A Match Made In...

Ella is perfectly happy being single. Unfortunately, her best friend, Stephanie, has made it her number one priority to set Ella up with one of her guy mates. But with Stephanie's string of past disasters, Ella isn't exactly willing to agree, until Stephanie seems to find the perfect guy for her. Smart, funny, relatively good looking and the number one priority, watches the TV show Sherlock. But is this new found guy all he's cracked up to be?


3. Smooth Chocolate

I checked with Stephanie. It was the wrong number. Turns out she gave me her Uncle Michael's instead of Matthew's. After a good bit of faffing around and me triple checking it was the right number, I finally text him. Almost immediately, I got a reply, and just like that, we were texting away.

I can't believe I'm saying this but...he seems perfect. Maybe Stephanie has got something right, for once. Matthew likes Sherlock. I like Sherlock. He's a dog person, I'm a dog person. He likes the same movies, books, activities. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I might be falling for him.

So after a week of constant texting, we decided to meet up. We're going to Starbucks. This isn't a date. Probably. We're just going for a drink, so we can see each other in person. I know that my parents have warned me about talking to strangers, and meeting up with people you've never met, but this is different. He goes to Stephanie's choir class, and he's definitely my age. 

So where is he? I'm standing outside Starbucks, phone in hand, trying to stop my hair from flying in my face. I called Matthew and told him I'd be the one in the beanie, anxiously standing outside Starbucks probably looking like an idiot. He laughed, and said that he was sure I'd look amazing. His voice is like smooth chocolate, which is a bit hard to picture, but the only way I can describe it. 

Someone taps my shoulder and I spin around, coming eyes to nose with possibly the hottest guy I have ever seen. Tanned skin, athletic build, light blue eyes, golden blonde hair and a cute smile. This is Matthew? I think to myself. Does he get any more perfect? 

"Hey..." He says, grinning slightly, and I seem to go weak at the knees.

"Oh...hiya...you're Matthew, right?" I say awkwardly, and he nods.

"Yeah, you must be Ella." I nod, barely able to contain my smile. He gestures to the door. "Should we go in? It's freezing out here." I nod, and Matthew opens the door and walks in, me following behind.

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