Just rock me

The coolest band in the world was called One Direction. All five guys were tattooed and they played hard music. Death metal, was their category and I just loved it. Harry was the singer and he really could scream. Liam played drums and was always so cool. Zayn played bass and many girls found him to be the favourite. Louis played the guitar and he got all the girls swoon. My favourite was Niall. He played all the instruments, but he usually had a rough guitar most of the time on his stomach and he could leap across the stage.


15. all and everyone...

When I came down to everyone, the guys lit candles everywhere. They had closed all the windows and put on soft music in the background. Louis quickly came up to me with a drink. I took it and looked at everyone. I noted that Hope just sat and didn't feel comfortable. Perrie didn't like the location and Sophia was just trying to capture Liam's attention. 
"OK, what happened?" I got out of me. Louis smiled and stood before me. 
"We're just going to have fun tonight." 
Niall nodded and he almost undressed me with his eyes. 
"Yeah, we're gonna have fun tonight and hang out." 
I felt discomfort in my stomach, but began to drink easily. I sat down on a chair and tried to act invisible, yet it was me as the guys seemed to look at. 
"Wouldn't you tell her?" Hope got out and stood up angrily. She then looked at me and she wasn't happy. "They want everyone to have sex with everyone." 
I almost choke on. 
Zayn gave her a cold look then he looked at me. 
"We just want to hang out and it's stupid that we're a girl short? Just to get everyone to get as much as everyone, we decided that we would try group sex." 
I drank up everything in the glass and I blushed. 
"No way." I got out of me. "I'm not going to do that." 
Louis came up to me and he looked into my eyes. 
"You are the leading person, because everyone wants you., You can't back down." 
"But I can?" asked Hope quickly. Louis looked at her and grinned. 
"No, you, we can always squeeze in a corner."


I don't know what the guys thought of. They drank beer, smoked and didn't seem to care about that we girls didn't want. Instead went their shirts off their pants and in the end they completely naked. I looked down on the glass and gulped. I wanted to go home! Louis was quick, he came up with another drink to me and he grinned. 
"Come on, sweetheart." he whispered, and seemed to think it would help. "It's not that we are doing something we haven't done before?" 
I didn't answer but drank the drink, which he had given me.


I began to be affected by alcohol and directly Liam came up to me. He pulled me up from the chair and I felt that I really should sit down. He pulled up my dress and pulled it off my body. I noticed that the other girls had to do the same thing, but for the other guys. When I stood naked in front of him, he groaned loudly and smiled at me. 
"It's just a fun game." he mumbled. "We cuddle a bit and we caress each other. It's not so difficult?" 
I felt him pulling me down to the floor and I ended up with my back down. 
"So we take who we want?" asked Niall and stood beside him. "Then I want her and you can take another?" 
Liam grinned. 
"Wait for your turn. She's my first." 
Niall sighed. 
"Can't we take her at the same time?" 
Liam frowned. 
Niall whispered something in his ear and directly shining Liam up. 


I noted that there was lube in the room and dildos. I realized that the guys thought exploit us. Liam lay down beside me and Niall next to me on my other side. I felt Nialls hand slide down between my legs and Liam started to kiss me. I felt his tongue went in and I could feel Nialls hand made ​​me moan silently. I didn't know where they had planned, but I chose to go on. I took my arms around Liam's neck and pushed him against me. I lifted my hips and I was soon in the mist country. Niall made ​​me enjoy and he let two fingers penetrating. I felt his hand fucked me hard and I groaned higher. Liam continued to kiss me and he was intense. It was like a fight between us.


Finally let Niall me be and Liam forced me up on top of him. He penetrate quickly and got me to start riding him. He pushed my body down against him and he held me in a firm grip. I felt Niall stood behind me and he started to massage my rear hole. I felt he let a finger penetrate in the wrong hole. I screamed almost straight out, but the feeling soon became comfortable and I rode Liam's cock and Nialls finger at the same time. I knew Niall would take me in my rear hole, I wasn't stupid.


When Niall slowly penetrated, forced Liam me to be still. I screamed as I felt he came in and I didn't know if it was because of pain or something else. I felt he had lubed up his dick and he slid in all the way. 
"Come on!" Liam whispered hoarsely to me. "Ride me." 
I slowly started to move my body back and forth. I moaned and I groaned. I felt I was filled in both holes and I felt that they both reached my g-spot. Niall took his hands tightly around my waist and it was he who set the pace. I hid my face against Liam's neck and I didn't know what I would do.


I ended up in another state. I neither thought or dried bother me. My whole body was shaking and I liked it. I blushed when I realise I really liked to have sex with both of them and I shouldn't even got to approve it. I just felt how they moved and I could feel both of them bumped into me. I put my elbows on each side of Liam's head and gaped with full mouth. They could do whatever they wanted. I loved it.


I was aware of that the others were in the room. I heard they groaned and I heard that the girls squealing. Still, I was far away and my whole body was in ecstasy. Niall came and I felt how he spurted into my hole. He pressed himself into me and shook. 


After Niall had released me, I continued to ride Liam. I moved quickly and I whimpered against him. Liam moaned too loud and he kept his arms tightly around my body. 
"Come on and fuck me hard." he mumbled. I couldn't bother and I felt rather than how my whole body became overcrowded. I felt how it began as a small tingle and eventually shook my whole body. I screamed and I pressed myself down over his dick. Liam smiled and caressed my face all the time, until I had calmed down. He spun us around and I ended up under him. He quickly began working with the hip and he was panting loudly. He looked straight into my eyes and I saw that he was sweating. When he come he shook all over and he jerked everywhere.

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