12. *Chapter 10*

“I told you just to forget about him.” said Sean as we pulled into the high school.

    “I can't believe he said that to you.” said Jenna.

    I had told them about it in the car on our way to the school.

    “You were right, Sean, I shouldn't have brought him.” I said getting out.

    “I'm sorry he did that to you.” said Sean.

    “It's not a big deal.” I said.

    “Don't worry. I've got your back.” said Jenna linking our arms together as we walked into the high school.

    When we walked in I saw Jake he was sitting with Amy. He had his arm wrapped around her.

    “What a perv.” said Sean. He walked off to his locker glaring at Jake while he walked.

    “You ok?” asked Jenna.

    “I'll be fine.” I said.

    We walked up the stairs to my locker. As I was getting my books out, Amy came up to my locker.

    “I told you he'd never like a girl like you.” she said smirking.

    “I think it's pretty sad that Jake would stoop so low to trash like you.” said a voice from behind me. It was Aly.

    “Yeah. She's not a slut because she slept with one guy and got pregnant. You on the other hand that's a different story.” said Zoey.

    “You all better watch your backs.” said Amy glaring at us all.

    “Or what you'll spread lies about us? Go ahead.” said Jenna.

    I was so touched that they were all standing up for me.

    “Just walk away, Amy.” said Zoey.

    Amy stomped away.

    “Thanks you guys.” I said to them.

    “No problem. Jake doesn't deserve you.” said Aly.

    “Yeah, you're way better than him.” added Zoey.

    They were the greatest friends ever. At least two out of the three were.


    “Ellie, Ellie, snap out of it.” I heard Paige say.

    “What happened?” I asked.

    “You drifted off again.” said Paige.

    “Sorry has the bell rang?” I asked.

    “Yeah.” she said.

    “Do you wanna go off campus for lunch?” I asked her.

    “Yeah.” she said.

    We left the school and went to the cafe to get some food. Jenna and Emma were there. Jenna glared at me and I glared right back. I bet she didn't even feel guilty.

    “Would you please tell me what happened between you two. You were best friends, what changed?” asked Paige as we sat down.

    “It doesn't matter.” I said.

    “Yes it does. Tell me.” she said.

    “Fine. It happened when I was six months pregnant....”

                        Six Months pregnant

    “God, I'm so fat.” I said to Jenna as we sat in the waiting room at the doctor's office. We were going to see if it was a boy or girl. I told my mom and Sean I had to do this without them.

    “It's not that bad.” said Jenna.

    “I can't even see my feet anymore.” I said.

    “Whatever.” she said rolling her eyes at me.

    That's when the nurse came and got us from the waiting room. The doctor put this gel on my stomach.

    “See that, that's the baby's head.” said the doctor pointing at the monitor.

    “That thing is creepy looking.” said Jenna.

    “I think it's kinda cute.” I said.

    “And it looks like it's gonna be a girl.” said the doctor. The doctor cleaned the gel off and went to get a picture of it.

    “I bet Bob and Sam will like that.” I said as we waited for the doctor.

    “I still think you should keep it.” said Jenna.

    “I can't, I promised Bob and Sam and I can't just take it back.” I said.

    The doctor came in and gave me the picture. We left the doctor's and my brother Sean was waiting for me in the parking lot.

    “So what is it?” he asked as we got in.

    “It's going to be a girl.” I said smiling and rubbing my stomach I felt the baby kick at my hand.

    It was very relaxing to feel my daughter kick.

    “Cool. She'll be as pretty as you.” he said pulling out.

    I laughed, “Thanks.”

    We got back to my house and Jenna came in to hang out. We went up to my room.

    “I still say keep it.” said Jenna feeling the baby.

    “I told you I can't.” I said.

    “Why not? You obviously like her.” she said.

    “That doesn't mean I should keep her.” I said.

    “I can't believe how selfish you are.” said Jenna.

    “I'm not being selfish. I want this baby to have a good life.” I said getting angry at her.

    “Maybe you could give her a good life.” said Jenna.

    “No, she needs better parents.” I said.

    “This is you're fault. Why take it out on the baby?” she said walking out.


    “You should make up with Jenna.” said Sean coming in.

    “I want to, but I don't think she does.” I said.

    “Don't know till you try.” he said.

    “Alright.” I said.

    “She's at Aly's party. I'll take you.” he said.

    My mom was out and we left a note for her. We got to the party and I began looking around for her. I couldn't find her anywhere downstairs, so I went upstairs.

    I opened the door and saw a guy and girl making out on a bed. It was Jenna and Jake.


*Author's Note*

Hey guys, I hope you like it so much. We are having a great time coming up with Ideas and Amber editting it while I write them. Thanks Guys you are the best. Oh I ( Amber) Just wanted to say * OH BUSTED* :P Lol Luh you guys.

~ Kitty and Amber

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