5th period with Mr. Gomez

Funny conversations we have.


1. March 20, 2014

In the morning, my teacher saw my friend Maria ridding her skate board down the bridge on clara st. Sadly, that compliment was back handed by our fellow classmate when he called her brown child, "keep pedaling brown child!" he shouted and everyone laughed. Then, i forced my friend by putting a hand figure gun to her head to eat a tostada with nothing on it and to help me write whatever this is.  We have two comadres sitting in the back of the room always gossiping about the viejas they wish to have.  We also have two best friends with the weirdest friendship ever. They like to smack each other as a demonstration of love towards each other. Lets not forget about the teacher, who thinks he's all that because he recently moved to the snotty city of downey.

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