Sliding Doors

It all started when four boys walked into her life threw some sliding doors....

Especially a certain blonde boy.....


10. Special In Her Own Way.

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I take my seat next to Ashton again and Luke soon follows, not meeting my gaze.

"Huh so no one died in there. Shocker." Calum says and Luke shoots dangers at him and I roll my eyes.

"Hey so how's your cheek?" Ashton asks gently touching it, me not flinching this time because I know Ashton won't hurt me.

I glance at Luke who's watching me and smile softly at Ashton. "Much better now."

He smiles. "Well that's good. Can we keep playing now?"

"Yeah. Luke it's your turn." Calum says and our gazes go to Luke who's already staring at me.

And it's not a glare or anything like that, it's an actual look of fondness in his bright blue eyes.

"Luke. Luke... Luke..... Lucas.... Lucifer! God damn it, Luke!" Calum pushes Luke over and he falls over blinking, looking confused.

"What the-? Why'd you push me?" Luke asks Calum who rolls his eyes.

"It's your turn dumbass." Cal says chuckling.

Luke blushes and clears his throat. "Right. Sorry I wasn't paying attention."

"No shit Luke." Michael says grinning and he flicks him off.

"Fine Calum truth or dare?" Luke says.

Calum smiles. "I'm not gonna be a pussy like you so I'll go with dare."

"Asswipe. Fine. I dare you to call the last person in your phone and try to seduce them, oh and it's gotta be on speaker so we can hear." He says smirking while Calum's face pales a little.

"Okay, I haven't called anyone in a while so.... Just warning you not sure who it's gonna be." He get his phone out and clicks redial.

All of a sudden Ashton's phone rings and we all burst out laughing. Calum rolls his eyes.

"Okay so do I have to do this anymore sense the last person I called is in front of me?" Calum asks and Luke's smirk grows.

"Fine, I'll change it. A little. Alrighty then. Calum, instead of seducing him over the phone seduce him here." Luke says and we all chuckle while Ashton and Calum both pale.

"Can't I just seduce someone else on my phone or even Thorn, I'll seduce her." Calum says and I shake my head chuckling.

Luke bites his lip and looks at me then at Calum and with a sigh nods his head. "Fine, instead of Ashton, do Thorn."

My eyes widen. "Wait what."

Calum looks at me and smirks crawling over to me and I back up from him. He gets up off the ground and pulls me up taking my seat pulling me down onto his lap.

"Wait shouldn't this be the other way around?" Ashton says confused.

"What do you mean?" Calum asks his hands laying on my waist.

"I mean that it's usually the girl seducing the guy....." Ash tell us and Michael nods.

"Yeah Ashton's right."

"But this is Calum's dare, not hers." Luke says and I hear Calum sigh.

"Right. Let's just get this going so we can all have a go." Michael says groaning leaning against the couch.

"Fine. Get along with it Cal." Ashton says giggling.

I look up to meet the warm brown eyes of Calum Hood. He runs his hands up and down my sides and I squirm giggling a little because, well, I'm ticklish.

"Maybe Thorn should do this instead of Calum." Luke says.

I'm getting tired of all this switching....

"Just pick already Luke." I say looking at him over my shoulder and he smiles at me.

"Wow, did hell just freeze over? Because Luke just smiled at Thorn and it wasn't a sneer or a sarcastic one." Michael grabs on to Ashton who's chuckling.

"Get off of me!" Ashton says giggling while swatting at Michael.

"Okay seduce him already Thorn!" Ashton says pushing Michael off the arm of the couch.

I look back at Calum and I sigh. I put my hand on his shoulder and trail it down his chest and I sigh again.

"I don't know how to seduce anyone. This is so weird." I say looking at Luke who looks like he debating something. "Do I have to do this? It not even my dare to begin with."

I meet his blue eyes with my own bright blue eyes. "Okay. Calum new dare. Just to get it out of the way."

"Wait. What? Your actually gonna let her off the hook?" Calum asks confused as I climb off him and sit down beside Luke. Only because Calum's in my spot.

I sit so there's space between me and Luke..... I just, I don't trust him. He already slapped me once, who knows if he'll do anything else.

"Fine. What's my new dare?" Cal asks sighing.

"Um chug a full water bottle in under 30 seconds." Is all Luke says before Calum's up and rushing into the kitchen.

He comes back moments later with a full water bottle and takes my seat back on the couch.

Or his seat now.

"Okay hold on let me set the timer." Ashton says grabbing his phone out and putting the timer on. "Alrighty. Ready, set. Go."

And there goes the water.

Calum drinks it and Michael smirks, and tips the water bottle and Calum coughs and water gets all over him making us all laugh.

He glares at Michael. "I hate you."

"Kay Calum your turn." Ashton says turning his timer off and snickering.

"Right. So Thorn.... Truth or dare sweetheart?" He says and I roll my eyes at his little nickname.

"Well, seeing you guys take forever to do dares. I'll go with truth." I say and he groans.

"Fine. How many guys have you ever kissed?" He asks smirking while I look down at my lap.


"Wait. You've never...." Ashton asks trailing off.

"Nope." I say awkwardly.

"Wow. But your so....." Michael trails off looking for a word.

I bite my lip, frowning as I look down at my lap embarrassed.


Freaky looking?

Fucked up?



"Pretty." I hear someone mumble and my head shoots up, eyes wide.

Who just-

"Luke?" Ashton asks confused and all our eyes go to Luke who's staring at me.

"Um what did you just say?" Michael asks confused.

Luke look at Michael then back at me with a blush on his cheeks. "Pretty. I said she's pretty."

I look down blushing as I feel Luke's stare.

"Yeah. Pretty." Calum says grinning at me and I blush even harder.

"Let me guess, your not use to people calling you pretty......" Luke says in a teasing tone with a smile.

I shake my head and his smile turns into a frown. "Oh."

"Well get use to it beautiful." Ash winks at me and I chuckle.

"Sure. Whatever you say Ashton." I say and Luke's face gets serious.

"Thorn? Can I talk with you?" Luke doesn't give me a chance to say anything cause he grabs my arm pulling me up.

"O-oh okay. Guess I don't really have a say in this do I?" I say shooting dangers at Luke who just drags me up the stairs.

Wonder what he's got to tell me....




Unknowns POV

How does this amazing girl not know that's she's beautiful?

She's the most prettiest thing I've laid my eyes on.

I can't let one of the other boys take her from me.... When I first met her I knew she was special.

Special in her own way....

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