♥Learning to fly♥

When Summer starts university, she is opened up to a whole new world of people, places, studies, boys and even food. Changes don't come often in Summer's life and university is one of the biggest changes in her life. As she goes through her first year of university, Summer realises that sometimes it's not the books and the lectures that teach you most about life. Sometimes, it's the people that open up your eyes that really teach you about life. And in Summer's life, it's the boy who taught her how to fly.


1. Leaving

“It's not okay, okay?” I paused and recited what I had said in my head. “That came out wrong.”

       Lila laughed and bounced on my bed. “Well. It's not going to be perfect, obviously. But you need to give it a try. Yes, university is when your life really begins. Yes, university is when you actually become independent. And yes, university is when you start to grow up and become who you want to be.”

      “An adult. University is when you grow old and become an adult. You know I hate that word.”

      “Okay, listen. Your idea of the definition of adult is different to mine. And it's probably different to 99% of this planet too. You think adulthood is when you become someone that doesn't have fun and becomes mature.”

I nodded as I put my phone and headphones into my bag.

      “Well, it's not. Not really.”

      “You see, I am excited for uni. I'm excited to become independent and to have some change. I'm excited to move on to the next stage in life.” I rechecked all my drawers for anything important. “But, I want to stay who I am. I don't want people to start thinking I'm mature and old and rational, because that's not me.”

        I glanced at Lila and saw that she was watching me with an amused expression.


        “Nothing. Just that you'll find out what I mean when you actually start university.”

         “How can you tell me that? You're starting university with me, you dummy.”

          Lila laughed. “I have a sister. Whom I'm very close with.”

          “Wise words, my friend.” I looked around the room one very last time. It was empty except for the table and bed. All my posters, books and stuff were all packed away to be either kept at home or to be taken to my university. “Well, I'm ready.”

         “Me too,” she said.

         “Then let's go.”



Leaving home, knowing it was permanent, was painful. If asked a few years back, I would have said that I was excited to go university and let life really begin. But when the actual moment of leaving hits you, it feels like a small explosion went through you. An explosion as realisation hits you that you are leaving. You won't really be a part of the household any-more, even if you do come back once in a while and stay over. Not really. As I sat in the car, which Lila was driving, I thought about this. The music was soft in the background and we were a few minutes from the university.

        “At-least we're in the same hall,” Lila said suddenly. I glanced at her.      “Sorry, I was kinda talking to myself and the words slipped out.” She grinned at me sheepishly.

        I laughed. “True though, atleast we are in the same hall. We're pretty damn lucky.” Lot's of our other friends weren't able to get the same hall as their on friends.

       She sighed. “All I know is that we're going to be spending a lot of time in uni or the library. The room is for me to sleep in. So, we could make friends with people from the halls, but if for some reason they're strange and take uni as a play-house, we're still cool.” I listened but didn't respond. I knew Lila too well to know that she was talking to herself.

      Just as we were nearing the university halls, I asked, “We could still be study buddies right?”

      “Of-course. Just because we're taking different degrees doesn't affect the way we study.”

      “It does because we won't be able to literally study together. We'll just sit next to each other and...”

       “Compete with each other to see who stops studying first.” Lila completed the sentence and looked at me. We both burst out laughing.         “Also, since there's still a week before anything starts, we're going to have a sleep over today!”

I grinned. “Perfect.”

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