Sliding Doors

It all started when four boys walked into her life threw some sliding doors....

Especially a certain blonde boy.....


3. One Of The Hottest Guys

School flew by. I got even more bullied and shoved into lockers and doors and bathroom stalls. Same old things just, more often.

I get a text from a random number and I know it's Joy.

"Hey! I'm here outside the main doors! Hurry your ass up or we'll be late!" ~Joy

I sigh and put my phone in my pocket and make my way to the main doors and I see a bright red car. I also know it's Joy because she's leaning against it with her sunglasses on.

I sigh as I throw my bag in her car and climb in as she gets in also. We drive for what seems to be forever.

"I like your shirt." Joy says after a long period of awkward silence.

I look down at my sweater that says 'Don't Worry, Be Happy!' "Thanks. I got it the other day."

After another long, tormenting day of hell, I actually am looking forward to this 'job'. Can I be home schooled? Please?

We pull up to a GAINT building. Holy shit. I climb out, my eyes wide with awe as my hair flys wildly around me. Oh my god. It's so big. Okay that sounded wrong.

"C'mon. You can gawk later. Right now, we have to go get ready. We have a lot of people coming in today." Joy says chuckling and grabbing my hand as she pulls me threw sliding doors and into a lobby. She lets me go and walks up to the big desk and says something to the girl behind the desk. I say something, because I was to busy lookin at everything around me in the lobby. It's HUGE!

"Kay, let's go Thorn." She says motioning for me to follow. I let my gaze land on her a I follow her down a long hallway.

We come to a big bright room with lights and a snack table full of food and goodies and a couch and a wooden coffee table and a chair with a love seat also.

"You can just watch for the first person. Okay?" Joy asks me, setting up an expensive looking camera. Note to self. Don't go anywhere near that camera.

"Sure. I don't trust myself around that camera. Or any others you got in here." I say looking behind her at the others. She chuckles and shakes her head a little at me.

"Joy! Jennifer's here!" A perky blond yells us, popping her head in the door.

"Okay! Thank you Kelsie." Joy says and the blond smiles and leaves. A couple minutes later a soft knock is on the door.

"Thorn, can you get that for me? It's just Jennifer." She says while working on a camera randomly.

I groan and walk over to the door. Who the hells Jennifer?

I open it and my eye almost fall out of there sockets.

"Hi. I'm looking for Joy. Is she here?" Jennifer says. I open and shut my mouth again and nod opening the door for her to walk in.

She walks in smiling at me and walking over to Joy.

Found out who Jennifer is.

I shut the door softly and turn back to Mrs. Lopez and Joy.

"Oh Jen! This is my cousin, Thorn. She's new working here." Joy says pulling me forward and I look down and okay with the hem of my shirt.

"I really love your hair! It's so pretty! Where did you get it done?" Jen asks me. I bite my lip, debating if I should tell her how much of a freak I am.

"Go on, tell her Thorn. She's not going to judge you." Joy says putting an arm around my shoulders.

"Did you get it done by a criminal?" Jen asks so serous that I burst out laughing.

"Um, not exactly......" I mumble rubbing my arm as Joy plays around with a camera.

"Then where! I'm dying to know!" She says putting her hands on my shoulders slightly shaking me making me giggle.

"I- I was born with it." I tell her and and she looks at me confused.

"What?" She asks so confused. I laugh again.

"Well, I was born with brown hair but when I turned 4, it turned purple and bam! It's now permanently purple." I tell her flopping down on a couch.

"Really?" She asks eyes wide. I nod my head looking down.

"Okay Jen! Picture time!" Joy yells at Jen who laughs and walks over. Joy gives her a super cute outfit and she goes and changes.

She gets her makeup done and takes couple pictures. Then after that, I have to go get another one. And then another, and another, and another. Okay around 34 outfits. And after the 23rd outfit, I was so tired.

"Okay! See ya next time Jen!" Joy yells out the door still perky as hell. She shuts the door and walks back over to her camera.

"How?" I ask astounded.

"What?" Joy asks smiling at me. I roll my eyes at her never ending perkiness.

"How the fuck do you stay so..... Perky?" I ask wondering but I can never wrap my mind around it.

"Coffee and I've done this for years. I know what to do to save my energy." She tells me setting her camera to the side and puts all the outfits to the side hanging on a rack.

"Wow. You can take a little break. Our next people aren't coming for a while." Joy says laughing at me as I groan out "Yes!" And fall on my side laying down on the couch.

I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I know, I'm face first in the floor beside the couch.

