Just rock me

The coolest band in the world was called One Direction. All five guys were tattooed and they played hard music. Death metal, was their category and I just loved it. Harry was the singer and he really could scream. Liam played drums and was always so cool. Zayn played bass and many girls found him to be the favourite. Louis played the guitar and he got all the girls swoon. My favourite was Niall. He played all the instruments, but he usually had a rough guitar most of the time on his stomach and he could leap across the stage.


4. The guys

Niall took me to his place, where he slept. We crawled in to bed naked next to each other. I felt really happy and the whole world just spun around. He had his arms around me and I put my head against his chest. It was then I discovered that the bus rolled. I was startled and almost sat up. Niall grinned and pulled me down again. 
"We are on our way to the next gig." 
I swallowed. 
"But how will I get home?" 
He giggled and caressed my body. 
"I wont let you free for a while. You are mine now." 
I realized that my mom would get mad. She would start to wonder where I was and she would call the police.
"I may have to call home?" 
He shook the head quickly. 
"Someone has already called them and explained that you go with us. That's why you had to leave your phone number to one of the guards."
Niall grinned. 
"Yes, we always make sure that girls we take with us, wont be searched by the police the following day. If your parents become anxious, they get money for it all." 
I swallowed and didn't like what he said to me. 
"So you bribe them?" 
He shook his head. I didn't give up. 
"Then I'm kidnapped?"
Niall looked at me in surprise. 
"How can you be kidnapped? Nobody forced you to go to the bus?" 
I frowned. 
"But I had no idea that we would go with you on the bus." 
He grinning. 
"You're a naive girl. What'd you think we should do? Letting you Go and let you walk around and brag that you've fucked me?" 
I frowned. 
"Maybe not, I hadn't boasted." 
He laughed. 
"Every girl wants to fuck us and before you leave us you will sign a contract. That means that you must be quiet and not tell your friends about the time with us."


Slowly went the dream over into a nightmare. I realized that Niall thought it was my dream, to have sex with him and then follow them. I regretted that I had followed so nicely and I regretted that I hadn't backed out before. Now I was stuck and couldn't take myself home.


In the morning I awoke when Niall let go off me. He left me and went away naked. 
"Fuck that fucking fuck she gave me." I heard Zayn say. I swallowed and realized that Niall would surely say something about me. I didn't want that he would do it and I blushed at the thought. And I was right. 
"She was a virgin." I heard Niall say. Everyone seemed to be jealous and he grinned. "I intend to keep her, so none of you get to touch her." 
Harry sighed. 
"Damn, we have said that we share the girls. Why can't we take her?" 
Niall seemed to become angry. 
"She's fucking mine!" said he coldly. "I mean it, if you so much as poked at her I will kill you." 
"Chill down!" Liam responded quickly. "We promise to let her be. Okay?"


I took a blanket around my body and left the bed. I found my clothes on the couch and took them on me. Harry showed up and he looked amused me. I blushed slightly and tried not to show him a single part of my naked skin.
"Hey baby!" he whispered hoarsely and he was amused. "So how are you today?"
I didn't answer. Niall showed up and stood between us.
"Leave her now!"
Harry sighed and went foreward in the bus again . Niall smiled at me and I saw that he only had underwear on him. His legs were tattooed and I smiled at them. He blushed slightly.
"I guess not many people have been staring at my legs?"
I laughed a little bit and got on the dress. I put the blanket on the couch and made ​​sure I had the clothes on me .
"I looked at your tattoos."
Niall smiled and came up to me.
"Want to see a secret?"
I looked up at him.
To my great surprise Niall pulled down his briefs and held up his member. On the side of it, it was tattooed an arrow.
"When I have boner the arrow pointing upwards." he said happily. I blushed. He moved his hand quickly over it and got boner. He stood so that I saw the arrow. 
"See, it's going up." 
I just blushed even more and swallowed. 
"Yes, I see it..." 
He laughed and pulled up his underwear again. 
"So it's okay now, I mean, I'll make sure you don't get homesick." 
I giggled lightly. 
"Good luck." 
He smiled and took his arms around me. I felt how he hugged me and pressed me against him. He kissed my cheek and looked into my eyes. 
"So it was okay?" 
"What was okay?" 
He smiled rather sheepishly and raised an eyebrow. 
"When we fucked?" 
I blushed and realized that he was using very bad language. 
"Yeah, it was okay." 
"Just okay?" 
I smiled. 
"Okay that was great?"


I forgot pretty soon all doubt. Niall was holding my hand and had control over me all the time. I found myself in the situation and in fact, I liked being part of the group. We stopped outside a resturant, and the guys took us out to eat. I sat next to Niall and I saw how the people staring at them. I was proud to sit in their gang and I hoped that everyone saw how lucky I was. It was some who took pictures of us and I knew they were fans. Some came up and wanted autographs. It felt so strange to see how their lives really were, off the stage and I realized that I would see that time with Niall as something good.


When we got back to the bus began the guys to talk about the nights gig. I sat with the other and we listened with wide eyes. 
"I heard you when you did it." Eleanor whispered to me and I blushed quickly. 
"I heard you." 
She was grinning. 
"You were a virgin? Imagine what an honor to do it the first time with Niall." 
I frowned. 
"I hadn't planned to have sex?" 
She giggled. 
"And then you are lucky. My first guy was a standard bore. He wasn't looking good and I regret it. You'll never regret it."


Niall seemed to be the one who was most pleased with us girls. He peered at me often and sometimes he gave me a smile. It was as if he really had feelings for me, but my gut told me that I was replaceable.

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