My Life

Isabella and nick Paris, and Zoë timberlake have been bullied, beaten, and been called all these bad names. They vowed for a changed. And their about to get one. From nerdy and lonely to pretty and popular. These friends are in for a change. Can their friendship last through boyfriends, party's, and secrets? Or will they fall under the pressure?


6. New Year

Beep! Beep! Bee-! I hit my alarm clock. God that is so annoying. 6:30 my clock read. I put on a light brown dress that had little black ravens in it. I put on black wedges and headed to the bathroom. I had just finished brushing on my mascara when the ding of the dim waiter rang. I opened it up and saw scrambled eggs and white toast. I ate the eggs and as I walked to my brothers room finished eating my toast. "Nick! Wake up! Leaving in 5!" I yelled through his door. "Got it!" He yelled back. I brushed my teeth then took my hair out of the ponytail it was in. I brushed it out and left it down. My hair is naturally wavy ringlets. I grabbed my Messenger bag and headed downstairs. Nick came down a minute later. "Perfect timing. Bus is here." I said, putting on my strawberry lipgloss. We boarded the bus and I swear everybody stoped what they were doing and stared at us. Nick ushered me to a seat. A few minutes later Zoë came on. The same thing happened to her. I was the one to break the silence. "Chica! Over here!" I called. She spotted us and sat down next to me. "Woah. That was scary. Imagine what will happen when we get to school. " she said, shaking her head. She have nick a hug she was about to say something more when Jacob intrupped her. "Hi! I'm Jacob. Are you new here?" He asked us. "No. We've been here for a while thank you. " nick replied for us. "What are your names?" Jacob asked. "I'm Isabella, this is my brother nick and our best friend Zoë." I said. I could tell he was about to say something more when my phone dinged. I grabbed my new iPhone an iPhone 5cs. My brother and dad designed it. My dad owns apple. While my mom, me and Zoë were all over the world the summer, dad and nick were at Apple designing new iPhones. It was Zoës dad. "Zoë, it your dad. Wanted to know if you knew usher is coming over tonight." "Yeah I knew that uncle usher is coming. Is JB coming too? How bout Aunty sharika? You know what just giving the phone." "Hi dad! Yeah I know uncle usher is coming. Uncle Blake too? And uncle Adam! Wow. Is- Aunty sharika! Yeah okay I'll ask. Belle are you coming over tonight?" "Yeah I'm coming. Why would I?" "Yeah she's coming. Okay. Yeah love you too. Bye!" She gave me my phone back. "All freshman off here" our bus driver called. I grabbed my bag and headed off the bus. "Name?" A teacher asked me. "Isabella Paris?" I said. "Oh. You're over there!" She pointed the principal. As I walked over I felt somebody behind me. "Yes?" I asked, as I turned around. Joshua Jacobs stood behind me. "Hi Bella. How's it going?" "Good. How about you?" I asked. Josh was always in the group that bullied by. He always looked awful after it was over. "I'm fine. Same old same old. But you on the other hand look amazing. You've changed so much. I would never have recionized you if Jacob haven't said something." We both laughed. "See you in class." I said as I walked over the principal. "Name?" He asked. "Isabella Paris. " "ahh. Here is your locker key, schedule, and honours bracelet. Have a nice day!" "You too." I mumbled as I walked inside. I walked up to my locker. I've always had top. It's because I'm on the honours program. Honours always have top lockers. I opened my locker and grabbed my science, French, and world history things. My first three classes. I walked into homeroom and groaned. The only good person here is josh and my brother. But I'm related to him so It doesn't matter. "Bella. Over here. " Jacob waved me over. "Hello." I said as I waved. "Yeah. Bella over here is my best bud. Ain't that right?" I was so caught up in my own little world I didn't hear what he said. "Hmm?" They just laughed. Danielle Rider walked in. "Hi jakey poo. Hi guys! How was your summer? Hi. What's your name?" "Hi! I'm Isabella." I held my hand. "Hi. I'm Danielle. I love your heels! Where did you get them?" "Umm these old things. I think mum got them for at her meeting with Aunty Chanel in France. Why?" "Chanel as the perfume company Chanel?" She asked me. "Yeah. The founder of Chanel is my aunt." "Please find your seats. I'm taking adentence." The teacher said. I sat down in front nick because my name comes first. She called off a series of names before she called mine. "Isabella Paris?" She called "here!" "Nick Paris?" "Here!" Nick said. She finished the list and let us go. I walked to my first class. World history room 7. I looked at the seating chart and sat in my desk. Third row first desk. Zoë walked in and sat down behind me. Surprisly there were no names between P and T. "Hello class! I'm miss praiser. Please take out your binder that you bought over the summer." Our world history teacher said. She handed out some papers including some for us to sign. And for our parents to sign. Shit. Mom and dad aren't home. I guess I can have Sarah sign it. "Please copy down your homework." Miss Praiser said. I grabbed my agenda and wrote down our homework. Two papers to sign, and a worksheet. Great! Brinnggggg!!!!! The school bell went. I walked to French. Soon it was lunch. And somebody scary happened.

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