Manish always ends up in some sort of trouble. For most of his life, this has always been a nuisance. But after an incident in the airport, where he's chased by the "cool" gang, he realizes that being such a walking disaster, perhaps isn't so bad. For a start, if he was never chased by Marcus and his crew, he would have never discovered Dathanna. Without realizing it, along with his best friend Freddie, he stumbles into a bizarre fantasy world. But almost immediately he notices something very strange: SOUND can be seen as COLOURS. [By the way, Dathanna is 'colours' in Irish.... see what I did there?? ;)] **This is on hiatus until I finish my other movellas**


4. The Cow

The two boys had always seemed like a silly pair when seen together; not only was Freddie incredibley tall and slim, resembling some sort of human-walking-lampost, he was also very aware of this and often tried to walk with a slouch - a desperate attempt to reduce the height difference between him and the average person. Manish on the other hand had another problem: he was probably just as aware about his chubby build as Freddie was about his height, and often stuck his shoulders out and sucked in his tummy in attempt to look less chubby. This of course made them look more ridiculous than ever.

But as the two boys stumbled across the grassy terrain, their appearance had passed laughable stage. Freddie was still covered in the filthy remains of the airport bin - every once in a while he'd find a crisp in his hair or a chip in a hoodie pocket - and at some point he had even managed to stumble into animal manure that only added to his 'pleasant' smell. But Manish insisted that this was a good thing, concluding that this meant that somehow, somewhere they'd find some sort of living creature (at this stage finding a sheep would be better than wandering through this strange land by themselves).

Manish wiped the fresh beads of sweat of his forehead and fought the urge to take off his shirt, clinging to him in the heat. With little clue of what was actually going on or where they were, Manish was coping pretty well; he wasn't the sort of person that panicked in problematic situtations, but instead relied on his intelligence and common sense to deal with them. Suprisingly, Freddie barely complained, although every once in a while he 'usefully' reminded that he too, had no idea where on earth they were headed. Or what they were doing. Or where they were.

"It would be pretty sick if we managed to catch that bird thing," Freddie repeated for the umpteenth time, breaking the long period of silence. For the umpteenth time.

Manish frowned, irritated by being distracted from his trail of thoughts. He forced himself to reply with some sort of enthusiastic response.

"We'll catch one next time," Freddie added, "and bring it back home. We'll get a load of money from selling it... Can you imagine how much we'd get from selling a bird that makes you see colours? We'll be famous, mate!"

Manish gave an involuntary cringe.

"Tell me if you see another one in the sky, Manish. Then I'll catch it."

Manish paused in his tracks, sighing. "Freddie, at this rate we're as close to getting out of this place as you are to catching a mouse. Can you just shut up so I can think?"

Freddie looked stung, but Manish was far more concerned about whether or not it was the right idea to leave the box room in the first place, then to worry about hurt feelings.

Athough the room may have stunk and had nothing but a filthy mattress to occupy it, at least it kept them from the sun, which now beat down against their backs uncomfortably. The box room was also their entrance into the place, so  logically it must also had some sort of way out of it.

His lingering thirst  had began to take its toll and his thoughts had started to become clouded, but he forced the concerns of his thirst to the back of his mind.

"Oi Manish, look!" Freddie gasped.

Manish's eyes widened in excitement, in hope that Freddie had managed to find somebody at last, or at very least, something to quench their first.

"A tree?" Manish frowned, "Hold up, whilst I try to control my excitement."

"No, idiot." Freddie chortled, "The cow. Behind  it."

"I suppose that's a bit more exciting than a tree," Manish muttered, inspecting the large creature that seemed significantly more black-and-white in contrast to their surroundings. "It's a bit random though, seeing as there isn't anything else anywhere."

"Maybe it ran away?" Freddie suggested, "there's probably a farm nearby." He added as he leant forward to stroke its coarse fur.

"Freddie no-" Manish warned, knowing that it wasn't the most sensible thing to do due to the circumstances.

But nothing horrific followed, aside from the low-pitched moo that emerged from it afterwards.

Immediately, the two boys gasped as bluey-green mist emerged into their vision, before fading away again into nothing.

"What the hell?!" Freddie gasped, "Awesome!"

"Get it to moo again," Manish ordered.

Freddie patted the cow again, but instead it turned around, rather rudely and sauntered off. Intrigued, the boys followed it, watching it lean over and rip off chunks of grass, causing light splashes of pale green to flash in front of them.

"This is insane!" Freddie shrieked in excitement. "It must be some sort of magic cow or something."

"...Or maybe, a magic world?" Manish dared himself to suggest.

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