The plane crash

I was flying to France when my plane crashed . Everybody was dead except me and this beautiful boy , he helped me out and we called 911 all of our families were on that plane and they all died so we only had each other.


6. Driving to Niall's house



Zayn's POV :


As we were pulling up to the police station Samantha walked out . " Samantha this is Niall, Niall this is Samantha " Hi " they both said . " Thank you so much for letting me stay " Samantha said , " Your Welcome , that is the least i can do for a pretty girl like you " Niall said. " Thank you " Samantha said , while her cheeks were getting rosy red , which I love !


Niall's POV : 


As we were pulling up in the police station and this Beautiful girl walks out and I was just thinking to myself how in the heck did Zayn find somebody like her . As we were talking it was like paradise just hearing her beautiful voice and looking at her gorgeous face . 


Samantha's POV :


Niall seemed nice , well he probably is because he is letting me live in his house .  What guy how is rude would do that ? " You guys want to go to Nando's and get something to eat ? " Niall said , " Sure , my brother and he's friends use to go there back home . " I said while starting to get tears in my eyes . " Its okay Samantha if you need anything I am right here " Zayn said . " Thank you Zayn " I muffled . 

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