The plane crash

I was flying to France when my plane crashed . Everybody was dead except me and this beautiful boy , he helped me out and we called 911 all of our families were on that plane and they all died so we only had each other.


5. Finding a home



      Samantha's POV : " So you don't know any of your family ? " asked the officer " No I don't I think I haven't even met them either " " Okay well the only thing that we can think of is putting you into the adoption center . " 


Samantha : They are putting me in the adoption center

Zayn : I am sorry if you wan to live with us and y friend his mom said it is okay .

Samantha : Thank you so much can I have the address so the officer can take me

Zayn : No , we are picking you up :)

Samantha : Okay :)





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