The plane crash

I was flying to France when my plane crashed . Everybody was dead except me and this beautiful boy , he helped me out and we called 911 all of our families were on that plane and they all died so we only had each other.


2. The crash


   Zayn's POV:

" We are going down remain calm everybody " was the last ting I heard before my plane crashed. I look around to realize my plane just crashed nobody in my sight was alive , but then I think about Samantha is she dead or alive ? " Zayn , are you alive ? Can you hear me , my family is dead " Samantha said . That's when I felt a little relief , even though my family was dead I still had her . We got out of the plane and called 911 . " 911 what's the emergency ? " " Hi we were just on a plane and it crashed and I think we are the only two people alive . " " Okay help is on the way "

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