My Life

Isabella and nick Paris, and Zoë timberlake have been bullied, beaten, and been called all these bad names. They vowed for a changed. And their about to get one. From nerdy and lonely to pretty and popular. These friends are in for a change. Can their friendship last through boyfriends, party's, and secrets? Or will they fall under the pressure?


2. Training To Be Better

Isabella POV

"Faster! Harder! Quicker! Let's go Bella lets go!" That is all I've heard for the past hour. I've been doing sit ups, push-ups, step ups, pull ups, and weight lifting. And we haven't even got to the hard part. "Nice job! Now boxing. " our trainer said. I laced up my gloves and got ready to kick my brother nick ass. "Ready my sista from the same mista?" I sighed at his little side comment. God. My brother. I tackled him to the floor and pinned his arms above his head. "How's that my brotha?" I asked. He kept hitting the floor. "Bella release!" My trainer said. I release nick from the hold. "Alright you guys are done for the day." The trainer said. I went upstairs to my room to take a shower. Over the past few months I've been getting a room remodel. I used to have wallpaper up but now were painting it. We getting new stairs in because in the middle of my room there's a staircase that leads up to my loft. I walked into my closet which is pretty much empty. We threw out all of my clothes. Giving them to charity. Zoë and I are going shopping today. I grabbed a gray crop top that said Los Angeles on it. It showed off my blue belly button ring. I also grabbed some jean shorts. I went into my bathroom and turned on my shower. I got in, washed my body and hair and was out. For 2 reasons. One, I had to leave in a hour. Two, nick was pounding on the door screaming, " hurry your ass up Bella. I need to take a shower to." I wrapped my towel around my body. I opened the door. "We'll I'm sorry if my cute ass needs to take her time." Nick pushed past me and I went to my room. I got dressed and started to brush my long wavy hair. My mom calls my hair chameleon because it's all different colours. When it's dry, it's mostly light brown with red and blonde highlights but when it wet, like it is now, it's dirty red with some blonde in it. I put on some mascara, and lipgloss. "Bella Zoë here!" Our housekeeper Sarah yelled.

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