My Life

Isabella and nick Paris, and Zoë timberlake have been bullied, beaten, and been called all these bad names. They vowed for a changed. And their about to get one. From nerdy and lonely to pretty and popular. These friends are in for a change. Can their friendship last through boyfriends, party's, and secrets? Or will they fall under the pressure?


5. School. Yay?

"Bella wake up. Bellllaaaa!!!! Bells! Bells. Bella. Isabella." Somebody shook me awake. "Go away!" I shooed my hand. "Belle it's 10:00AM. We have to be at school in a half an hour!" She said. Zoë I forgot she slept over last night. I was up in a second. "What?!" I screamed. I jumped up and quickly changed out of my pjs. I threw on a light blue tank and jeans with a light blue jean jacket. I took my hair out of the bun it was in. I shook it out and put on my makeup. I brush on some mascara and brushed my teeth. I slipped on my high tops. "Ready!" I called. "So am I!" Zoë said. We walked out to my corvette. I drive us to the school. "Ready for this chica?" She asked. "Ready!" I replied. We walked into the all too familiar school. "Names please?" Rachel asked. One of the most popular girls in school. "Umm Isabella Paris and Zoë timberlake." I said. "Okay. Wow. Umm you guys look so pretty. Where did you get that top?" "Uh in Paris. Paris France." I said. She nodded and walked away. We went to the office to get the forms that were our schedules. I circled French, Spanish,Greek, English,science,world history , algebra 3. "Chica. Are you done?" Zoë asked. "Yup" I said as I wrote my name in cursive. I put my paper into the box. Zoë handed me a green slip. "What's this?" I asked,slightly confused. I read the paper. I selected the no box then I finished reading the slip. Before I check the no box, my hand moved to the yes box. I checked if and put that in the box too. I looked over at Zoë and she waved a blue paper in my face. "School supply list. Off to staples!" She pointed to the sky and started running. I laughed as I ran after her. "Wait up chicke!" I called.

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