The plane crash

I was flying to France when my plane crashed . Everybody was dead except me and this beautiful boy , he helped me out and we called 911 all of our families were on that plane and they all died so we only had each other.


10. He said He loves me



Samantha's POV :


He just said that he loves me Oh MY Gosh ! I didn't expect him to say something like this I was shocked but kina glad . When he said that he went back in side and didn't say anything else .


Zayn's POV :


I can't believe that I just said that . Did she feel the same way , was she mad ? I asked myself so many questions . Knock-Knock I heard . Come in , it was Samantha " Look I am not mad I was just not expecting that . " " Its okay , I was shocked too because I didn't expect to say that yet ." Zayn said . " Well it is getting late so I am gonna go to sleep . Where do I sleep ? " You can sleep in the guest room " zany said " Thank you .  "

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