Sliding Doors

It all started when four boys walked into her life threw some sliding doors....

Especially a certain blonde boy.....


1. Trampy Little Mouth

"Thorn! Your bus is here!" I hear my mom yell from wherever she is. I groan and I quickly grab my bag and almost fling myself down the stairs and out the door.

The bus driver laughs and smiles at me as usual, and I put my head down and walk to my usual seat. I only know about three people on my bus. One being my friends brother, a guy who was in my class two years ago who's name is Cameron and then Hunter. A guy who's always been on my bus and I chat with him some times and also, he was in my math class last semester.

I live out in the country and I'm the last person to be picked up. I always complain on how I have to wake up so early then I realize that the other people on my bus have to get up earlier then me every morning and then I feel bad for them and not me. That's just how I am I guess.

I'm Thorn Freak. Yes my last name is Freak and my first name is Thorn. My parents tell me they named me Thorn because my mother loved roses and it suited me well as I grew up because I was always a picky eater. Get it? Aha no? Okay.

The bus lurches to a stop and I almost fly out of my seat. Well. That would have been embarrassing.

I get up and follow Hunter off the bus an into the building.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to school but as I like to call it, Hell!

I sigh taking my beanie off my head letting my teal purple hair fall free of my winter hat. I don't understand why people have to stare, I know I look weird but hello! Get a life people!

I have bright blue eyes that are so bright that they glow. Literally they glow. Well not like a flash light if that's what your thinking. Weird right? Kinda like my hair huh? Yeah I was born with dark brown hair but when I turned 4, my hair started to change colour and bam! It's now permanently light teal purple! I don't mind it to be honest, purples my favourite colour anyway. I just hate the stares I get when people see my hair and shit. Like seriously. Piss of.

I climb the stairs and head to my locker. I open it and put my bag and coat in it. I grab out my books I'll need for my vocals class and I brush my hair out grabbing my phone out of my bag and headphones and I turn my phone on.

I close and lock my locker and head down to the D hallway. My first class is on second floor in D10 and then my geography class is on third floor in E11 and then every other day is either a day 1 or day 2 and my last to classes switch depending on what day it is. Today's a day one, so I have English in E5 first then I have French in D9 last.

I look at the time. We're not aloud to go in the classroom until after 8:30. It's now 8:33. Good timing.

I walk in and grab a chair and sit in a circle as more people pile in. They still stare at my hair even though it's already March. March 17 to be persist. I keep my hair in front of my face other wise they'd probably stare at my 'glowing' eyes to. Jeez.

The final bell rings and we all stand for the national anthem.

After it's done we all sit down and listen to the announcements. I zone out listening to them and my teacher saying something about Tim Hortons brings me back to earth.

"Okay I thought that we could play a game. You know the movie Pitch Perfect?" Mrs. Thomas asks us. We all nod our heads at her.

"Well you know the riff off part that they do? Well were gonna do that but no category and yeah. Okay? Who wants to start us off?" She tells us clapping.

"I'll go." Stephanie says standing up. Mrs. Tomas nods for her to go and Stephanie take a deep breath.

"I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 22! Everything will be alright, if you keep me next to you!" She sings and then after shrugs her shoulders.

"That's all I know." She says sys laughing awkwardly rubbing her arm.

"Okay well someone else go. Just keep going." Mrs. Tomas says and Jenessa puts her hand up.

"So any song? And we can just jump in when ever?" She asks and Mrs. Tomas nods her head smiling.

"One way, or another, I'm gonna find ya, I'm gonna getcha, getcha, getcha. One way, or another, I'm gonna win ya, I'm gonna getcha, getcha, getcha, getcha." Jordan stands up singing.

"Lately I've been, I've been losing sleep, dreaming about the things that we could be. But baby I been I been playing hard, so no more counting dollars we'll be counting stars, yeah we'll be counting stars." Charlie gets up and songs and we all laugh as Megan gets up an start dancing.

I stand up and everything goes silent. I don't like to be in the spotlight or anything like that. I hate it when the attentions all on me but, oh well to late now. I hear whispers all around me and I close my eyes and ignore them as I take a step forward. I take a deep breath and begin.

"She looks so perfect standing there, in my American apparel underwear. And I know now, why I'm so down! Your lipstick stain is a work of art, I got your name tattooed in an arrow heart. And I know now, that I'm so down." I sing out. I just sing the chorus and people don't dare to even move. Hell! I don't even think there breathing.

"Keep going." Mrs. Tomas says motioning for me to keep going. I gulp.

"Let's get out, let's get out cause this dead beat towns only here to keep us down, while I was out, I found my self alone just thinking if I showed up with plane ticket and a shiny diamond ring with your name on it, would you want to run away to? Cause all I really want is you!" I sing and people still don't move. Well, talk about awkward.

Then all of a sudden Maddison, the only other person I talk to sometimes besides the teacher, starts clapping and then everyone else joins in. No one has EVER clapped for me before......

