Sliding Doors

It all started when four boys walked into her life threw some sliding doors....

Especially a certain blonde boy.....


13. Set Him Straight.



And I feel like this ones a little longer then normally so yeahhhhh.

Okay so hi, how you doing.

Schools a bitch. I hate everyone and everything in it.

I've never been in a relationship before but people always come to me for advice on it.

Oh well.

So yeah love you guys!!



Thorn's POV

I feel something around my my body as I turn over. I furrow my eyebrows with my eyes still shut tightly.

All of the events that happened the other day and I frown as I open my eyes. It's dark in the room but I can see some sunlight coming from under the heavy dark curtains.

I look to my left to see Michael sleeping, his chest rising and falling as he breathes in and out.

I smile a little and yawn with my hands up over my head.

I look at my phone and see I've gotta get ready for school soon oh goody.

I throw the blanket off me and I quietly make my way out of the room and shut the door quietly behind me, making sure it doesn't make a loud sound.

I make my way downstairs and into the kitchen. I stop once I see broad shoulders and tousled blonde hair and very low boxers.

I shake my self from those thoughts and make my way over and grab the cup I used for water last night.

I feel Luke's eyes on me and I try to ignore him but it's kinda hard when he's standing like 5 feet from me.

"You cheek looks pretty bad." He says.

I wonder why.

I scoff and open the fridge to find some kind of juice for me to drink.

"I'm talking to you." He snaps and I slam the door shut making him jump and I glare at him.

"Yeah and I don't give a shit." I say leaving my cup on the counter and I walk away.

"No wait- Thorn." He says and grabs my wrist making me stop and I fight the urge to smack him.

Not sure why, I mean he slapped me so why can't I slap him.

"What?" I snap and he looks taken back.

"Why are you in such a bitchy mood?" He asks frowning.

I scoff. "Seriously? You slapped me twice yesterday. So what you should be asking me is why I'm not slapping you right now." I hiss out and he takes a step back letting me go.

I glare at him and I hear a low whistle from behind me. I look over my shoulder to see Calum standing in the door way.

"I have to agree with Thorn here Lucass. Your an asshole." He says shrugging and walking over to us.

"Really?" Luke says in disbelief. "Your taking her side?" He asks throwing his hands up.

Calum throws an arm around my shoulders and bid his head. Luke glares at me and takes a step towards me but Calum pushes me behind him and meets Luke's glare with his own hard one.

"Don't even think about it Luke." Calum says, his voice hard and jaw set.

Luke glares at Calum then at me before walking past us and pushing Calum's shoulder in the process.

He goes up the stairs and I let out a breath of air I didn't know I was holding in.

Cal turns around and places both hands on my arms. "You okay?" He asks and I shakily nod my head, brushing my hair out of my face and wincing when I touch my cheek.

"Well fuck." I hiss and hold back tears.

Calum frowns and grabs my hand before leading me to the bathroom. "Let's get some stuff on your bruise."

I just let him lead me to the washroom and he sets me down on the counter. He goes into the cabinet and grabs out a container.

He look at me and if it was possible his frown deepens. "Hey don't cry. Your to pretty to be crying." He says and I give him a watery chuckle before just letting out the tears and sob.

"Hey, Thorn, it's okay." He says holding me close and I cry into his shoulder.

"What if I deserved it?" I whisper and I feel his body tense.

He pulls back and his eyes are wide and glossy. "Why would you think that?" He says his voice gone horas.

"I've always been a freak and I always new I was horrible so it was bond to get physical at some point, and not just from myself." I say and he lets his own tears go down his face before backing away completely and stomping out of the room.


Calum's POV

I stomp out of the bathroom on a mission to murder Luke.

I go into the kitchen and I see him and Michael. Luke leaning against the counter and Michael sitting on his phone at the island.

I go over to Luke and I punch him right in the jaw.

He falls over holding his jaw and looking at me like I'm crazy.

"What the hell man?!" He says cradling his jaw that's going to have a bruise on it.

I go to lunge at him again but I get he's back. "No! Fuck you! Let me go! Let me- fucking hell!" I curse trying to get out of the person grip.

"What the hell is going on?" I hear Ashton say and I get let go only to realize he's the one holding me back.

I pull away from him and wipe my cheeks.

Michael frowns at me. "Cal, why are you crying?"

I glare at Luke. "It's all your fault." I sneer.

He looks so confused and I can already see a bruise forming. "What on earth are you talking about?"

"She's questioning everything now because of you." I snap ready to launch at him again but I feel Ashton place a hand on my arm to stop me.

"What do you mean?" Ashton asks me and I can't help but let more tears go as I think of our conversation.

I back away from them. "She thinks she deserved to be hit. That she brought it on to her self." I choke out and I see the other boys faces fall- even Luke's.

