Manish always ends up in some sort of trouble. For most of his life, this has always been a nuisance. But after an incident in the airport, where he's chased by the "cool" gang, he realizes that being such a walking disaster, perhaps isn't so bad. For a start, if he was never chased by Marcus and his crew, he would have never discovered Dathanna. Without realizing it, along with his best friend Freddie, he stumbles into a bizarre fantasy world. But almost immediately he notices something very strange: SOUND can be seen as COLOURS. [By the way, Dathanna is 'colours' in Irish.... see what I did there?? ;)] **This is on hiatus until I finish my other movellas**


3. The Bird

"What’s happening?!” Freddie cried as the sound continued to pound against their eardrums.

The intense pain blurred Manish’s vision and clouded his thoughts. He pressed fingers into his ears in hope that it would block it all out, but strangely, the noise didn’t act like sound usually would.

The sound seemed to control them; waves of the energy surged through them, beckoning them closer.

Then their vision blurred completely, the ringing came to an abrupt halt and the strangest sensation took over them – as if there insects crawling around under their skin. For a while there were no thoughts, just silence and emptiness as their movements and surroundings had slowed down in the strange, dream-like world.

Then, with no warning or explanation, the bizarre, empty dimension vanished. In replace of it, was just an ordinary box room, with nothing but a small, solitary window.

The small square of floor was boarded with aged wood; the walls were whitewashed with mildew collecting in the corners but more noticeably, there seemed to be no door. Beside the window was a solitary bed with a broken mattress, splattered with fresh mud.

“Did we pass out or something?” Freddie asked. He was sprawled across the floor board, still wearing the stained clothing from when he fell into the bin earlier on.

“Dunno,” Manish muttered as he surveyed his surroundings. “But this is really, really… weird.” He dragged himself to his feet, scraping his knees against the floorboards.

He groaned as strange blots of colours emerged into his vision. “I’m seriously dizzy, something seriously weird must have happened to us Freds.”

“Where are we anyway?” Manish asked stupidly – for some reason he hoped that by simply asking the question, somehow it would be answered.

Freddie wrinkled his nose at the smell of damp and rotting wood which seemed to cling to the air. “Is the window open? It reeks.”

Manish rubbed his eyes and headed towards the window which was bizarrely, wide open, exposing a patch of the vivid blue sky. Holding his hands against the pane, he scanned his surroundings, but to his surprise, there was nothing but vast emptiness; field upon field of emerald green grass, squashed under the ever-expanding sky; coloured in a brilliant, blinding blue.

The pair of them stared out at the expanse speechlessly.

There really was no other choice but to go outside (unless they wanted to stay cooped up in that small box room forever). So the pair of them crawled out of the little window, landing soundlessly on the soft mossy grass.

“This is bizarre…” Manish muttered.

“Insane,” Freddy agreed.

Their surroundings were almost alien-like; it was as if everything had been coloured in with a pre-schooler’s felt tips. The bright colours only seemed only seemed to intensify Manish’s dizziness and lingering headache.

“Hey look!” Freddie called, pointing out at the sky.

A crimson-coloured bird glided gracefully across the sky - like a speck of paint - and gradually it descended from its height, until it was close enough for them to hear its song-like tweeting.

Immediately shimmers of pink and blue and green entered Manish’s vision, scattering across his view like streamers.

“Did you see that!?” He gasped. “The colours they-”

“They just appeared out of nowhere!” Freddie interrupted excitedly. “Are we dreaming or something? This place is amazing!”

“Do you think we’ll be able to see it again?” Manish thought out-loud. He held his hand over his eyes but the bird had already glided far off into the distance, shrinking into a tiny speck again.

Clueless of what else to do, the pair walked on, into the vast expanse laid out for them.

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