"That's an amazing song. I have the video saved on ITube." Faith says and Grace nods her head. I look down and play with hem of my shirt.

"Your actually really good at singing. Like, I new you could sing but not that good." Caleb says chuckling. I blush and hide my face in my hair.

I sit back down and the teacher tells us to keep going. Caleb stays standing.

"My hearts a stereo, it beats for you so listen close, hear my thoughts in every no- ote. Make me your radio, turn me up when you feel low, this melody was meant for you, so sing along to my stereo." He sings and I'm taken back. Damn he's really good.

Caleb has black shaggy kinda. Yell hair and he has glasses and he's tall and actually really cute. He has very nice brown eyes that could make you melt just if they look at you. Yeah. He's super cute.

He sits back down and more people sing and before I know it, the bell rings and I go to my locker, grab out my next class books and go to third floor as I hum She's Looks So Perfect by 5SOS. There really amazing singers along with One Direction, of cores. Anyway.

I walk into the class room and zip my lip as I make my way to my seat, getting stares from people.

I put my books on my desk and keep my head down as I scroll through Twitter.

I feel a tape on my shoulder and I look up to see Skylare. A girl who's been trying to be my friend. I say try because I keep pushing her away. I don't want her to come down to my level. I have two real friends who will not leave me alone even if I paid them. So I just excepted them. Ripley and Taylor. Both crazy ass bitches but my closest friends.

Ripley has wavy brown hair that just slightly passes her chin and she has blue glasses that match her navy blue eyes and she's really skinny. Not in a bad way, she's just really sporty. Last year, she played tackle football and she was the only girl on all the teams and she was one of the best.

Then ya got Taylor. She also has brown wavy hair but it reaches the small of her back. She has brown eyes and is also super skinny she's sporty just like Ripley. But, she never played football. She played soccer sense she was 3 though.

"Hi." She says smiling at me. Here we go again....

"Hi?" I say but it comes out more of a question. I've never actually told her to leave me alone, I just hope that one day she'll leave me be. No offence or anything.

"What did you do over March break?" She asks. Oh god. Trying to make conversation. Everyone's staring.... I catch Drew, a guy in this class with me and in my English, staring at me with a small smile. I look down and I hear a chair move across the floor.

I put my forehead on the desk as I check my phone on my lap. I feel my desk move and I see Skylare sigh and walk away as Drew sits in front of me, and turns to face me. I look done quickly so I don't meet his eyes. I don't need another thing for them to have another stupid reason to talk about me.

"Hi. I'm Drew. I'm also in your English." He says biting his lip, looking a little but nervous. It's kinda funny actually. Being scared to talk to me and all. I don't bite. Well, that's a lie. I do bite.

"Hi." I say, still not meeting his eyes.

"How old are you?" He asks. Another damn conversation.

"17." Why did I answer him? Now almost the whole class is watching because that's the first time I've actually talked in this class without it being the teacher.

He looks shocked and he blinks looking stunned. I roll my eyes at him and look back down at my phone.

"I just turned 18." He tells me. I finally look up and slightly push my hair out of my face and his eyes go wide as he catches a glimpse of my eyes.

I quickly look back down and bite my lip. Shit.

"Your eyes, glow." Drew says grinning. I gulp and bite my lip harder.

"Yeah. So what?" I asks trying to keep a low profile again.

"I'm just saying that I've never seen your eyes before and I defiantly didn't think they'd glow." He says shrugging as I narrow my eyes at him.

"What colour did you think they were?" I say with no emotion. I'm very defensive when it comes to my eyes and hair.

"Like, I thought they would be brown or ya know, a normal shad of blue that doesn't glow? If they didn't glow then maybe you'd be wanted and accepted." He asks and I'm becoming more pissed.

"Whatever." I mumble looking back down at my phone blinking back tears. I'm not sure if there sad or angry tears at the moment. After a minute or so I hear Drew sigh and get up. Good. Go play on an intersection.

The teacher walks in and we begin our work.

The bell rings and I get up, slipping my phone in my back pocket and I head out the door and I keep my head down as I get pushed and shoved into every direction.

I finally make it to my locker and grab out my lunch money and lock my locker back up.

I walk to the café, pay for some fries and I get a drink and I make my way to a table in the dark far corner and sit down and slowly eat my fries.

After a minute Ripley and Taylor cone over chatting about god knows what.

"Hey purple. What's up?" Ripley says turning to me after smacking Taylor on the back of the head.

"Nothing. I argued with Drew." I tell them picking at my fries. They look at me with there eyebrows raised.

"You actually talked to someone? Well, besides us and a teacher?" Taylor asks. Ripley looks at her and shake her head.

"No you moron. She argued with someone." Ripley rolls her eyes at Taylor who sticks her tongue out at Rip behind her back. I chuckle as I watch them.

"What about?" Taylor asks ignoring Ripley.

"He was talking crap about my eyes." I mutter looking back down at my fries.

"Oh shit." Ripley says eyes wide.

