The never ending shadow.

this story is one in three as the never ending shadow sneaks around, gathering the parts for his dark, evil plan. will Sherlock and Watson ever be able to stop him.


2. sherlock.

"when will he get here?! when... when... when!!!" Esmeralda paced anxiously round the oaken mansion floor constantly repeating "when will he get here?!" her butler Alfred asked ever so calmly, "would you like some tea madam?" this upset Esmeralda greatly as she slapped him round the face in an anxious act of violence, when he fell to the rock hard floor Esmeralda sympathetically apologized over and over until she realized that she was waiting for him...

A coach pulled up in front of the sky high mansion and two figure stepped out, one in a night black trench coat holding a metal item not known to Esmeralda, the tall male was also wearing blackened boots and gloves. The other male was shorter and had the same kind of outfit as the first one but was not wearing a trench coat but instead he was wearing a jumper that seemed like it was hand knitted. Esmeralda walked up to the men and said, "welcome... Sherlock and Watson."  

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