Just rock me

The coolest band in the world was called One Direction. All five guys were tattooed and they played hard music. Death metal, was their category and I just loved it. Harry was the singer and he really could scream. Liam played drums and was always so cool. Zayn played bass and many girls found him to be the favourite. Louis played the guitar and he got all the girls swoon. My favourite was Niall. He played all the instruments, but he usually had a rough guitar most of the time on his stomach and he could leap across the stage.


3. Their demands our law

We ended up at the back of the bus. Where there was a large circular couch, where everyone got a place and a large table. I ended up between Perrie and Hope. I just stared at the guys and hardly dared to say anything. Sophia threw herself upon them, and Eleanor was sure to end up next to Louis. Self, I wondered what would happen, I was the youngest person in the bus. Zayn went to get beer. He put them on the table and looked at everyone.
"You may drink as much as you want, girls." He then leaned against Perrie and seemed almost undress her naked with his eyes. "And do you want something else, let me know."
She giggled lightly and I saw how she really enjoyed his attention. I sensed like the boys had been allowed to choose out one girl each and Zayn had chosen Perrie. I looked at them and wondered who had chosen me, but for the moment everyone was more interested in the beer.
"Damn what a good gig we had." exclaimed Harry and seemed thrilled with the evening. "The fans screamed and did you see that babe that showed her tits?"
Niall grinned and seemed amused by the subject.
"Damn, she was good. I bet that the tits has cost her a fortune."

Hope opened a beer and out it in front of me and then she took one herself. I felt compelled to drink and looked down at it with wide eyes. 
"Come on." Perrie whispered to me. "I see that you aren't old enough, but do it for the boys' sake." 
I swallowed and tasted the beer. I frowned quickly on the nose and realized that it wasn't something I liked. Niall drew the attention of my reaction. Directly he vanished away and quickly replaced the beer can with a glass. He had mixed a drink for me and he smiled awry. 
"If you don't want beer, you don't have to drink it. I hope this tastes better." 
He took my beer and began to drink from it. Within seconds, the can was empty and he belched contentedly. I chose to smile weakly and tasted it. It was soda mixed with something strong and I wondered immediately if I really should drink it. 
"Niall did it for just your sake." Hope whispered enviously. "He did it for you and you hesitate to drink it?" 
I swallowed and realized that I had fallen into a trap. I couldn't say no, because One Direction was there. I couldn't say yes, because I hadn't been affected before. I still chose Yes before No.


Everyone started to talk and the atmosphere began to get better. I noticed that the guys really had to select one girl and Niall ended up quickly beside me. He took his arm around my shoulder and he seemed generally interested in me. 
"So where are you from?" he asked, looking down at my body. I blushed and smiled weakly. I told him the name of the town and he nodded with satisfaction. 
"I haven't been there, but I guess you're the prettiest girl there." 
God, what a bad pick-up line, but because it was Niall who said those words, I chose to just smile. He drank more beer and I tried to drink the drink that I had received. It affected me and pretty soon, life was absolutely wonderful. I didn't concerned about it al anymore and I didn' even notice that the bus began to roll.


I noted that Perrie pretty soon sat down and made ​​out with Liam. Louis sat and almost stroked Eleanor's body. So they wanted to have sex? I swallowed and noted that all the others weren't there at the couch anymore. It was heard instead sound from their sleeping cabins and I realized immediately what Niall wanted of me. He began to hang over me and I felt his lips against my cheek. 
"Come on darling and show me!" 
I blushed and had no idea what he wanted me to do. Niall didn't care and let our lips meet. I can't say that he was good at kissing, but so good that I answered it. I felt his arms slid around my body and his hands caressed my back. He moaned lightly and pulled me up on his lap. He made me sit astride over his thighs, and he liked it. He pressed my body against him and I felt that he had boner. I blushed at the thought. Niall let his hands pulling up my dress and I felt how he explored my skin. 
"Rock me." I heard him mumble. I hesitated and ended the kiss. 
Niall grinned and he was red in the face. 
"You heard me." he mumbled and started to pull down my panties as far as it went. "Come and show me what you have." 
I swallowed again and hesitated even more. 
"I'm a virgin." 
Niall's face lit up and he seemed to like it even more. He made sure that the panties went off and then he pressed me down on his boner. 
"Not for long." He groaned and snapped then up the pants. He pulled them down to the knees and I felt his cock stood straight up. I looked after what the others did and discovered that we were alone on the couch. 
"No one will see us." he groaned and ripped off my dress. He took off my bra and then I was sitting naked in front of him. "Shit just fuck me." 
I felt how he brought me down over his cock and he penetrated. I screamed and took my arms around his neck. It didn't hurt, but it felt uncomfortable. 
"You're damn really a virgin?" he exclaimed and pushed me all the way. "Damn, you're tight." 
I blushed and realized that he really had sex with me. Niall grinned and pulled off his clothes on the upper body. I saw all his tattoos and let my palms slide over them. I couldn't do more. Niall took hold of my body and forced me to start riding him. I groaned and felt he unbuckled his whole body. Niall sounded very much and he seemed to love having sex.


I don't know why I didn't say no him. I went along and I felt him slowly but steadily increased the pace. I was bouncing against him and I felt we both got hot in the body. I had thought it would hurt to have sex, but was surprised when I actually liked it.


"Fuck me hard." Niall mumbled and he started kissing me again. He let his tongue penetrate and I felt like I was a child. He knew what he wanted and he took it. I just followed after and tried to teach myself what I should do. Niall groaned louder and I felt him began to shake. Quickly, he brought his hand down between my legs and started to rub my clit. I whimpered against his lips and I closed my eyes. It spread a wonderful feeling in the body and it was like I finally didn't knew how to do. It was like an explotion in the whole body and I screamed. I was shaking like a vibrator and my whole body seemed to lose control. The feeling subsided and I felt tired. Niall forced me to keep riding him and finally he came. He pushed me down and he was shaking. His whole face showed that he came and he moaned at me.

"Damn, that was okay." Niall mumbled and made me blush. He took his arms around my body and held them tightly around me. He looked straight into my eyes and smiled big. 
"I want to keep your for my self." 
I swallowed and blushed even more. He kissed me lightly and I felt that he was sweaty. He seemed satisfied and I was glad that he was happy.

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