"Your eyes? Well he's a badass for talking shit about your eyes. And a brave one at that." Taylor says letting out a puff of air.

"Yup. Wanted to rip his eyes out and shove them up up his ass." I say sweetly with a fake smile on my face and they both burst out laughing.

I finish my fries and throw my garbage out in the trash can. We make our way up to put next class. I have this class with Ripley. We say our goodbyes and we walk down the hallway that I hate the most. G hallway. Yeah, yeah. Sounds stupid but it's not. G hallway is where all the stupid populars hang out and torment people they don't like. Aka me.

Everyone wonders why Ripley hangs out with a Freak. I wonder it all the time also.

We walk down the hall way, me keeping my head down and Ripley acts like her normal self. Confident, brave and a tad bit scary. I say scary because she's kinda like a bomb that could go off at any second and you wouldn't even know it till it's to late.

People whisper and point at me all the time but this, this is just stupid. It's even worse now that Drew saw my 'glowing' eyes. Jackass.

We eventually make it to English and take our seats in the back, like always.

"People are so rude. They should know not to stare and point. If your gonna make fun of someone, don't be so obvious! Like, come on people!" Ripley says throwing her hands up dramatically and I snort at her.

"Okay class. Today we are going to catch up on your independent reading on Pigman." Mrs. Roovers says as she pushes her ugly glasses more onto her face. Eesh.

She hands out the books and I find my spot where I was. We're suppose to read it together as a class. Yeah ha. No. There on chapter 3 and I'm on chapter 7. Easy. It's not that bad of a book to tell the truth.

I keep reading and I get up to the part where Lorraine and John are at the zoo with Pigman and he's showing them Bobo when the teacher gets up and leaves the classroom for something from the printer and I start to get worried. There's tons of people in this class who would love for me to die.

I keep my head tucked down once I notice that Ripley's not in the classroom either. Oh shit.

I hand bangs on my desk and I flinch. Oh shit. Again.

"Hey Freak. What's new?" Scarlet, a whor, oh I mean girl. They rhyme kinda. Not really, but you see what I mean right? No? Whatever.

I glare at my desk because I do not want to deal with her bullshit right now. Not after Drew from this morning.

"Why don't you look at me Freak? I wanna know if what people are saying are true." She spits at me. I can feel my gaze harden as I try to keep my focus on the wooden desk in front of me.

"That means look at me bitch!" She kicks my leg with her stupid ass high heel. I bite my lip, not saying anything.

"Still silent? What? You won't talk to me but you'll talk to Drew? Is that because the Freak has a little crush on him? Just wish you could kiss him, date him, love him, do all those lovely stuff with him. Like a real couple would do. Am I right? Or is it the sex you want from him? I bet he'd feel so good. Just imagine him kissing your neck and grinding into you as he says your name over and over again." She says sneering and then laughing like a hyena as the class joins her.

Yep that's it. I stand up glaring at her and she stops laughing and looks at me with a giant smirk on her face.

"I've taken your shit long enough. I bet your just talking from experience with him. I bet you fuck him Monday to Sunday, left to right. I'm sorry that I keep my mouth shut, something you should learn to do with your mouth and your legs." I stay calm and the words come out so harshly that I have to swallow a lump that's formed in my throat.

The smirk goes off her face an the whole class gasps. I don't talk in class, so standing up to Scarlet and arguing with her is like we found a human living on Venus. Yeah. Bizarre.

"How dare you speak to me that way! You should keep your mouth shut if you don't have nothing nice to say." She snaps putting her hands on her hips as I raise an eyebrow at her.

"You should take up your own advice once in a while. And I can speak to you how ever the hell I want to speak to you. Your not the boss of me, never have and never will be. So shut your trampy little mouth and legs and sit the fuck down before your messed up face gets even more fucked up then it already is." I threaten and she actually takes a step back and the classes mouths are all hanging wide open.

"You can't threaten me!" She gasps and slaps me hard across the face. My anger boils over as I cradle my cheek.

I glare at her as she goes to punch me this time and I grab her fist before it comes in contact with my face.

"Don't fucking touch me." I say and I push her and she falls on to a desk with wide eyes.

She walks right up to me and I slap her so hard that she falls onto the ground. She finally gets up and takes another step back from me.

"You Freak! You'll never be wanted and accepted and loved! I bet your own parents didn't want you when you were born!" She yells at me and I gulp.

"My parents at least care for me now and don't let me be a grade A slut." I snap back. She huffs and walks back to her seat as everything goes quiet. Ripley walks in and walks back over to me.

"Wow. Tough crowd." She mumbles to me as she sits and leans on her elbows.

"It was sure a show. I'm sure you'll hear all about it later." I tell her and she shrugs her shoulders but then gives me a confused look.

I sigh. "Me and Hobag got into an argument." I say putting my face right into my book.

"What?" She screeches. And I flinch.

"How come when ever I leave, something awesome always happens??" Ripley says and I laugh and shake my head at her.

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