Sliding Doors

It all started when four boys walked into her life threw some sliding doors....

Especially a certain blonde boy.....


15. "Well hello."

As I walk through the the halls I get so many weird looks. Okay limp through the halls. My legs still kills me from falling.

I sigh as my tangled hair gets in my face and I make my way to my locker. I shove my stuff in and grab out my books for my first class.

"Well look who we have here, the freak of the school." I close my eyes, hoping that this is all just in my head and she's really gone.  "Prude I'm talking to you." She snaps and grabs my shoulder turning me around, slamming me into my locker. I wince as the lock digs into my back.

"When I talk to you, you better respond. I know you talk to people, you talked to Drew." She sneers close to my face and I whimper cowering away from her, even though I'm stuck between her and a locker.

Why don't I stand up for myself? Oh that's right, I'm to weak and pathetic to.

That's why Luke slapped me to begin with.

I close my eyes and hope she goes away. But she does the opposite. I don't understand what's going till I feel a sting on my cheek. The same fricken cheek Luke slapped twice.

I fall to the floor and she kicks my stomach. I grab onto my stomach and let the tears fall down my face.

I literally just got here.

She cackles her annoying laugh and walks away with her friends and I just lay there with my books all around me and people just ignore me and go to class which has started only moments before.

I lay on the ground and close my eyes, leaning my stinging cheek against the cool tile.

I feel someone tap my shoulder and I flinch away looking at them with wide eyes.

I look up to meet eyes I've never seen before. I've never seen this girl before.

She's got blond hair with brown in it.... And green, hazel like eyes. Her hair is up in a pony take and she looks concerned.

Wait concerned? Sense when are people concerned for me? Well besides 3/4 of the 5SOS boys.

"Oh my god are you okay?" She then rolls her eyes. "Well duh you're not okay. You just got beat up." She says then sits up on her knees that are covered by her black skinny jeans.

"Oh I'm sorry! I'm Courtney!" She says and I just look at her confused. "And you have no idea who I am. Right." She says then gets out her phone and types rapidly on it and I groan moving so I'm in a sitting position.

"Well damn don't hurt yourself anymore." She says frowning.

After a moment of is just sitting in awkward silence and me wanting for to pass out, Ripley and Taylor rush over to us gasping.

"What the hell happened?!" Ripley asks her normal blue eyes wide as she crouches down next to me. Taylor beside her.

"Scarlet." I say and they both roll there eyes at me then Ripley looks at Courtney confused.

"Who are you?" She asks with an edge to her voice, furrowing her eyes brows. She's protective if you haven't noticed.

"Oh hush Ripley. This is my friend Courtney. She just moved here from my old school. Family friends and all." Taylor says while helping me up along with Courtney. Ripley grabs my books and puts them back into my locker for me.

"Oh." Ripley says then turns to Courtney. "Well hello. I'm Ripley." She says holding her hand out.

Courtney smiles and shakes her hand. "Well hi. I'm Courtney obviously."

"Guys, can you make friends later." I gasp out and they both shake off there random friendship thoughts and focus back on helping me to the nurses office.

I feel like I'm there a lot.

We walk down the hall and my phone rings.

I slip my hand into my pocket and fish it out, not seeing who it is. I hold it up to my ear wincing.

"Hey so I was- are you okay?" Michael asks me and I roll my eyes at the ridiculous question.

"Peachy." I mumble and the girls send me weird looks but don't bother to ask me any questions.

"What happened?" He asks sounding really worried.

"Nothing that hasn't happened before and that I can't handle." I tell him as we come to the nurses office. She looks up at me and her eyes widen. She rushes over and help us to another room with a bed on it.

"Sit here. Don't move Thorn." She says and walks away to get something.

"Where are you? I'm coming to get you." I her movement on the other end and I roll my eyes.

"No Mikey. You don't have to. I'm fine." And I end it with a hiss and wow that'll make him buy my lie.

"Yeah whatever. I'm calling Joy and telling her." He says before hanging up. I pout and glare at my phone.

"Rude." I mumble as I put my phone down beside me.

"Who was that?" Courtney asks me and I look up from my lap to see her confused eyes.

"No offence or anything, but I don't really know you so I don't feel comfortable talking about my personal life and problems with you. Not to be mean sorry if it comes off that way. I just don't know who you are." I say looking at her with sorry eyes but she just chuckles and smiles. "But thank you for helping me to the nurses office and texting Taylor." I tell her and she beams at me before jumping off the chair and picking up her bag.

