Just rock me

The coolest band in the world was called One Direction. All five guys were tattooed and they played hard music. Death metal, was their category and I just loved it. Harry was the singer and he really could scream. Liam played drums and was always so cool. Zayn played bass and many girls found him to be the favourite. Louis played the guitar and he got all the girls swoon. My favourite was Niall. He played all the instruments, but he usually had a rough guitar most of the time on his stomach and he could leap across the stage.


21. Coming home

Okay! It seemed like the guys had given up. When I woke up in the hospital, I saw the police outside the door. I noted that I had really been helped and my biggest wish was that even my parents would show up. I was overjoyed when I saw Eleanor in the door. She snuck in and smiled at me. She had tears in her eyes and sat down next to my bed. 
"Sorry it took so long time." she whispered. "The police were looking for you and I called your parents. But now you're here and they can't touch us no more." 
I swallowed. 
"Have the police taken them?" 
She shook her head. 
"They disappeared after the ambulance came and got you." 
I puffed out. 
"So it's over?" 
She nodded. 
"Now it's over."


I was never so happy as when my parents showed up. We hugged and we cried for a long while before we calmed us down. 
"I should have known that they were evil." murmured mother. "A man called and said that you had won to be with them in the tour bus and I thought that you were well looked after." 
I hugged her he. 
"That's okay. I'm not with them now and I promise to never again listen to the music again." 
She was crying. 
"I'm just so devastated. I heard what they did to you and I just want to kill them." 
I smiled reassuring. 
"Mom, it's not going to help. I'm okay now."


When I got into my room, I felt as if I was dreaming. Everything looked like when I left my home and I just felt emptiness. I took directly down all the pictures of One Direction and I threw them in the trash. I also threw all the cd disks I had. All traces of my former idols disappeared. The clothes with their picture on, I burned up.


Andy hugged me hard when he came to see how it was with me. 
"I heard on the news!" he whispered and refused to let me go. "Damn I didn't suspect that they was such idiots?" 
I just smiled and pulled me away from him. 
"Now it's over?" I got out. "But the police will find them." 
He agreed. 
"There are rumours that they have left the country, but I don't trust that." 
I couldn't bother me and changed the subject. 
"So how was life like for you? Has something happened?" 
He shook his head. 
"The whole school followed the newspapers and even the headmaster cared. You have become like a star at school and everyone was talking about you."
I blushed.
"I can imagine that?"
Andy nodded and raised his eyebrows.
"Everyone wants to be friends with me right now, just because I'm friends with you."
I giggled.
"So it's right to be us now?"
He nodded. 
"The two odd characters is what all want to be with?" he laughed. "Well, but we know who we are and who cares? I don't wanna keep up with that idiots anyway. You will do as my only friend at school."


I heard on the news that there were more girls that came forward and admitted that they too had been victims. The guys had used fans for many years and in the end it was about fifty girls who had something against One Direction. I was the last one of them, and somehow it was nice that we were so many. I didn't feel unique and I wasn't special. We were many people who had the same experience, but I was the last one the guys took advantage.


I got to set up on interviewer, I got to be in the papers and I was almost like a celebrity. 
"The last girl who left the violence." they wrote about me and I just laughed at the title. Why wasn't the first girl as interesting? 


I went to a psychologist and got to talk through my experiences. I was careful not to not keep something secret and I told her all about the abuse. I never told the whole truth to my parents. I didn't think they would know everything.

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