Just rock me

The coolest band in the world was called One Direction. All five guys were tattooed and they played hard music. Death metal, was their category and I just loved it. Harry was the singer and he really could scream. Liam played drums and was always so cool. Zayn played bass and many girls found him to be the favourite. Louis played the guitar and he got all the girls swoon. My favourite was Niall. He played all the instruments, but he usually had a rough guitar most of the time on his stomach and he could leap across the stage.


20. On the way from

The guys went back to old habits. In the evening drew Niall me down in his bed. Everyone was in the room, yet he pulled my panties off and pulled down his own pants. 
"But hell, we're not .." I screamed, but Niall silenced me by putting her hand over my mouth.
"You're not fucking say anything. Everybody has seen you naked and all have fucked you. Be thankful that we still want you." 
He penetrated. I felt that I was really tight, because I wasn't ready. Niall groaned and held his hand over my mouth. He looked straight into my eyes and began to rapidly move to the hip. He moaned and he groaned out straight. I closed my eyes and tried not to feel anything. I realized that the nightmare would never be over and they would make me do what they wanted, just for the pleasure's sake.


When Niall was finished, he sat up and pulled up his pants. I just wanted to cry and I felt small. I was about to sit up. Liam was quick and came towards me. He pushed me down and spread my legs. 
"Stay down." 
He pulled down his pants and lifted my legs over his shoulders. I felt how he penetrated and I chose to shut him out. He filled me and he quickly began to move on his hip. He was like Niall, fast and it was not long until he bounced at me. He came and cried almost straight out. When he finished, he released me and left the bed. I chose to quickly go into the bathroom, before anyone else had time to think.


I stood under the running water and washed my body. I felt hopeless and I didn't want to be left with a single guy in my entire life. I felt I was shaking and I felt that I just wanted to die.


In the morning I awoke with a high fever. I was shaking all over and I felt like the world was spinning around. Liam got water and other drinking to me. Louis went and bought pills to me. Niall did so I had extra blankets over me. Zayn was just Zayn and he tried to cheer me up the few times that I was awake. Harry called around and checked if they could bribe a doctor to visit me.


In the evening I barely stay awake. I heard that they were talking in low voices about me and what they would do. All was uncertain and it wouldn't work to take me to a doctor because they would immediately call the police.


I woke up to Niall whispered in my ear. I looked up at him and felt his hand on my forehead. He frowned over that I was so hot. 
"We're going out to the car. Harry has found a doctor who can examine you." 
I didn't want to leave the bed. Yet they forced me up and put on my clothes. I got a blanket around my body and Niall made ​​sure I got out to the car. I froze and I could barely take me foreward.


Liam drove the car to a white house. We entered through a white door and into a waiting room. Direct a man came towards us and he saw at me that I wasn't okay. He made ​​sure I came into a room and he put me on a gurney. I felt that he took various samples, checked my pulse and noted it all down on paper. I had the covers with me and made ​​sure I didn't freeze. I was almost falling asleep when he heard the doctor talking to the guys outside the door. 
"She had to be admitted. She has got a virus in her body and you can't bring her back." 
"But ..." I heard Liam say. "We can't let her go and we can't let her go to a hospital." 
I was happy that the doctor was on my side. 
"I can't let her go from this place. If you take her home, she will surely die slowly and it would be worse."


I was overjoyed when I woke up and noticed that I was in an ambulance. At last I was on the road from One Direction and actually, I was happy. I couldn't bother that I was sick and I smiled when a nurse was standing over me. 
"We're almost there." she whispered kindly. "You're going to the hospital." 
I smiled and nodded with satisfaction. I still had to ask, because I wanted to know. 
"Where are the guys?" 
She continued to smile soothing. 
"I don't know. They will certainly after us with a car."

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