Hell's Princess


1. Rule 1: Never Talk To Commoners

I'm not what you think I am. In fact I am probably the opposite of what you think.

The truth is I'm a princess or I was. A long time ago in another dimension I was a princess and I was loved by the commoners. They loved me because I wasn't like the rest of my family. I actually genuinely cared which is usually unheard of for people of my kind.

I almost forgot to tell you where this takes place but then again you probably already knew. This story takes place in a lovely place I like to call Hell. The place that I used to call home, before I ran away.




"Hello, Liza. How are you today?" I say as I walk through my town. I always talk to the townsfolk. I want to let them know that not all of us royals are stuck up.

"Hello, Miss Katherine, I'm doing fine today. How 'bout you?" She replies.

"I'm doing just grand. How is your family? Are they doing okay?" I ask. The people love it when I remember stuff about them because it shows that I do actually care.

"Yes, ma'am. They are doing just fine." She says.

"Good. Well, I don't want to keep you from your work so ill be on my way. I'll see you tomorrow." I say. I walk away from her booth at the little market and go around and make small talk with all of the other vendors.



"Katerina!" I hear my sisters voice ring through the market. I see people moving aside to make room for the young girl. She finally made her way to me and she did not look happy. Not that she was mad at me but more like she was sad because she knew something bad was going to happen. Which I knew it was too. It always does. Every time I break one of the rules I get punished.

"What's wrong, Lily?" I ask. She looks around and pulls herself up straight.

"Father would like to speak with you." She says and then she runs away. I follow her at my own pace preparing myself for a beating.



"You defied me again. Why is it that you think you can defy me?" My father asks. I just stare at him which serves to make him mad. He swings the whip at me and it hits diagonally across my back. I don't dare scream out in pain because then he will know that he's breaking me.

"You want to know why it's so easy to defy you? I'll tell you." I say. He swings the whip again."I defy you because I can. You don't do anything to stop me and if you think that beating me to the brink of death is going to help you break me you had better think again because I won't stop breaking all of the "royal rules" until I die." I say.

"Really? Well, I will think of how to make that happen for you very quickly." He brings the whip down at least a hundred more times until I pass out from the pain.

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