My Life

Isabella and nick Paris, and Zoë timberlake have been bullied, beaten, and been called all these bad names. They vowed for a changed. And their about to get one. From nerdy and lonely to pretty and popular. These friends are in for a change. Can their friendship last through boyfriends, party's, and secrets? Or will they fall under the pressure?


3. Mall

"Hey Zoë!" I said, as I climbed into her Honda pilot. She drove us to crystal mall. "First stop Aeropostale!" She said. We spent about 2 hours just there and got two outfits. We picked out some more clothes and checked out. I grabbed my black card to pay but Zoë stopped me. "My treat. Your redoing my room too so....." I sighed. I put my hands up in surrender. We went to a few more stores then the pericing stand. "Ready for your belly Zoë?" I asked. She nodded her head. Minutes later she had a lavender belly button ring. We went back to my house. We unloaded all of my clothes into my closet. Zoë started to draw my name in different languages. She's an artist. I started to go through all my things. I was about to walk into the bathroom when I ran into my stairs. "The hell?! When the fuck did that get here? NICK!!!" I screamed. "Bell that made no sense what so ever. " Zoë said, shaking her head. "What?!" Nick asked, clearly pissed off. "Woah! Sorry. But when did my stairs get back?" I asked, ever so sweetly. "Oh I put it back in. Nice right?" He said. "What do you want?" I asked. The only time he does something for me without my asking he wants something. "You know what I want." He said, holding his palm out. I wrote down the number and gave it to him. "Now out!" I said, pushing him out of my room. I opened my laptop. "So where are we going for school?" I asked Zoë. "Umm we can hit up staples?" She said. We need to get our supplies for school on Monday. It's Friday by the way. "Kay." I grabbed the letter our school sent us. Our high school, London high. It tells you everything that you'll need to know for this year. Including what you'll need to buy. Tomorrow we'll need to go to the school to make our schedules. I'm on high honours. Again. I went on the school website to see what books we needed to read. Hunger games series. All ready read it. "Hey can I sleep over?" Zoë asked. "Sure. You already know you can do that anytime. Why ask?" "Cause it's 7:00" she said. I looked at my clock. Sure enough it read 7:01. Wow I must have zoned out for longer than I thought. "Let's eat. I'm starved!" I said. I slid down the banister to the kitchen. "Umm grilled cheese?" I asked. "Sure." I typed in grilled cheese to send to the cook. "So..what classes are you signing up for?" Zoë asked. "All honours and Spanish and French." I said. "You know we can do Greek this year right?" "Yeah. Are you signing up for that too?" "Yeah. You?" "Sure. " we are our grilled cheese then went to bed in my California king sized bed.

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