"No one deserves to feel like that." Ashton says and he wipes his own eyes before glaring at Luke.

"Why did you have to hit her? Out of all things! Kissing her would have been 1000 times better! Anything but hitting her!" Ashton blows up and Luke looks down.

Good feel like shit asshole.

"I'm sorry okay?" He says and I laugh bitterly.

All eyes go to me and I set my hard gaze on Luke. "Bullshit your sorry. You said sorry last night but you still hit her." I say crossing my arms.

"Uh, I have to get to school soon." I hear a small voice say from behind me. I turn around to see Thorn standing there, her bruise standing out on her face and her bright blue eyes looking dull.

"You can use my shower quickly and I'll lend you some clothes." Michael says and she nods her head before following Michael upstairs.

I look over at Luke who's staring at the spot she just left.

"Don't get any ideas Luke." I snap before walking away. I go up stairs to my room and I change out of my boxers and I put on black skinny jeans and a random band shirt. I ruffle my hair and make it look half decent. Well to me anyway.

I put on my vans and flop onto my bed and go on Twitter.

"You should never lay a hand on a girl, unless it's to show her love and affection." I tweet and in a matter of seconds thousands of replies and retweets.

People asking what I mean and where this came from.

I noticed Luke retweet it and reply with, "agreed." And I'm close to tweet him and say "then why did you?0 but that would look bad for not just him but the whole band.

I close the app and sigh. God why does he have to be an asshole? He wasn't like this before.

I know someone who will set him straight.

I sit up and grab my phone dialling the number I've known sense I was young.


Thorn's POV

I sigh as I turn the water off. I pull back the curtain and grab the towel, drying my body off and my hair.

I step onto the mat and put the clothes Michael laid out for me on. The jeans fit pretty good and he just gave me a sweater to wear.

I put on my own under clothes and I leave the bathroom with my socks on.

"Mikey?" I ask quietly and he pops his head from out of the closet.

"Yeah?" He asks. He then gives me a once over and smiles. "That looks good on you." He says and I smile small.

"Thanks." I say in a small voice.

"You should get something for that bruise." He says and I nod my head, leaving the room to find Calum.

I walk down the hall ways and I have no close which ones Calum's room.

I stop at one and sigh. Might as well.

I open the door and go to speak but stop when I see a shirtless Luke look up at me from looking through the his drawers.

"Sorry." I squeak. I go to shut the door but he stops it and I back away from him, fear etched across my face.

He notices and sighs running a hand down his face.

"Look," He starts and I mentally scream for one of the other boys to show up. "I'm sorry."

I mentally scoff. "Yeah. Okay." I say before turning go walk away but he grabs my arm making me flinch away and almost cry out in fear.

I'm scared of everything now.

"I'm trying to apologize here and your just walking away." He says and I glare at him.

"You said it yesterday to and I've got an even bigger bruise because of it." I say, it was meant to be a strong voice but it came out weak and fragile.

God I'm a weakling.

No wonder he hit me.

Need to toughen up. So hitting me is showing how weak I really am.

I'm such an idiot for actually believing his nice act.

I rip my arm out of his grip and rush away from him as he calls out for me.

I start walking faster and before I know it I'm running down the stairs, hopping one of the boys will be there.

I hear Luke right behind me and I really don't want him to get me.

I let out a breath of air when I hear movement in the kitchen and before I can go in, Luke grabs my arm and yanks me towards him. I can feel another bruise forming in my arm, great.

"Listen, I'm talking to you so knock it off." He snaps and I try to get out of his grip but fall as I do so.

I get up quickly and run into the kitchen and see Ashton look at me worried but then his gaze hardens as Luke bolts into the room going to grab me but Ashton grabs me and pushes me behind him.

"What do you think your doing?" He asks in a stern voice that sends chills down my spine.

Luke stops and then looks at Ashton in front of him then looks back at me.

He ignores Ashton and glares at me. "There not always going to be around to protect you and when there gone, you and me, we're gonna have a nice chat." He snaps before shaking his head and walking away and I cling on to Ashton's shirt and I feel his tense muscles relax a little and I just cling on to him.

He turns around to face me and he sees how shaken up I look. He places his hands in my cheeks and makes me look at him.  "Hey, hey it's okay. Calm down." He says and I just collapse into his chest sobbing.

I've been crying so much in the past two days I should get an award.

He puts his hand on my head and his arms are tightly around me holding me close.

"It's okay Thorn." He murmurs and I just try to focus on my breathing pattern.

He pulls back just enough to meet my blue eyes with his own hazel ones.

"Let's get your bruise covered up." He says and j shakily kid my head and follow him back into the bathroom Calum and I were in before.

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