A Match Made In...

Ella is perfectly happy being single. Unfortunately, her best friend, Stephanie, has made it her number one priority to set Ella up with one of her guy mates. But with Stephanie's string of past disasters, Ella isn't exactly willing to agree, until Stephanie seems to find the perfect guy for her. Smart, funny, relatively good looking and the number one priority, watches the TV show Sherlock. But is this new found guy all he's cracked up to be?


5. Oliver

After a little longer of me making conversation and Matthew picking holes in whatever I say, he gets a call from his mum, saying he has to be picked up early. I say goodbye, and as Matthew walks out the door, he chucks his bottled water in the bin. He didn’t even have the courtesy to take it with him! What a complete waste of 90p. 

My Mum isn’t coming to collect me for another hour, and I have nowhere to go, and nothing to do. I can’t buy another drink, because I’m out of money. My phone is about to run out of charge, so I can’t text anyone. All I can do is wait. I peer around for Oliver, but I can’t see him anywhere. His shift must have finished. I stare at the 80p in my hand. I wanted to give it back to Oliver, but I pocket it instead, as I can’t seem to find him. Suddenly, the staff door flies open, and Oliver emerges, running a hand through his dark brown hair and grabbing his bag from under the counter. I stand up quickly and walk over to him, scooping the change out of my pocket again.
“Oliver!” I call, and he turns around.
“Hi?” He says, confused about why a customer is suddenly walking rapidly towards him. I hold out the 80p.
“It’s yours. Thanks for helping me out earlier.” He takes the change, smiling.
“No problem. You were only 20p off anyway, it wasn’t a big deal.” I smile, as Oliver pauses. “Don’t know why your boyfriend couldn’t have helped you out, though.” He says, shrugging. Why didn’t Matthew loan me any money? It's not like he didn't have any.
“He’s not my boyfriend.” I say, sighing. “He’s…it’s a long story.” Oliver looks at his watch, shrugging.
“I’ve got time.”


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