Hell's Princess


2. Rule 2: Always Conduct Yourself Like a Proper Lady

I run through my giant house holding up my dress. The servants all smile at me but my mother gives me a dirty look every time I run past.

"A princess doesn't run through the house like a wild animal." She would always yell at me. I would roll my eyes. I honestly didn't care what she said. It's not like she was actually going to stop me from running.

One day I was sitting in my room which is where I spent most of my time and I was writing which was also for some reason not allowed. My sister barged through my door.

"Katerina, let's play!" She said. I looked at her and her face was so happy and bright. I forgot about my writing and started running after her through the house. We ran through the kitchen and my mother just happened to be cooking at that moment and my sister ran into her while she was carrying a hot pot of water. I jumped forward and pulled my sister out of the way but the water burned my mother which caused her to get mad.

"Princesses don't run through the house especially not in their dresses! Arakiel!" She yells. That was my fathers angel name. I could fell my sister tensing up. My father was storming up the stairs from his study.

"Lily, let's play a game." I said to her. She looked at me like I was crazy. I smiled at her to reassure her that everything would be fine. "When I give you the signal I want you to run, okay?" She nodded. I pushed her behind me and started backing towards the door of the kitchen and once I got to the door I gave her a little push and she ran as fast as she could straight out of the house.

"What happened? Why is there water all over the floor?" My father said as he reached the door. He looked up at my mother who just happened to be glaring at me. "Did you do this?" He asked me. I nodded because I'm not like normal demons and I don't like lying. It was much better to receive the punishment than to live with the guilt of lying to your family. He moved towards me and I moved toward the other entrance to the kitchen. "You aren't going to get away from punishment." He said as he lunged at me and I tried to dodge but he grabbed my hair and pulled as hard as he could and it caused me to cry out. I took another beating but it still wasn't stopping me from breaking the rules.

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