Sliding Doors

It all started when four boys walked into her life threw some sliding doors....

Especially a certain blonde boy.....


8. Morons.

Okay so hello.

Yes I'm updating this and I'm sorry I haven't isolated anything else in a while.

It's just I'm seeing what I want to do with my life I'm the future. Like what I want to be.

So I was looking at colleges and the courses that I'll have to take to become what I want to be.

I hate science with a burning passion but I've got to take Biology next year for what I want to be.

I'm only 15 and I'm looking at colleges already. I feel way to young for this shit.

Sigh. Anyway here's the chapter.

Love ya guys.


"Hey guys, you've been in there for a while now..... You okay?" I hear Calum ask as he knocks on the door.

I gently push Michael back a little so I can jump off the sink counter and I open the door to meet the worried faces of Ashton and Calum.

"You okay Thorn?" Ashton asks quietly looking at me with big hazel eyes that make me mentally coo at how adorable he looks with his messy curly hair.

I pat Ashton's head. "I'm okay Ash. Yeah my cheek hurts but I'm not gonna die." Yet anyway. He smiles softly at me.

"Okay good. Like I new you weren't gonna die but I still got worried about your cheek." He says shifting from one foot to the other.

"I'm okay." I say again and he nods his head before pulling me into a hug. I'm surprised at first but hug back anyway.

Where's Luke? Like I actually care, but I'm just curious.

"He ran up to his room after you went into the washroom with Mikey. He seemed really upset and well, pissed off." Calum says. It's like he read my mind.


"I'm gotta get going." I say as I read a text from Joy telling me not to forget about work after school tomorrow.

Ashton pouts. "Awe please stay Thorn." He grabs my hands looking at me with puppy eyes. "Please pretty please."

"I would love to but I've got school and then I've got to go back to work with Joy." I tell him and he frowns but then grins.

"I'll drive you." He says.

"What?" Wow I'm bright. Yeah like a burnt out light bulb.

"I'll drive you. To school and to work." He says jumping up and down while we all look at him like he's crazy.

"I'll have to ask Joy and my mom. Mostly my mom." I tell him and he grabs out my phone from my back pocket making me jump up and and glare at him as he hands me my phone and pushes me into the living room.

I sigh as I call up Joy first.

"Hey Thorn, what's up?" She asks answering after a few rings.

"Hey I'm gonna stay the night at the boys house if mom says it's okay." I say.

"Alright. That's okay with me but are you sure that your mom is gonna go for that? Four boys and you in a house for a night alone without an adult?" She says chuckling and I roll my eyes nodding totally agreeing with her.

"Well, there adults. There over 18." I'm pretty sure anyway.

"Yeah but there just random guys she doesn't know. Like if she new who one of them was personally then I don't think she would really care. But go ahead and ask." She says and yeah, my moms protective at times.

I sigh. "Yeah wish me luck then."

"Hell you'll need it." She tells me laughing before saying bye and hanging up.

I look at the boys and Ashton gives me a hopeful look as I dial my moms number.

"Darling how's work? Are you being good?" She asks and I roll my eyes.

"Hey mom. It's," I glance at the boys who are smiling at me, watching my every move like the creeps they are. "Nice. And fuck, I'm always good."

She gasps. "Thorn, language! How many times have a told you about that? You know how I feel about you saying those words. Kids these days should have more respect for people and what they say and do. A mouth like that gets you into a lot of trouble Thorn Freak. I thought we talked about this. On how I don't want to hear those words come from your mouth." She rambles and I groan falling back on to the couch as the boys look at me either amused or confused.

"Don't give me attitude Thorn." She snaps and I roll my eyes.

"Yes mom. Sorry. Won't say that again. Or give you attitude." I tell her putting fake enthusiasm in my voice.

"Good. I raised you better than that." I mock her making the others muffle there laughter. "Are you with someone? Who are you with?"

I glare at the boys and they shut up as Michael and Calum put a game on while Ashton watches me waiting for an answer.

"Yeah mom. I'm with some," Calum hits Michael on the head as he dies and then Michael dies right after making him laugh and Michael pouts and I see Ashton on his phone but it's like he knows I'm looking because he looks up and grins. "Friends. Kinda."

"Why? What happened at work?" She goes on.

I groan. "Mom that's not important."

"Yes it is. I'm your mother I need to know this stuff Thorn. I need to know who your hanging out with so I know if there good or bad and if your aloud to be with them." She rambles and I throw my head back then I lean it on Ashton's shoulder.

"Mom, give it a rest. Seriously. Anyway. I'm staying at these friends house for the night." I tell her and I hear her suck in a breath. Oh great.

"Thorn, you can't just tell me your staying at some place that I don't know of and I don't know who they are or who there parents are and what they do for a living because what if they sell drugs? Or they use sex and stuff to her money? I don't want you hurt and you need to ask not tell. Have I taught you nothing? So who are these friends you are telling me about? If I don't like the sound of them then your not staying there." She says in her mother tone making me yawn but, away from the phone so she doesn't hear.

Ashton giggles and I snicker. "Thorn, who are they? How old?"

I sigh. "Ashton, Calum, Michael and, someone who's not important because I hate him so I probably won't see him for the rest of the night. And there 18, 19 and" I look over at Ash. "How old are you?"

"20." He grins.

"And 20." I tell my mom and she sighs. Before she can scold me about them sounding sketchy and bad I beat her to it. "Mom there fine. I'm gonna be fine."

"Honey what if you get hurt?" When she says this my hand goes to my bruised cheek and I let out a deep sigh.

"I'm fine mom. I'll see you tomorrow." I tell her, she doesn't need to know about the slap or anything like that.

"Thorn I didn't say you could. But I guess saying anything won't change nothing so just be careful sweetheart. I love you." She says and I smile.

"Love you to. Bye mom." I hang up and Ashton looks at me with big eyes that are filled with hope.

"So can you?" He asks and the other two pause there game, there attention going to me.

"Yeah I can." I tell then and they all cheer like five year olds.


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