"It's no problem. Her name is Scarlet you say? What a bitchy name. Oh and you're Thorn, correct?" She asks me and I nod my head.

"Yup. That's me. The one and only." I say looking at my shoes that are dangling off the bed.

"Okay well I'll see you around." She says before waving and skipping out the door.

The nurse comes back and hands me two pills and a tiny cup of water. She turns to my friends and crosses her arms. "Alright you two. Thank you for bringing her here but you are free to go to class now. I'll write you both a note saying why you're late." She says before walking back into her office and coming out a few seconds later with notes in her hands. She gives them to the girls and shoes them out of the room and she then turns back to me.

She walks over and tilts my head to the side and looks at my cheek. "Did she slap you?" I nod. "More then once? Because it seems like you were hit at least 3 or 4 times." She says and I look away.

"No only once." I whisper and she furrows her eyebrows and goes to ask something else but a knock on the door interrupts her.

We both turn to the door and she walks over and opens it, me seeing red hair and sighing, knowing its Michael.

She opens the door wider and not just Michael rushes in, but Luke also.

I grow confused as he rushes over to me. He grabs my shoulders making me flinch away from him. The nurse shuts the door.

Probably smart.

"Calm down Luke, she's not dead." Michael says walking over to me.

"Not that you would care anyway." I mumble loud enough for them both to hear me and Luke looks so heart broken. Good.

"Thorn, I didn't- I never meant- slapping you wasn't meant to happen." He says low enough for only us to hear.

"What happened?" Michael asks changing topic.

I push my purple hair from my face. "Like I said on the phone. Nothing that hasn't happened before. So there is really no need to get worked up over this."

Michaels eyes almost pop out of there sockets. "What!? This has happened before? How many other times has this happened to you?" He asks frowning a lot with Luke.

I look down at my fingers, not answering him.

"She's in here 4 days of the week, sometimes 5. Always something." The nurse says writing something down and the boys frown at me even more.

"Why wouldn't you tell us?" Michael says sounding broken.

I shrug. "There's no point in bothering you guys with my pity problems." I tell them crossing my arms but wincing as I do so because of the pressure on my stomach where she kicked me.

Luke grabs my face gently making me flinch, but he holds my face steady. "Hey, you're not bothering us at all. We're here for you to talk to and to help you." He says and I almost laugh at the words coming from his mouth but his eyes hold nothing but the truth.

I slowly nod my head and lean my head against his chest and he wraps his arms around me holding me close. Well, as close as we can get while I'm sitting on a hospital bed.

"I want the pain to stop Luke." I tell him and he makes soothing sounds petting my head,

I feel him peck the top of my head and sigh, resting his chin on my head.

"So I gave her some Tylenol and Advil so the pain should go away soon." The nurse says and I nod my head even though she can't really see it because of Luke. "Also put some ice on her stomach. By the way she's holding her stomach I'd say she got kicked or something like that."

"Let's go home." Luke mumbles into my hair and I nod my head holding onto him. He picks me up bridle style before walking towards the door.

"We just have to make sure no fans see us." Michael says walking ahead of us. He opens the door peaking his head out looking both ways before stepping out.

"You guys should know that classes are on. No ones in the halls." The nurse tells us chuckling at the two boys.

"Pft I knew that." Michael says and I go to laugh but it ends in a gasp.

"Don't move, you'll just hurt yourself even more." Luke says to me as we leave the school. We go over go the car and Luke gently puts me in the back seat and climbs in after while Michael gets in the drivers seat.

He starts up the car and pulls out of the parking lot and onto the road. "So I texted Joy and told her what happened, and she's telling your mum." He says and I groan.

"No I don't want my mom knowing about this." I tell them frowning.

Michael gives me w confused look through the review mirror. "What why?" He asks sounding confused and a tad worried.

I look out the window this beside Luke. "She'll just either put me in therapy or won't even acknowledge it. Probably number two." I say leaning my head on Luke chest as I curl up beside him.

"I'm taking a nap. I'm so tired." I say then yawn right after to prove my point.

"Okay you sleep." Luke tells me and I just nod my head closing my eyes.

Maybe I can make the pain stop for a little.

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