My Life

Isabella and nick Paris, and Zoë timberlake have been bullied, beaten, and been called all these bad names. They vowed for a changed. And their about to get one. From nerdy and lonely to pretty and popular. These friends are in for a change. Can their friendship last through boyfriends, party's, and secrets? Or will they fall under the pressure?


1. Next Year

"Hey Bella!" My best friend and brother nick came up to me. "Hey!" I replied. I bumped into Jacob one of the most popular guys in school. "Watch it slut!" He spat in my face as I fell to the ground. "Are you okay?" Nick asked helping me up. "Yeah I'm fine." I straighter my headband. "Hey Zoë!" I said, waving to our BFF Zoë timberlake. Yes she's Justin timberlakes dad. But nobody in school knew that. "Ready for the last day of school?" She asked. "Yup. So excited." Nick said. I nodded. All throughout the day I've been pushed, called names, and beaten. I'm counting down the seconds till- RINNNGGGG!!!! The bell went. Next year it's going to be different. Next year their in for a surprise. I can't wait to see their faces.

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