"What the-?" I mumble as I sit up and I see Joy smirking at me with her arms crossed. I push my purple hair out I my face and look up at her. Her eyes furrow as she looks at me.

I sigh, standin up and sitting back on the couch.

"Do you have contacts in or something?" Joy asks out of the blue. Ahhh so that's why she was looking at me funny. Makes sense.

"Nope. Born with these baby's to!" I tell her pointing to my glowy eyes. She laughs and still looking a little shocked about my eyes.

"Anyway. Why'd you wake me? I'm just starting to remember my dream and it had a shirtless Mr. Tatum in it!" I whine when I realized that he and me were together in my dream. Damn he was so hot. He's even better in person probably.

"We have only two more photo shoots to do today then you can go home and rest for school tomorrow." Joy says sighing as if she's just picturing her bed.

"Well who's-" I get cut off by the door opening and closing. I turn around and gasp at the sight before me.

"Hey, this shirts a little to small. Got any other sizes?" One of the most sexiest guys alive says.

"Oh yeah. Sorry bout that. Oh! This is my cousin Thorn." Joy says quickly. As she rushes out the door in search for the right size for Channing Tatum. Holy shit. Channing Tatum is standing right in front of me and I just had a dream about this. Except that he and I were kissing. But, what ever. Have you ever had the real Channing Tatum standing in front of you, shirtless????

"Hi. I'm Channing." He says sticking his hand out for me to shake. I hesitate at first not because I'm scared or anything but that if I touch him, I'll wake up and this will all just be a stupid dream.

I shake it anyway, and he doesn't disapear! YES! He's real.

"Thorn Freak." I tell him then I mentally shoot myself for telling him my last names Freak.

"You call your self Thorn Freak?" He asks leaning against the wall crossing his hot arms.

"Um. No actually, Freaks my actual last name." I tell him putting a piece of hair behind me ear.

"Really? That's a weird last name, no offence or anything." He adds hastily. I chuckle and shake my head.

"It's fine. I'm used to it. I get called it everyday." I say then mentally face palm for telling him that to. I don't want his pity, even if it would be hot as him.

"Oh. Is school really that bad? Why do they call you freak?" He asks his smile dropping and turning into a frown.

"My hair and my eyes." I say blankly, hoping he won't press the subject any further.

"What about you hair? Your hairs just died purple witch looks hot by the way and your eyes? What? I don't get why-" I cut him off shoving my hair out of my face so he can look into my eyes and see.

He leans in so he's like right there in front of me. Holy shit. Damn he smells good. Focus Thorn!

"Wow." He breaths out and I look down biting my lip, very embarrassed that one of the hottest guys that ever walked the planet knows how much of a weirdo I am.

"Yeah." I mumble, still not looking back up. "I honestly don't like them."

"Then just take out your contacts." He says like it's that easy. Oh yeah, let me just rip my eyes out and that will be much better. Thanks Tatum.

"There not contacts." I say awkwardly.

"There real? That's so cool! I've heard of people getting something injected into there eyes so that there like yours. But you. Your born with it?" He asks smiling huge at me. I look up and smile back, nodding me head.

"And my hair is permanent also. It was brown up till I was 4 then it turned purple and no knows why. I don't really care considering purples my all time favourite coulor." I tell him laughing. He joins in shortly after and before I know it, were both gasping for air as we laugh our asses off on the ground. Yes, the ground. We couldn't stand any longer while laughing like we did. And the floor seemed like the safest place. If we're already on the floor that means we can't fall on it. See? I'm smart. At times.

Joy comes in holding a shirt but raises an eyebrow at us once she sees us gasping for air on the floor.

"I'm not even going to ask." I hear her mumble as she walks over to us and hands Channing his shirt. He (sadly) puts it on and they start the photo shoot. Almost every other one I make a face so at the last second he doubles over laughing messing up the picture. Oh baby it was so worth it!

At one point, he stole my phone and took sooooo many pictures with it. Just of random things like the couch, the cameras, me, him, Joy, the snack table. I could go on but that takes to much effort.

"Okay. Thank you for coming Channing." Joy says as her and Channing start walking toward the door. I jump up off my seat and walk over to them.

"No problem. It's a lot fun. See ya Thorns." He says giving me a giant hug. I hug back and wave as he leaves.

"Well. That was fun. You know what? Can we just have guys from now on? They seem more fun then girls." I tell her laughing. She looks over her paper and smiles at me.

"We have one last photo shoot to do and then we're done. And it's guy. Don't you worry your little heart about it." Joy says talking in a babyish voice that makes me laugh and smack her on the arm. She joins in laughing and we just laugh for a while on the couch while we wait for the last person to come.

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