d ever come across in an ordinary shoe shop.

Freddie noticed his peculiar fashion sense because he raised an eyebrow, his lips twitching into a smirk.

The man increased his stride and Freddie and Manish followed as they crept through stretched corridors. Windows overlooked the airplanes situated outside, submerged by the heavy fog that clung in the air. Manish began to speculate whether or not he had followed the right guy – perhaps he didn’t read the tag properly?

By coincidence, the very same tag skidded across the polished floor. Manish grabbed the tag which sure enough, had the correct flight details. So where on earth was he headed to?

“Excuse me sir, you forgot you’re-” he called out. But to his disbelief, the man had vanished.

“Where’d he go?” Freddie frowned.

 “Well he must have gone this way,” he suggested, pointing onwards. So they ran on, their bags crashed annoyingly against their backs, creating a thudding sound each time.

After a while, they stopped in their tracks. 

“Where is he?” Freddie groaned.

Manish paused. “Perhaps…”

But before he could finish his sentence, a deafening ring rattled in his ears.

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